how to make the best content outlines

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I just finished writing an outline for this article that your reading. Let’s talk about how you can make the best outlines for your content. I’m very particular about my outlines, mostly because I run a content marketing business and have a team of writers that need to produce a very specific, high

Company Messaging

In 2021 it isn’t enough to do something really well. You need to be the best, and solve problems in a unique way. You need to position your company in a way to compete in a blue ocean. You need to position your company in a way to show that you solve a specific problem like no other solution can.

why 500 word articles aren't cutting it for SEO or content marketing in 2019

As a business owner, one of my primary responsibilities is to be deeply involved in the sales process here at PoofNewSales.  Finding new prospects to contact and work with is an integral part of my daily job – and I look at literally 1,000’s of job posts for content marketing related jobs every single week. While some larger enterprise companies

how to rank higher on google 2019

Okay, so it is time to answer one of the most difficult and widely asked questions on the internet, “how can I rank first on Google?” I would be lying if I told you that any single person (including Google employees) knows the true answer to this question.   BUT, that doesn’t mean we cannot use the clues that are

what to expect from a digital marketing agency

Congratulations on taking the first step of creating a killer content marketing strategy and executing by hiring an SEO marketing agency. Now that you have hired this company though, you probably have some important questions like:  !hat should you expect from this agency? What kind of work are they going to get done? What do they need from you? And how

3 easy ways to improve your click through rate

There was a time when most digital marketers only cared about keyword rankings and they would stuff their articles with their keywords despite what Google’s best practice suggestions were. As marketers we had to do whatever it took to get to the top three positions on the Google ranking page because we knew that the breakdown pretty much said that

content marketing strategies for lawyers

I understand what goes through the minds of lawyers and law firms when they hear the words Content Marketing. Their main thoughts are usually along the lines of, “I am not a blogger, I help clients deal with legal situations and I don’t want to spend my time or money posting articles to the web.” This isn’t an article telling lawyers

tips for selecting a digital marketing agency

Time for a new website. (Or a better one). Your business is just too important to you to mess this part up. You have 13 employees and are slammed with work but you know how important an online presence for your company will be. It is no longer a time where a busy business owner can sit down and build