How to Get Clients as an Attorney (Online)

December 14, 2018

Every business wants to get new clients, attorneys included. As an attorney, your law practice often helps get people out of tough places. However, one of the main struggles most law professionals face, is finding and converting new clients online.

If you run your own practice, you are not only a lawyer, but also a marketer. Marketing yourself and your practice as an attorney has to be different than other industries. You don’t have an exciting product to sell, you solve tough problems.

Nobody is searching for your service for fun. Your clients have a need for your service, and not usually a pleasant one.

In this article, we will be discussing some actionable tips that can help you generate more clients for your law firm online, cheaper than pricey PPC campaigns, and how to implement content marketing strategies for law firms.

Best Ways to Generate Leads For Your Law Firm Online In 2019 – (& Convert Them)

When it comes to generating more leads and clients for law firms, there are a few tactics that we recommend for all partners and owners, regardless of their practice area. 

guide to lead generation for lawyers create buyer personas

1. Establish Buyer Personas For Your Ideal Clients

As a lawyer or attorney, you have very specific areas of law that your practice. As a result, you already have a relatively niche audience and target client.

One place a lot of law firms constantly struggle at, when it comes to their marketing campaigns, is audience segmentation.

Every time you run a marketing campaign, it should be focused solely on one problem at a time.

For example: A divorce lawyer will often work with a few types of clients:

  • Single mothers/fathers looking for sole custody
  • People looking for a divorce who are still civil
  • Couples looking for a divorce for financial reasons

While each of these potential clients have the same basic need – a divorce lawyer, they all  have entirely different perspectives on their situation, reasons for wanting to get things done fast and easily, and objections, concerns, questions, etc…

Why should each one of them receive the same exact message when landing on a page designed to convert them into clients on your site?

Best Ways To Create Buyer Personas As An Attorney

Luckily, as an attorney, you have access to a lot of information about your clients.

As a result, you have the best foothold to develop in depth buyer personas for your target audience.

Find common similarities between them such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Family Demographics
  • Financial Status
  • Occupation
  • Etc…

Then, combine this with what you can recall from your time spent with them. Gather important details like:

Once you have taken a bit of time to identify this information, you will find that just from your past clients and notes alone, you should have some in depth buyer personas mapped out.

Now what?

lead generation for attorneys creating high quality content

2. Create Unique Content For Each Type Of Lead

Once you have these personas of your ideal leads defined, it you must create a way to connect with them, and bring them to your site.

Going back to the divorce attorney example, we can now use our buyer personas to begin creating unique content that helps each one of our ideal clients through their problems along the way.

This not only familiarizes them with your brand, but also guides them through the sales funnel, making them far more likely to contact your firm.

For example: Say one of your ideal clients is a woman getting divorced who wants full custody of her child.

How To Create Effective Content As A Lawyer

When creating a marketing campaign around her needs, the goal is to position your services as the solution to her problem.

To do this, you must:

  • Demonstrate that you understand her problem which is she wants all custody
  • Explain how you helped people in the past with a story or testimonial
  • Explain how you can help her and what the solution is

You will also want to try to connect with them on a personal level (ideally in the beginning and closing of the content), by talking about family and the stresses that a divorce can cause.

Another thing to focus on is answering frequently asked questions that people often have about your services and their situations. This will reinforce your expertise, experience, and understanding of their situation.

This allows you to walk the client through their problems to a solution by identifying their pain point, displaying your understanding of it, and then offering a solution with demonstrated results – all before ever talking to them at all.

That is the power of content marketing for lawyers and attorneys.

Once you have brought potential clients to your site with high quality content that addresses their needs and concerns, you will want to make sure you make that visitor worth it by taking the best actions possible to try and convert them into a client.

This is where step 3 comes in.

how to get more leads for law firms ultimate guide 2019

3. Answer Questions, Fight Off Objections, & Establish Trust

As we briefly touched on above, answering your audience’s questions is one of the most important things that you can do with your content.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Answering questions demonstrates expertise
  • It demonstrates an understanding about their problems
  • It helps fight objections and also create promotions through testimonials
  • It helps to establish trust and show value
  • They are what people are searching in Google for and how they will find your site

You want to make sure that the piece of content that your ideal client found you from focuses on their EXACT PROBLEM.

