The 21 Best Tools for Helping You Find Content Ideas

December 7, 2018

Finding good topics for your blog can be hard at times. Trust us… We have written hundreds of pieces of web content over the years for dozens of clients in a wide variety of industries.

No matter how much you love your subject matter, or how much you know about it, or how creative you are, we all hit that proverbial wall of writer’s block once in a while.

Have no fear. If you are unsure of where to find ideas for your web content, we have got you covered, with this ultimate list of the Best Tools for Helping You Find Content Ideas.

Before you check out some of these awesome tools, we want to let you in on a little secret. We recently created one of the best tools on the internet for helping you find the perfect content ideas for your blog or website.

It is entirely free to use, and keeps you updated with weekly topics for your content marketing efforts, based on your website, industry, target audience, and competition.

If you want to find easy content ideas for your blog in as little as 30 seconds or less, this is the one stop shop tool for every marketer and copywriter out there struggling with writer’s block.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

PoofNewSales Free Content Marketing Tools

1. The PoofNewSales Free Content Marketing Tool Suite 

We have just developed a suite of free content marketing tools! The goal of this suite is to help people become better content marketers by:

These tools are still in Beta, but we are working very hard to deliver the best product we possible can to help content marketers like you succeed in your efforts to make the best web content for your company. We want to make the first comprehensive content marketing tool suite on the web and proudly give it to our audience for free!

Please give them a try, and leave us some feedback. We are always open to any suggestions that can help us to help you!

answer the public is a great free content marketing tool

2. Answer the Public

We have been in the business of writing content for quite some time now, but honestly, this might be one of the single coolest and most useful tools for developing content ideas that we have ever found.

It works like this:

  • Input a keyword or topic you are looking for content ideas for and press go
  • Sit back in amazement as 100’s of FAQ regarding that topic fill your screen in an easy to read and well organized manner

It’s that simple. This tool is super easy to use and only takes seconds to help jog you with dozens of great ideas for content for your website.

The best part about it? It is entirely free! No fees, no registration, no limits. You can use this content marketing tool as many times as you’d like to develop ideas for your content strategy.

google trends is one of the best free content marketing tools

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a very powerful tool for content writers, specifically for those who are in the business of writing news columns, or who are consistently trying to cover new and upcoming trends in their industry.

While you are probably familiar with this platform, you may not have considered the many ways that you can utilize it in order to find blog content ideas.

Google Trends allows users to filter through years of data on just about any subject or keyword that you can imagine. It allows you to compare what exact regions and subregions have the most web traffic and searches for specific terms throughout time. This makes Google Trends one of the best tools for Local SEO out there.  

We love this helpful content marketing tool so much that we wrote a comprehensive guide to how to use it, and some of the super cool features it includes and how you can use Google Trends to Become a Better Content Marketer.

keyword io best free content marketing tools


This free tool for content marketers definitely deserves a spot on the top 22 list of tools that all content marketers should have.

This bad boy allows you to analyze all related keyword searches for a specific phrase or keyword instantly. can be used as a type of Google Search on steroids, which can help you find questions to answer in your audience and also find great topics for your blog content.

forums are a great free content marketing tool

5. Forums and Chat Rooms

Believe it or not, forums like Reddit and Quora can actually be excellent places to connect with people who are looking for the exact content you are producing.

Not only this, but forums are a great way to engage with your audience in real time, receiving honest feedback from them, and also being asked questions about your industry which can lead to some of the best content ideas.

As you become more engaged in these types of social media platforms which encourage people to ask and answer questions openly, you will find that the questions people are asking often times go unanswered in full-depth.

The main reason people are asking these questions in forums is because they have nowhere else to go and have exhausted their traditional methods of looking for answers on Google.

This is where being an influencer in the space who pays attention and puts in the effort to help create content that answers user questions can really make a world of difference when it comes to building a brand and developing an audience.

faq sections can help you find content ideas

6. Frequently Asked Question Sections

Naturally, the same questions about any industry are asked by a lot of people. FAQ sections on competitor’s sites, round up posts, blogs, Google Search, social media groups, forums and more.  

You don’t just have to briefly answer these questions in the same way most sites do – in short form. Elaborate on them, find content ideas easily by building a piece around everything people will need to know about the subject.

