Why You Need A Content Calendar

January 24, 2019

Those that know me professionally, know how meticulously and seriously I take my Content Calendar. Seriously, it’s color coded with 6 colors, numbered by importance and each column is named.

Check out my real content calendar that I use for Poofnewsales.com on a daily basis:

why content calendars are important

Why do I go to such extremes? Is it just OCD? Is it just the fact that I run a content marketing company so I’m obligated to care about my content a little extra?

No. I use it because it helps keep me extremely organized and keeps my business aligned with our goals.

I want to go into the top reasons why every business that conducts business online needs a content calendar, and how to get the max out of it.

why you need a content calendar for your business

1. Staying On Track

A Content calendar will keep your business on track with creating and publishing content. I spent two days researching my industry and the top sites that I compete with, Creating a list of 165 topics that I could write about. So in two days worth of research I created the publishing calendar for the next two years for my business.

All that’s left to do is take the notes, research the topic and write a great article. But having a list of so many topics to choose from that I already researched and found out that is either content that people enjoy, or content that is missing within my industry, which takes a lot of the pressure off for the future.

I can now be more focused knowing that I’m knocking to have to sit down and come up with an article topic do the research and write the article all in one sitting. The way I do it now, I can go through my entire list and decide “hmm I want to write about this today.”

The way I put together my own content calendar is by finding the topics, finding the top two or three articles that are about this topic on the Internet, and find what they are lacking by doing my own research.

So for each article topic I will create a word document full of notes. I add links to the top three pieces of content that I mentioned before, and I write down the most important topics that either they’re all touching on or they’re missing.

I then do more research to put my own spin on things in a unique point of view. Now my list of 165 pieces of content are all organized with Notes.

So when the time comes to sit down and write an article like I’m doing right now, all I have to do is look at my notes, and because I know my content so well I can look at a bullet point and just go off of that. The writing process has never been easier. It’s all about laying the foundation before hand.

reasons you need a content calendar

2. Keeps You Accountable

My content calendar keeps me accountable. I have dates of when everything needs to get posted, I color-code to tell me which ones have already been written, and what my deadlines are. Plus it’s a mental game, just when I open up this one specific spreadsheet, my mind understands that it’s time to get to work and be in a creative writing mode.

Another great thing about my content calendar, and putting it in such an organize the list, is that if I ever read something cool or have a cool idea I just add it to my content calendar to write about it. Nothing is wasted, and I can always come back to it later.

why content calendars are essential in 2019

3. Makes it Easy to Produce New Content

Another great thing, is that content always needs to be produced. My business partner Kyle and I have this process of any time we get a free 4-5 hours it’s time to create a piece of content. It will literally never go to waste.

Whether it’s just completing content that we can use a couple months from now, or switch it up a couple weeks and produce multiple pieces of content we can now do that because we wrote this content in advance.

Like right now I worked all day checked my Trello board, and saw that there wasn’t anything extremely pressing for me to take care of. You know what I decided to do? Create this piece of content.

There is no way I would have been able to do that if I didn’t spend all that extra time upfront being organized, getting all my research and notes together, so that I could just sit down and start creating.

how to make a content calendar

4. Necessary When Working In Teams

Speaking of Kyle, content calendars are great for teams. I can give access to other writers, Partners, business owners; whoever needs the sheet. This makes it easy for everyone to visually see what it is that we want to do, and what everyone else is working on.

There will never be a time when me and one of my writers are riding the exact same piece of content.

This might be to my OCD color coding, but this type of stuff happens without a content calendar. So a content calendar makes it easier to work in a team, stay organized, keep you accountable, and sit down and just create at anytime you want.

Using a content calendar forever changed my business the day that I started becoming this organized and putting in all the extra work up front, and I promise it will change your business the same way.

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