Too many blogs out there glaze over everything, given large picture views, but never getting to the nitty gritty of things.

The blogs that do take the time to go in depth and answer questions that their target leads have, do so with technical language, making it almost impossible to understand, leaving readers frustrated and discouraged.

Without trying to be offensive, there is a few main reasons why lawyers get paid a lot. First, your job is extremely important and riddled with difficulties, surprises, risk, and landmines – requiring extensive education and subject matter knowledge. Second, no one else wants to do your job.

Don’t take this the wrong way, just think about it…

Sure, I could take the time to read a 300 page book on divorce law in the State of Delaware and probably defend myself alright in a courtroom by citing case law and knowing my rights. But will I? Probably not, because at the end of the day, I don’t want to.

So when someone comes to your site, they want answers. The last thing they want to read is something that confuses them more and makes them ask more questions that you fail to answer – forcing them to find them elsewhere.

how to improve ctr for lawyers

4. Leverage Inbound Marketing For Lower Cost Conversions And Organic Traffic

Now that we fully understand the type of clients that we want to help, how do they find us? How do we find them?

There’s two roads that you can go here and we’ll discuss both at length even though there is one that I prefer.

The two ways to acquire clients online are through paid advertising, and inbound marketing.

People like to make the argument for content marketing over paid, however, we understand that the differences between inbound vs. outbound marketing allow for firms who utilize both properly to be much more effective. 

At, as a content marketing company, we prefer inbound marketing because of the benefits of a cheaper customer acquisition cost, and a more long lasting marketing campaign. But we also understand the need for paid advertising.

For this reason, our lead generation strategies for lawyers include both inbound and paid ad techniques. 

Let’s start with inbound marketing for lawyers.

Content Marketing for Lawyers

My favorite way to do this for attorneys, is content marketing.

Content marketing can be broken down into a few main categories:

  • Visual content
  • Written content
  • Audio content

Blog posts, videos on YouTube, and podcasts are all content marketing efforts that will lead more traffic to your law firm’s landing pages.

One of the advantages of using content marketing to generate inbound leads for your law firm is that the leads you generate are extremely targeted.

This is because your content targets your ideal client by answering their questions and identifying their precise needs with its subject matter. This means that people searching for these terms will arrive on your site as a result.

So through this type of problem solving, through content marketing we can help our clients by sending them to a page that provides them the exact language that turns them from a visitor, to a lead, to a client.

I think that content marketing is the most cost-efficient and effective way to get clients as an attorney. But it’s not about what I think, numbers speak louder than words:

Across all industries in 2017, a study by Hubspot showed that content marketing generated 3 times more leads at only 32% of the cost of traditional marketing.

Now, you may be asking about Paid Ad Campaigns. Don’t worry, content marketing works inline with your PPC campaigns in order to maximize content marketing ROI and increase conversions, while building organic traffic in the background.

The section below explains the relationship between inbound and outbound marketing tactics for lawyers.

best ways for lawyers to generate more leads

Why Does Content Marketing Work For Lawyers/Attorneys?

Let’s head back to our female buyer persona for the divorce attorney. For the purposes of this illustration, let’s call her Sally.

Based on the information we have, let’s say that she is most likely in her 40s or 50s, has a decent job, and lives in Boston.

Unique & Relevant Content Drives Traffic (Organic Qualified Leads)

One day, Sally goes to Google and knowing her situation, the problem she’s having, and the resolution that she’s looking for, what do you think she will be googling?

Most likely, her search will be made up of a combination of a few Google searches. These will be questions that she has like:

  • “Can I get full custody if my husband wasn’t abusive?”
  • “What are my custody options?”
  • “How long do divorce trials take” 
  • “How often do women win in a divorce trial” 
  • “How much does a divorce lawyer cost in Boston”

The first one or two searches will be more research-based into what she should be expecting. Towards the end of her research, once Sally feels educated enough to make a buying decision, she will likely begin making searches like “Divorce Lawyer Boston”.

You want to have a piece of content created on your website for each one of these potential Google searches. This can be in the form of an FAQ page, but you also want to have more niche content based entirely around these individual questions to send even better signals to Google, but also for her to find while browsing on your site.