When writing your blog content, you want to make sure that you answer as many relevant questions as you can with it. This will help you to continually come up with ideas for content, and also help you to become an authority in the space due to your constant attempts to satisfy your users needs.

people also asked section helps you to find the best content ideas

7. People Also Asked on Google Searches

Google is an amazing tool for finding additional questions and searches that people use frequently. Typing in a few words of a phrase brings up dozens of good possibilities for long tail queries.

If you take some time to type in a few variations of your subject matter, you can easily find 50 or 60 ideas to elaborate on.

By taking your exploration a bit further, you can look deeper into the results for some of the queries you like best and get more defined ideas from your competitors content, and find content gaps.

keywords everywhere helps you find great ideas for your blog content

8. Keywords Everywhere

One tool that every content marketer should have this free SEO plugin for Google Chrome.

Keywords Everywhere shows you the search volume, keyword cost and competition for each keyword on the page, and also shows you similar and related terms that you can produce high quality content about.

A few searches can give you hundreds of related searches and long tail keywords to rank for.   

finding industry statistics helps you come up with blog content ideas

9. Blogs and Pages that Outline Industry Statistics

If you type in “content marketing statistics” into your search bar on Google, you will find hundreds of articles that talk about various content marketing stats you may find helpful or interesting.

This can be said about most industries. Looking up a few of these statistic pages may inspire you to dig deeper into a specific topic, and can also help you find articles through sources which can point you to very powerful studies and effective pieces of content made by thought leaders in the industry.

On top of this, these statistics cause you to ask questions, which is the best way to come up with content ideas for your blog.

Lastly, these statistics help to educate you, so that you become an authority over time in your industry and are able to learn more and become a more effective content marketer.  

news columns help find the best blog topic ideas

10. News Columns and Websites

News column can be a great place to find topics for your content marketing campaigns. They always have catchy headlines, and cover some of the most relevant topics (if you can find the right ones) in society.

Newspapers, industry magazines, and newsletters can be very helpful tools for finding content topics.

Websites are the same way. You can find competitors, people who are in adjacent industries, informational sources, networks, and more just from searching through websites related to your subject matter.

This can help you uncover lists of thousands of blog topics instantly, which can give you a lot of inspiration for new content ideas.

how to find the best topics for your blog content with social media

11. Popular Social Media Posts that Refer to Blogs

Whatever social media platforms you are on (you should be at least on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn), you should try to find the authoritative influencers in the space.

You want to know from the experts exactly what people are looking for, what they want, and where the industry is headed.

Think of them as your mentors and biggest competitors at the same time; the elders of your subject matter.

Whether or not you like them or their content, the market speaks for itself. So learn from them. Try to analyze their content, their titles, their subtitles, headers, and their social media posts to find out what is most effective and come up with great content ideas.

buzzsumo is a great way to come up with content ideas

12. Use BuzzSumo to Find Trending Titles

BuzzSumo is an amazing content marketing tool.

It allows you to type in any domain or keyword into their search bar and then find the blog content that has performed the best for that search.

This allows you to find catchy titles and blog content topics easily.

BuzzSumo is a free tool for content marketers that we can all benefit from.

reviewing your competitors helps to generate the best blog topics

13. Review the Competition’s Content

Your competition is one of the best places to find content ideas for your blog. You do not want to make your content too similar to theirs, but there is a bunch of ways to use your competition’s content to your advantage.

This topic deserves a whole blog in itself, so we made this guide on how to make content that is similar to your competition, but still different and superior.

engaging your social media audience is a great way to find blog topics to write about

14. Poll Your Existing Audience on Social Media and Email Subscribers for Content Ideas

If you have an existing audience that is responsive and active, you should take some time to ask them more about what they would like to learn about through your content.

This will not only make them feel engaged and connect with you, but it can also be a source of very good content ideas that fill content gaps in your industry.

find the best topics for your blog content with yahoo answers

15. Use Yahoo Answers to Find Content Ideas

When you type in a phrase or keyword into Yahoo Answers, a long list of questions that people are frequently asking about the topic appears.

This is a really good tool for content marketers who are looking for content topics for their blogs.

With a few searches and variations, followed by a few clicks, you can become educated on a lot of industry specific questions and also find plenty of ideas for your web content.  

how to find the best topics to write about in your blog with quora

16. Quora is a Powerful Content Marketing Tool

Quora is a great site to find topics that people are interested.

