What Is Your Audience Actually Searching For? (How To Find Out)

January 26, 2019

We say it all the time: Your content needs to answer questions your audience has.

But what questions is your audience asking?

How can you find what questions your audience is asking?

How can you used this information to make high quality blog content for your audience?

In this blog, we will cover how to find out what questions your audience is asking Google, by showing you:

  • Helpful tools for finding questions your audience is asking
  • How to turn user questions into unique content topics
  • How to continually know what your audience is looking for
  • How to come up with evergreen content that will always help users

Let’s jump right in!

Helpful Tools to Uncover What Questions Your Audience is Asking Google

First, let’s talk about some easy to use tools for content marketers that can help you find  exactly what your audience is looking for in your content.

how to know what your audience is searching for

1. KeywordTool.io

This is one of the best tools for content marketers to find find out what your audience is asking, and also topics to write your blogs about.

We typically use this tool in the preliminary stages of looking for questions to answer with our content.

All you have to do is type in a keyword or phrase and see hundreds of results for similar questions and terms pop up.

This is a great way to start content ideation, and it also gives you metrics like search volume for each term so that you can tell just how many people are searching it.

Lastly, KeywordTool.io also gives you the People Also Asked questions for each Google Search Term. This makes it a very powerful content marketing tool, because it helps you to quickly identify what an audience is asking the most.

how to know what your target audience is asking

2. FAQ Sections on Competitor Sites and Competitor Content

Finding the thought leaders in your industry is essential to understanding exactly what your audience is looking for in content.

While you should remain different, and put your own original spin on content and try to remain as unique as possible by providing actual value through your content, you want to pay close attention to how the best content is made.

Chances are, if all of the experts in an industry are talking about something that you should want to learn about it and be tuned into what is going on.

You can also find great information that is often asked in their FAQ sections. Another great way to know what people are asking in your audience is to check competitors blogs for what content is performing the best on their website.

From there, you can find out what it is across all of these sites that is generating the most search traffic, and then identify content gaps in order to provide superior content to your audience by properly answering their questions.

how can i find out what my target audience is asking

3. Also Asked on Google

While this is a bit more remedial of a way of finding out what questions your audience is asking, it still works nonetheless.

Typing in a few related keywords and search terms into Google is a very quick way to find out what your audience is looking for in web content and what mediums they are searching for it in.

Google also provides longer tail keyword phrases in the form of questions which people have also asked related to those searches. As you click on them, more and more appear on the bottom, to give you a comprehensive list of the questions that people in your industry want to know the answers to.

where can i find out what my target audience is asking

4. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free content marketing tool that can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Store.

This plugin allows you to easily see even more long tail searches and questions that people are asking about your industry.

Each one is displayed with search volume, price and competition, so you can see just how important it is to rank for it, and how hard it will be to do so.

what is my target audience searching

5. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is probably one of our favorite accidental discoveries of an amazing content marketing tool that can help you find what your audience is looking for on Google.

This tool helps you to find hundreds of questions related directly to your search term in order to help you find what people are asking in your audience and also how many people are searching for it.

In combination with Keywords Everywhere, this tool is probably one of the most powerful content marketing tools that can help you plan out your content in advance because it allows you to find what questions your audience is asking.

how can i find what my target audience is searching

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool you can use to reverse engineer the process of finding popular blog topics.

Basically, you type in the topic you are looking for, and then BuzzSumo finds the most shared content about that topic across all social media platforms.

This is a very helpful tool for content marketers looking to find out what their audience is asking because it allows you to find out which content gets the most clicks and shares.

The one thing that you must take into consideration with this tool is that some sites just get a lot of traffic to start with, so they may not necessarily have the best or most relevant content in the space just because they are in the top spots in a BuzzSumo search.

how to know what your target audience is searching

7. Forums and Social Media Groups

Forums and social media groups are perhaps the best way to find out exactly what your audience is asking.

They give you real time insight into the developments within an industry, and give you a gateway through which to communicate with your audience directly.

Depending on your industry, there are all sorts of forums and social media groups you can join in order to help you find what your audience is searching for.

In general, some of the best forums out there are:

  • Reddit
  • Quora

The best social media groups can be found on:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Also, you will want to try and find forums that are specific to your industry. Simply type in “topic + forum” to find what you are looking for.

Forums are a very powerful and very underutilized tool for finding out what your audience is looking for in blog content. Use them to your advantage.

how to know what your audience is searching

How to Turn Your Audience’s Searches Into Unique Content Topics

Okay, so you have found a bunch of questions that your audience is asking on a frequent basis which you feel you should design content in order to answer.

But now the problem becomes, “how do I turn audience questions into engaging topics for my web content?”.

Anyone can make a mashup post full of brief answers to user questions in a random order with no theme, it’s called an FAQ page.

But you aren’t looking to do this, you want to create high quality content for your audience that answers their questions, helps them learn more, engages with them, and keeps them coming back for more.  There are a few easy ways you can outline your blog content to help you achieve this task.

best way to find what your audience is asking

1. Group Related Questions Together

Take 5 to 10 similar questions that you have found and group them together. This will be the backbone of your content.