On top of this, you want to answer related questions in your content. Lastly, you want to make sure that at the bottom of your content, you have links to other articles that are related. This will make Sally stay longer on your site, and also begin to develop more and more trust for your brand.

This is another reason why these buyer personas are so helpful. We already created a list of all the problems, fears, and goals that Sally will be having based on past clients in similar situations.

Using these, we will have created content to answer the questions above:

  • How Do Custody Settlements Work In A Divorce? – Everything A Mother Should Know
  • Custody Options For Divorce – Which One Is Best For My Family?
  • How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce? – Ultimate Guide To The Divorce Process
  • What Are My Chances Of Winning My Divorce Settlement? – Stats, Tips For Men & Women
  • How Expensive Is A Divorce? (10 Best Ways To Save $ In The Process)

And much, much more.

Imagine if Sally search for all five of those pieces in content because she had those questions or concerns, and in three out of the five, you had such great piece of content that she clicked on your results, and read the answers straight from your website.

Not only will it click after 2 to 3 times on your site that she recognizes your brand and logo as an expert in divorces, you will also set up your website in a way that you will always have a call to action on those articles that speaks directly to her.

Since you know that somebody searching and finding these types of content or people in situations like Sally, you can have called actions on the sidebar like this:

“Are you looking for full custody, and need a 25-year expert to ensure you win your case? Call me now.”

attorney online lead generation guide

Retargeting Campaigns Maximize Brand Recognition & Conversions

Even if Sally’s not ready to call you and hire a lawyer at that time, she’s getting ready to be in that purchasing stage so it is great that you’re establishing these points of contact and establishing yourself as an expert in the field.

Especially when according to Hubspot, it takes 7 points of contact in order to convert a professional services lead.

Now let’s combine that with paid advertising so we can cover all of our bases. Say it’s time that she wants to actually Google search “Divorce Lawyer Boston”

Most likely Sally will only be searching this after she has gone through her research phase and read multiple pieces of content from your website. What do you think happens when she Google searches this and sees 3 ads, but one of them is you. 

Sally is much more likely to click on the result that she’s already familiar with and knows is an expert in this field. Or, she’ll scroll down the list of Google search results and skips the ads, but you have a landing page specifically for “Best Divorce Lawyer in Boston”. 

Using multiple touch points in establishing yourself with Sally all works together in converting her into a client for your business. Taking paid advertising one step further, on each article that she visits from her research phase, you can place a Facebook Pixel.

The Importance Of Facebook Pixel For Conversions

This Facebook Pixel will help you categorize her into one of these buyer personas. So even if she’s not ready to buy in that initial search where she finds you, you can serve Sally additional information through Facebook ads relating to her exact problem.

For instance, she read your article about how often do women win divorce cases, and you have a Facebook pixel on that page. The next day in her Facebook feed she sees an ad about everything you need to know about what happens in a divorce case.

So, not only are you providing your qualified leads with another touch point with your business and showing her even more of your expertise, but you are helping her with more of her problems by giving additional information for free, strengthening Sally’s connection with your brand.

Then from this blog content and Pixel information, you can try to convert your leads by sending them to a landing page customized perfectly for their needs, problems, objections, etc..

how to generate quality leads for lawyers online

Generating Leads For Law Firms Online – Wrapping It Up

As you can see, paid advertising and inbound marketing work best together. The old school ways of getting all your clients from people you know, or from Yellow Pages are gone. You need to be a dominant force on Google.

You need to make sure your Google My Business listings are on point, you need to have a ton of reviews, testimonials, and social proof.

Once you have this social proof, you need to create a ton of content around each problem that your potential clients are having, show off your expertise, and lead them correctly down your marketing funnel and be ready to convert them into a lead when the time is right.

This is the formula, but the best way to get new clients as a lawyer, is to work with Give us a call, or contact us here and we will set up this entire marketing funnel for you, create the content, and get you new leads.

When you call us, you will speak to one of our Founders, Kyle or Cody, and have an in depth conversation to learn more about: 

  • Content strategy 
  • Content analysis 
  • Website traffic analysis 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Free content marketing strategy 

For a one-on-one consultation that can change the way you generate clients for your law firm, click the link below.

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