What does it mean to write SEO friendly blog posts? Well we all know how important it is to create great content to capture new website visitors and to increase your rankings in the search results. How do we write with these search engines in mind? The first thing I’ll say might sound counterproductive. But the thing is, you want to write

how to track your content marketing roi

You finally caved in and said “Cody, you win. My business is going to start using content marketing. You keep telling me all the positives it’ll have on my business, and I have seen the light. Before I go down the pathway to telling the story of my brand, and adding value to the masses, I want to set up

how to build a brand story with content marketing

Consumers now have more control in the market when it comes to making purchasing decisions than ever before. This means that they are aware they have an array of options that are available to them, and know that there is no pressure for them to make a decision. If you have any doubt about this, just think about it real

how does content marketing help the b2b sales process

I talk about Content all the time. Heck, I run a content marketing website. Now it’s time to fully understand how content plays a role in each phase of the marketing funnel. It’s been noted that content marketing is currently having a huge role in the B2B industry. We not only want to create excellent content, but we want to understand

how to improve your onpage seo to improve your google rankings

SEO can be complicated, and very technical. As a result, many business owners can make simple mistakes that can negatively effect their position in search engine rankings. We put together this comprehensive guide to the 11 Most Common On-Page SEO Mistakes, and How to Fix Them for business owners like you. We took the time to learn these SEO techniques

how to grow your youtube audience and rank your videos

Why You Should Be On YouTube / Make Videos for Your Brand Content Marketing is the best way to grow an audience or community. If you want to connect with more people in a more authentic way, video is a great way to do it. I absolutely love to blog and get my content out in written form. But video

how content marketing is better than traditional advertising

It’s 2018 and you’re ready to make a big step in your marketing game. During 2017 you did a lot of reading. You heard stories about the good and the bad that other people had using various forms of marketing tactics. You heard that Live Video got really hot on Facebook due to the algorithm updates pushing videos on their

how and why to repurpose content

You’ve taken the big step into content marketing and you really have been doing your best for the last year or so. You’ve been reading blog posts even watching videos to become an overall better marketer, but you look back at your Google analytics and your search console and you just aren’t getting the ROI from your Content Marketing that you were