what social media platform is best for my business

One of the major problems we experience when first working with business owners is their knowledge about social media, and how to utilize it to grow their online business through the power of content marketing. Mainly, this results in two main types of usage: Business owners do not use any social media for lack of understanding and knowledge of which

15 digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies encompass a wide range of tactics and subject matters in order to build your business online. This includes: Search engine marketing Content marketing Paid advertising Social media marketing Email marketing Focusing on all of these things at once can be a very difficult task, even for the most experienced marketing managers. That is why it is essential

11 organic search strategies content marketing

Implementing a content marketing strategy is the key to consistently generating organic search traffic. In 2019, content has become more important than ever. Both B2B and consumers both have strong wants for high quality content before making a decision. 96% of B2B buyers prefer to interact with custom content before making a purchasing decision (DemandGen) 57% of consumers reported making

learn content marketing online

So you’re looking to learn about content marketing. Maybe you are a college student interested in getting in on the ground level of the largest transition in marketing since television. Or perhaps you are already a digital marketer looking to improve your skill set with advanced content marketing tips and tools. Either way, at PoofNewSales, our goal is to give

best ways to get more clients for dentists

Being a dentist is one of those unsung-hero jobs. People always talk about how dentists make so much money, but they neglect how much work is involved in becoming a dentist and running a successful dental practice. You go to school for (at least) 8 years, and then have to deal with 100’s of problems that you never saw in

social media and content marketing everything you need to know

One of the major problems we experience when first working with business owners is their knowledge about social media, and how to utilize it to grow their online business. Content marketing is essential to any company trying to succeed online in 2019, but in order to maximize the ROI on your content, you need to know how to properly integrate

how to write blogs with SEO in mind

What does it mean to write SEO friendly blog posts? Well we all know how important it is to create great content to capture new website visitors and to increase your rankings in the search results. How do we write with these search engines in mind? The first thing I’ll say might sound counterproductive. You want to write for the READER first.

b2b content marketing on linkedin

If you’ve been in the B2B marketing space for a while, chances are you’ve tried quite a few tools to help improve your lead generation. In the space, there are so many tools, that it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose between them. This article outlines the most effective B2B sales platform, LinkedIn, and a few ways you can use

7 tips for choosing the best content marketing agency

Selecting a content marketing agency is not an easy decision. Selecting the best one for your company can be an even more difficult decision for business owners. You must trust your time, money, and brand in the hands of another company and team, knowing that they will manage your content, SEO, and other online marketing campaigns better than your team.