Everything You Need To Get Started With Content Marketing

January 8, 2019

Getting started with content marketing can seem like a formidable task.

Chances are, you are aware of the benefits of content marketing for your business:

There are many more benefits to using content marketing for your business. But with all the benefits aside, how do you get started with content marketing?

What are the main things you want to focus on when starting a content marketing campaign? What can you expect for results? How much will it cost? What should you avoid doing?

In this post, we will cover all of these questions and more, to give you a comprehensive guide on how to start your content marketing journey.

where to get started with content marketing setting content goals

Determining the Goals and Purpose of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

The first step to any successful content marketing campaign is making goals and planning your content marketing strategy.

The main types of content marketing goals generally fit into these four categories. To find out more about these goals and what your content marketing goals should be for your business, we listed a few questions you should ask for each type of goal in order to identify what you are looking for.

Audience Goals

  • Who are you trying to reach with your content?
  • What are you trying to inform them of with your content?
  • How will your content help them solve a problem or answer a question?
  • How will this keep them coming back for more?
  • How can you use this retention to monetize your content?

Content Goals

  • How will your content differentiate you from your competition?
  • How authoritative will your content be in the space?
  • How niche is your content?
  • How often will you be posting content?
  • What platforms will you be using to connect with your audience?

Awareness Goals

  • What type of people will interact with your content?
  • How will this content change their perception of your business?
  • What will this content encourage them to do in the future – for retargeting purposes?
  • What type of growth will you be looking for over the course of your content marketing campaign?

Engagement Goals

  • How will you measure engagement with your content?
  • What engagements have the best effects on your bottom line? 
  • How valuable is each desirable engagement to your company?
  • How consistent will you be with your customer engagement?

Conversion Goals

  • How many conversions are you looking for?
  • What is the value of a conversion to your company?
  • How will you guide potential clients through the sales funnel once your content has grabbed them?
  • What retargeting campaigns will you use with your content?

Building Your Platform and Website

If you haven’t already started here, the first place to start your content marketing campaigns after you have answered the questions above and outlined your goals is to build a site and a platform that represents your company and its values.

While you may already have an existing site, you may even want to consider a redesign for a more modern approach that is inline with your content marketing strategy and goals.

how to start with content marketing social media

Finding Your Audience and Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

From there, once you have a site in place, you need to select the proper social media and web platforms to convey the message of your content to your audience.

This can be a complex matter in order to truly narrow down where the entirety of your audience is, but at the beginning, you should try to identify a few major social media platforms that your audience hangs out on.

For the most part, Facebook and YouTube are never a bad bet or consumer products, and the same can be said of LinkedIn and YouTube for business to business solutions.

Outside of these major platforms, you will probably want to come up with a strategy towards finding out where your customers hang out, and how to reach them on these platforms.

These niche platforms may include forums on sites such as Quora and Reddit. These tools can both be an amazing place to find and engage with your audience, not only to address them, but in order to find and identify key questions your audience is asking in order to find the best content topics easily.

For even more visual and aesthetic products, Snapchat and Instagram are channels that work exceptionally well. Google AdWords is also an all encompassing solution for bringing content marketing and traditional marketing together in order to get the best bang for your buck.

Each platform has its own advantages and specialties that allow you to engage your audience differently. We always recommend that business owners develop an understanding of where their clients hang out, what they are looking for, and how they consume content before starting content marketing campaigns.

beginners guide to content marketing connecting with your audience

Connecting with Your Audience

Once you have found your audience, you need to connect with them. How do you do this?

Well, the key to making content that has a high ROI, you need to understand what your audience is looking for.

You need to know what their problems are, and how to interact with them in a way that shows them you are capable of solving their problems.

Find Out What Your Audience is Asking Google

So how do you know what your audience is asking on Google and other internet platforms?

Well, there are a few super easy ways to find out exactly what your audience is looking for on the internet. This will help you to design a content marketing strategy that is effective at helping your audience, and therefore building your brand and driving traffic and leads to your site.

This concept deserves an entire blog post on its own in order to give you the best information for how to find out what your audience is looking for in content. We wrote this guide to help you get started:

Finding and Understanding Your Competitor’s Content

One key component to developing the best content in your industry is having a comprehensive understanding of all the content in your industry.

  • What are your competitors producing?
  • How well is it doing?
  • What is their audience saying about it?
  • What questions are they not answering with their content?
  • How can you sneak in and answer these questions better?
  • What are they succeeding at in their content marketing efforts?
  • What are they failing at?

These are just a few of the ways you can use your competitor’s content to your advantage when it comes to content production for your website.

For a more comprehensive guide on How to Make Better Content than Your Competition, we wrote this guide for you:

Find and Fill Content Gaps with Your Content

Content gaps are one of the main things you should focus on filling with your content, especially when you are just getting started in the content marketing world.

Every once in a while, you really need to get to the bottom of something, and just can’t seem to find a definitive and comprehensive answer to your questions on Google. This is a content gap.

Depending on your industry, and the how niche the subject matter you are trying to cover is, there may be hundreds of content gaps that you can attack with your content marketing strategy.

Again, this topic really deserves a post of its own, so we wrote this comprehensive guide to How to Build Better Content than Your Competitors. Check it out here!

how to make a content marketing strategy

Developing a Content Strategy for Your Business

Adding value with your content is easier than you might think. As we have already touched on, there are lots of content gaps in just about every industry that you can capitalize on by creating high quality web content.