From here, your should have a good starting point for a great piece of content.

The beauty of using this technique is that by taking only 5 to 10 questions, you can remain very specific and comprehensive with your content.

It is okay if you have to find a way to split one main question like, “How do I become a better content marketer” into 10 different pieces of content, each with their own comprehensive guide that covers very specific topics.

In fact, this is what people prefer to read, and what Google prefers to serve as answers to people’s questions.

find out what your users want to know

2. Ask Questions About Your Answers

The reason we recommend starting with 5 main questions your audience is asking frequently is that if you are doing content marketing the right way, you will run into questions related to the topics within your outline.

You cannot really explain the answer to most questions without the audience needing to have a base knowledge of at least a few related topics. While this may feel overwhelming at first, it is actually one of the best things for your content strategy.

This is because as you continue to learn more, you can teach more. And learning is definitely directly correlated to the amount of learning you can do.

Each question you are aiming to answer with your content should come with a few sub-questions that help your audience to better understand the subject matter you are teaching them more about.

What’s even better about this type of idea generation for content is that you can begin to group these additional questions that you find externally using the best content marketing tools and also through organic means, you will begin to have more than you could ever fit into one blog post.

This will lead you to having tons of content ideas for future use that answer some of the most frequently asked questions from your audience.

how to make the best content based on what your audience is asking

3. Put Yourself in the Eyes of Your Audience

To put yourself in the eyes of your audience is one of the most important things you can do in order to make high quality web content for them.

What we mean by this is that you should think about the topic at hand as if you were completely new to it, and write for this type of person.

Now obviously, this is situational. Some pieces of blog content are geared more towards people with intermediary or even expert levels of working knowledge on a topic, while others are made for beginners.

You want to find a happy medium which allows for people of multiple levels of understanding to get the most out of your content so that you can help answer more of your audience’s questions.

how to segment your content

4. Separate Your Content in Strategic Ways

This goes back to what we were talking about earlier with the process of choosing the 5 main questions you are trying to answer with your content.

The more you can segment your content into very specific sets of information, the more pieces of content you can create.

On top of this, the better you separate your content, the more you can rank better for long tail keywords and searches, which lets you scoop up great easy wins for content.  

It also allows smaller sites to gain traffic while still producing relevant content, and lastly, is a great long term and short term strategy for answering audience questions and becoming a thought leader in your industry.

How to Continually Know What Your Audience is Looking For

Knowing what questions your audience has asked frequently throughout time is one thing, but how do you know what questions your audience is asking right now?

A lot of the same rules and tools apply to this process, but there are a few key differences you want to keep in mind in order to find out what questions your audience is asking as best you can.

best way to know what your audience is looking for

1. Maintain A Steady Presence on Forums and Social Media

Forums and social media are happening in real time. They are the social evolution of modern man, like it or not.

As such, if you are trying to find out what your audience is looking for on a regular basis, you need to be up to date on all of the best social media groups and forums out there that are based around your subject matter.

While this can be tedious at first, eventually checking these forums will be something you come to enjoy, as it helps you interact with your audience directly, and learn about the latest and greatest trends in your industry. It also help you create extremely efficient and relevant content.

make better content than your competition

2. Constantly Check Up On Your Competition

You might not want to admit it, but there are some competitors in your industry who are doing everything right.

While you want to remain unique and constantly innovate in order to develop your own unique audience and brand story, there are some things that you will need to stay updated on in order to be an effective content marketer.

Do not check up on the competition so often as to be obsessive, but only enough to remain knowledgeable of what they are doing, how it is working, and what you can learn from it.

stay up to date on trends in your industry

3. Stay Up to Date On the Newest Trends in Your Industry

Google Trends is an amazing tool for staying up to date on what is going on in your industry over time and across very specific regions.

This tool is so great, we even made a guide on how to use Google Trends to become a better content marketer.

On top of forums and social media, this is one of the best ways to know what your audience is asking.

It also pays to subscribe to some of the best thought leaders in our space, which can help you be ready for any new developments in your industry.

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Finding What Questions Your Audience is Searching for on Google – What You Need to Know

Finding the questions that your audience is asking on Google is one of the most important things you can do as a content marketer. It allows you to sift through all of the noise on the internet and instantly bring value to your audience without having to use trial and error.

When it comes to knowing what your audience is looking for in web content, it is really all about the way you use the resources around you.

For those who know the best tools for content marketers that are available to them and how to use them, it is easy to consistently provide your audience with relevant content that provides value.

For more help making the best content on the internet, visit our blog for helpful content marketing tips and guides, or use our online Content Topics Tool to find new content ideas for your industry.

If you are looking to outsource your content marketing to an agency, we would love to help you create a custom content strategy based on your:

  • Competition
  • Existing content
  • Target audience
  • Marketing goals
  • Budget

Give us a call today to speak with one of our content marketing experts about how you can generate more leads and convert them into clients today!

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