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Grow your audience and force readers to take action with targeted content & captivating storytelling.

How it Works

Our process eliminates your problems. We make it quick and easy so we can get right to work.



Are we a good fit? Let’s hop on a call and find out. We want to learn about your problem, how you’ve attacked it in the past, and if we can provide a solution.


If we are a good fit, we schedule a 2nd call. A 90 minute discovery call with an SME (preferably sales) diving into your company’s product/service, industry, and customers.


Content Creation

Now it’s time to get to work. We create a strategy around the scope of the project and have a faster turnaround time than Kobe in the post. Edits are on us.


Speak Your Customers Language

Your content should speak directly to your customers in their language. You want your customers to feel as if every piece of content was created just for them. Customers always justify a product/service post purchase. Tell your customers how to defend your product with quality content.

Problems We Solve

Are You Having These Problems with Your Content?

Long Ramp Up Time

Have you ever hired someone to get a project done but have had to email them back and forth about it every step of the way? Getting a project started and completed should not take weeks. Projects should be started the day after the contract is sent. 

We get all the information we need upfront, in our 90 minute discovery call so we don’t have to waste your time emailing back and forth. Your project will be started the day after our call and you will have work to review from us the same week. 

Writer's Don't Understand Your Industry

When writer’s don’t understand your industry you get sub-par, untargeted content. The best writers are capable of telling a story without being a subject matter expert. They just need access to an SME and ask the right questions. 

That’s what we do. We combine your knowledge as the subject matter expert with the skills of the great writers to create the best content in the industry. Think about us as being able to take your brain and turn you into the best storyteller, writer and marketer around through our content.

Traffic is Going to the Wrong Pages

Traffic does not matter if it’s going to the wrong pages. If it doesn’t convert, what’s the point of targeting a keyword. We aren’t here for vanity metrics. We aren’t going to attack some random long tail keywords that will have a zero dollar ROI to your business.

We reverse engineer the products and services you want to sell, and create content around those use cases and solving your customers problems with your solution. We create content funnels directly to your highest ROI pages, and then optimize them to convert.

Poor Return on Investment

Can’t afford to spend another 3-6 months creating content that doesn’t drive action? You’ve come to the right place. What do Mark Twain, a guy on one knee and the Avengers series have in common? They ENGAGE an audience. They drive action and force an emotional response. 

That’s what we do. We’re a bunch of book and movie nerds that put storytelling and engaging an audience at the heart of everything we do. We care about your business’ actions and help drive more email signups, form fills, PURCHASES!

You Need Top Talent

Is your industry extremely competitive and you’re up against content giants? Half ass content won’t cut it. You have to be the best to beat the best. To do this you have to be different, positioning your company against competitors. 

Your brand’s messaging can help you stand apart from your competition no matter how fierce. We hire the best writers and ask the right questions to create high quality content. We are not slow at all, but we will never sacrifice quality.

What We Do

We create content that converts. Here’s how:


Not sure what to blog about? We'll build your blog from the ground up and run it.


Have an existing content strategy? Let's take it to the next level together.


Not sure what to look for to measure success? We've got you covered.

Email &

Looking to build and convert a massive organic audience? Let's go.

Companies we have worked with

With over 500,000 monthly readers...

Every month, we are helping our clients to reach their audiences in highly competitive, and niche industries like: law, health, finance, sales, insurance, professional services, Saasand more!

  • PoofNewSales helped to boost my conversion rates by over 14%, and my organic search traffic by 10% over the course of just a few months by employing effective content marketing tactics into our existing content strategy.

    Brian Greenberg

    President & Founder of True Blue Life Insurance
  • Cody and Kyle from PoofNewSales helped build me a new site and get it off the ground immediately by developing great content that the customers in my industry loved. Still using them and can’t see us going any other direction for our content marketing. 


    Owner of Silver Enviromental​
  • The Poofnewsales team delivers exceptional content. It’s almost always the best version of the topic on the net. The content is always well researched and styled in a way to make it very engaging for my website visitors. My search engine rankings have picked up and I can’t wait for what the future holds. So glad I found you guys. Thanks for everything.

    Jeff Root

    Owner Rootfin Life Insurance Services

Meet the Team


Cody works directly with business owners to uncover their needs and build strategies around them.

Marcus Ross

Strategist & Editor

Marcus works with our team of writers to make your content strategies come to life. 

Engage Your Audience with Compelling Storytelling and Make Your Readers Take Action

Set your company apart from competitors with captivating storytelling and get the ROI your boss wants to see from a content campaign.

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