Every industry can benefit from content marketing. Content is a part of everything we do in business. From website copy and product descriptions, to eBooks and whitepapers. Content plays a huge role in how customers view our brands.  How you market a product/service is different in every industry. Marketing a product will be different than how you market a service.

Why Your Content Isn't Converting

You are either a marketer or business owner. You have a BIG problem. You may have a lot of BIG problems. What are they? How are they holding you back? And what can you do to solve them? These are problems that have led to boring content.  These problems have led to content that doesn’t convert or engage your readers. 

Company Messaging

In 2021 it isn’t enough to do something really well. You need to be the best, and solve problems in a unique way. You need to position your company in a way to compete in a blue ocean. You need to position your company in a way to show that you solve a specific problem like no other solution can.

How to use subject matter experts

The sea of sameness. You’ve all seen it. The platforms and apps we use on a day to day basis even optimize and promote the output of similar things. If I asked you to tell me your best guess of the average writer’s process and output, what would you say? If you told a writer “Hey can you please create

online marketing tips for colleges

You might know me from classics such as “The About Us Page on this Website” or cinematic masterpieces such as “The Poofnewsales YouTube channel where I talk about content marketing”. But for those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Cody Marchant, the co-founder of My mission today is to create a Content Marketing “Roadmap” for you


Google loves fresh content.  In fact, Google constantly scans for new and improved content. When you publish something new Google takes note.  By constantly updating your old content you can provide your readers with a little something extra while simultaneously improving your Google rankings. In fact, Neil Patel and Eric Siu recently made a video in their Marketing School series

content marketing for venture capital firms

As a venture capitalist, hundreds of hours go into researching and identifying the next big investment opportunity. This rigorous process of sifting through thousands of companies is a massive undertaking. On top of that, the needles in the haystack you are after are also being pursued by other firms looking to find their next “Gold Star”. Just about anyone can

content marketing with vc firms

For VCs, the competition is steep. Just about anyone can lend money to a business starting out, and on top of that, there are dozens of other firms each trying to get their hands on the next big thing. So, this means that in order to stick out, your firm must bring more value to a startup company than the

What it's Like to Work with Poofnewsales

I bet you’ve poured your heart and soul into building your business. You’ve spent 100s and 1,000s of hours debating the ways you can be most helpful to the customers you serve. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and love your business like a child. Don’t you want everyone to know how special your child (business) is? You want everyone that