But this doesn’t tell you what you will need in order to get started on making great content for your blog or website. Here are some great tips for what a good piece of content will need in order to perform well and tell the story of your brand.

complete guide to content marketing for beginners content calendar

1. Content Calendar

Content calendars is where everything you need to know about your website content is kept. Without this thing for all of our sites and all of our clients, we would have a tornado of unorganized ideas that could never amount to much.

You can set up your content calendar however you like, but usually, we recommend having at least the following elements in your content calendar:

  • Topics with outlines
  • Date you want to publish/write it for
  • Who is working on the content
  • Links to any relevant sources
  • Titles and Meta Descriptions for each post
  • Pieces of content you are trying to compete against
  • List of keywords you are trying to rank for

If you are looking for some free content marketing tools that can help you do all of this, check out our new content marketing tool suite!

For a full list of all the things you need to make the best content calendar, we went into depth in this guide:

guide to content marketing for beginners

2. Relevant Topic Ideas for Content

Finding the best topics to write about for your blog content can seem like a difficult task. But we have made it simple with our PoofNewSales Blog Content Topic Generation Tool. Simply type in your email, business, and your industry, and instantly be updated with some of the best content ideas or your industry.

When it comes to researching which blog ideas are best for your website, this is yet another topic that deserves its own blog in order to help you get the most out of it, and fully understand it. Check out our post about the Best Tools for Coming Up with Content Ideas:

content marketing guide for business owners

3. Make Well Defined Outlines

Making a well defined outline for your content may take a bit more time in the short run, but over time, it will save you thousands of revision hours, and thousands of dollars when it comes to working with content developers for your site.

A solid outline for your blog content should have:

  • Main topic with at least 5 subtopics
  • Answer at least 5 FAQ for your industry that are relevant to your topic
  • Keywords you are looking to rank for
  • Specific lengths for each section
  • Charts, lists, tables, and other relevant information you want covered in your content

Creating an outline is often a work in progress, as you begin to outline content ideas, you will probably think of a dozen other questions and ideas that are related to them.

More often than not, by the time we finish an outline for a high quality piece of web content, we have at least 4 or 5 other article topics to write about.

When it comes to making the best outlines for your blog content, there are a few rules you want to follow, and a few great resources you can use to quickly and easily outline blog content for your website.

This is one more topic that deserves its own spotlight. Check out this guide we wrote on How to Make the Best Blog Content Outlines here.

how to do content marketing

4. Expert Content Writers

Unless you are writing your own web content for your business, chances are you will want to be working with a professional content marketing agency in order to produce the best content for your business.

The reason for this is that no one will ever know your company or product the way you do, and most people will not know where to start when it comes to trying to reach your audience through unique content.

Unless you provide these writers with very specific topics and outlines for their work, you will likely be dissatisfied.

Working with professional content creators will allow you to put your business in the best position to profit from your content marketing efforts in the long run.

For business owners who want to create their own content, we have written a guide for you to get started on How Business Owners Can Create Some of the Best Blog Content for Their Audiences.

You guys have the knowledge and passion about your subject matter. Even if you aren’t the best writer or podcaster or vlogger, you have what many people are looking for: experience and knowledge.

Let these ingredients be fueled by your passion to create beautiful and unique content that provides high value to your audience. This will build brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty.

For those interested in hiring their own writers and skipping the middleman of an agency, finding the best content writers for your blog can be a hard and long process, which is why we developed this guide to it:

how to start content marketing

5. Building Your Brand Awareness and Developing a Brand Story

Creating the best content for your blog is one thing, but getting traffic to it is an entirely new world.

How do you go from content to traffic? How do you drive organic traffic to your website content?

Developing a brand story and creating continued brand awareness is one way to do this. Arguably, this goes hand and hand with creating a buyer persona for your customer base, which allows you to group your audience into different segments based on their interests and needs.

Building a brand story and building buyer personas for your audience each are complicated matters that deserve more attention, so we wrote these helpful guides for you:

beginners guide to content marketing measuring your results

Measuring the Success of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

So content marketing campaigns always sound good on the surface, but how can you measure the success of your content marketing campaigns?

We’ve got you covered.

Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Search Console are two of the best resources for measuring your content marketing ROI. We recommend that these are two tools that every content marketer should use.

They are entirely free, easy to use, with tons of free resources and guides out there. On top of this, they give insanely accurate and insightful data points that tell you an unbelievable amount of information about your audience.

Social Shares and Reactions

Social shares are one of the best ways to gather how effective your content marketing campaigns are doing. While they are not a statistic to live or die by, because they do not measure overall awareness generated, conversions, or even who visited your site, they are still an important insight into your audience and their preferences.

For instance, tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends can be used in order to find some of the most discussed topics in your industry and compare them, in order to find content gaps and identify content opportunities.

Once more, these tools that we use to measure the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns deserve an entire blog post to themselves, so we wrote about it here:

PoofNewSales Free Content Marketing Tools

Work with the Best Content Marketing Experts 

If the whole idea of content marketing has value to you, but does not seem like something you have the time for, or maybe you want to work with an expert instead, to get the most out of your time and money, give us a call.

We will give you a free content analysis, speak with you about your content marketing goals, and develop a unique content strategy for your business that will help you rank better in organic search and generate more leads through your website.

We also offer sample pieces of content in order to help you see the high quality content we bring to the table. Contact us today to speak with a content marketing expert.

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