When most people think about the word “health”,  they think about physical health and yet there is a physical connection between your emotional/mental health and your physical health. It’s important not to think of your mind and your body as two separate entities but as a single system. Bad mental health can have a negative impact on your physical health

Today, 1 in 5 American adults deal with mental illness, often the result of a workplace issue. That amounts to 43.8 million people.  Mental health in the workplace is a serious issue to be aware of Stress is the biggest mental health concern in America. With a fast-paced, technology-driven environment and a decrease in resources, employees are faced with additional

content marketing for venture capital firms

As a venture capitalist, hundreds of hours go into researching and identifying the next big investment opportunity. This rigorous process of sifting through thousands of companies is a massive undertaking. On top of that, the needles in the haystack you are after are also being pursued by other firms looking to find their next “Gold Star”. Just about anyone can

content marketing with vc firms

For VCs, the competition is steep. Just about anyone can lend money to a business starting out, and on top of that, there are dozens of other firms each trying to get their hands on the next big thing. So, this means that in order to stick out, your firm must bring more value to a startup company than the

What it's Like to Work with Poofnewsales

I bet you’ve poured your heart and soul into building your business. You’ve spent 100s and 1,000s of hours debating the ways you can be most helpful to the customers you serve. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and love your business like a child. Don’t you want everyone to know how special your child (business) is? You want everyone that

how to generate more construction clients

So how do you get clients as a commercial builder online? It’s not actually that complex, but there are a few things that you need to do really well. I want to dive right into it, but what this guide is going to do is explain to you how you can get clients using past testimonials, a great brand, amazing

how to get more real estate clients

In about five minutes, or in other words the amount of time it will take you to read this article, you will be a pro at getting clients online as a real estate agent. As in most industries where your success lies directly on your own shoulders, new leads are the lifeline of your business. Real estate agents are the

content marketing for dentists

As a dentist, or an owner of a dental firm, a large portion of your business comes organically through word of mouth and local communities. For some dental practices, local competition can be pretty high, and generating new clients through paid campaigns can be difficult and costly. In order to successfully grow your business and generate new dental clients, you

the passion economy 2019 poofnewsales

As you’ve probably noticed reading a lot of my content, I’m a GaryVee guy. He’s rough around the edges and he’s one of those characters that you start out disliking, but eventually come around on. That’s how Gary’s content was for me. To backtrack a bit, without this becoming a diary entry of my feelings towards Gary Vaynerchuk and his