Users ask questions, and can upvote them, and other users can answer people’s questions. These answers can be upvoted as well.

Quora has an easy to use platform that can be geared towards topics you are more interested in, and has a large community of frequent users to learn from and educate through content.

how to know what to write about in your blog using reddit

17. Use Reddit to Find Great Ideas for Your Blog Content

Reddit is the largest internet forum on the internet. With 330 million monthly active users, you should absolutely be on it in order to find some of the best ideas for web content on a regular basis.

Forums are narrowed down to very specific ideas and subject matters, which allows you to find very niche content topics which can really help build an audience and traffic from your content marketing efforts.

finding the best topics for your blog using amazon

18. Search Through Amazon for Books, e-Books, and Guides

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.  Guides and e-books are especially good sources for information, but also to find out what people are really looking for.

While larger books encompass a wider range of topics, the smaller ones that are usually written by entrepreneurs or experts in their field have some very specific content.

The best selling section for a given industry could give you some great ideas for content topics, as well as help you find even more from clicking through the related items.

how to come up with good blog topics for your blog

19.  Search Through SoundClound, YouTube, and iTunes for Podcasts and Video

When you think about it, video and audio are much more efficient methods of taking in and transmitting information.

As a result, we have seen a massive movement to video from written and typed words in the last decade. Over 70% of global search traffic and internet usage is now video.

This trend is only expected to continue, with estimates as high as 80% for 2021. Whether you think video is important or not, the market speaks for itself.

Finding ideas for podcasts and videos can easily be done on the top platforms for them: YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes.

Similar to Google Searches, you can type in a few phrases and then record the variations, and even check out a few of the pages to get a lot of great content ideas for videos and podcasts.

Take a step out into the unknown and consider video and podcast as an alternate form of content for your content marketing efforts. Learning how to rank your content on YouTube can make a huge difference in your content marketing ROI.

 finding the best content ideas with google analytics

20. Use Google Analytics to Find Content Ideas and Repurpose Old Content

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room. Google Analytics is one of the best content marketing tools.

While it is not exactly the first content marketing tool that comes to mind when it comes to finding new content ideas, it can help you examine your existing content to help you find pieces of content to repurpose.

On top of this, it can help you understand which pieces of your content are performing best and worst.

how to find the best content ideas for your blog using twitter

21. Twitter Can Be a Great Resource for Finding Content Ideas

Twitter is definitely one of the best tools for content marketing. Especially for someone who is in the business of writing blogs that are related to events that are changing frequently.

With 300+ million active monthly users, Twitter is the place to get your news.

There are a lot of micro influencers that have followings on Twitter who are able to develop engaging content by understanding what type of content people are looking for.

A secret we use to find blog content ideas Twitter is typing “#(your hashtag) -filter:links”. This will take you to the hashtags that are used which link to an article using that given hashtag.

This is a great way to see what titles and what topics have the most engagement. It can also help you find influencers who have strong audiences to get ideas from their content.

Usually, people on Twitter are very friendly and looking to engage in real time with others. This can also make it a great platform to network on for content marketers.

how can i find out what to write about in my blog using wikipedia

22. How to Find Web Content Ideas on Wikipedia

Everyone knows Wikipedia as the online encyclopedia.

If you think about it, an encyclopedia is just a large book full of answers to questions.

So why not use the world’s largest encyclopedia to find some great ideas for your content?

Simply type in the name of your topic. You can approach this from a broad angle at first.

From here, read through the section outline, and find links to other articles about more specific topics within your subject matter, as well as questions to answer, content gaps, and sources at the bottom of each page linking to statistics and facts throughout the article.

Wikipedia is a great tool for finding ideas for content.

How to Come Up With the Best Content Ideas for Your Blog

When it comes to finding the best content ideas, you need to know which tools are the best for content marketers.

We made this list so that you could easily find good content ideas for free! If you are looking for a tool that can help you find content ideas for your website or blog, we also have a free tool you can use that will help you consistently find the best topics for your blogs.

If you need help from professional content marketers to make the best blog content for your website and increase your lead generation, please reach out to us!

Be sure to leave a comment on how this list has helped you, and any tools you feel we missed!


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