Announcing the Launch of Content Marketing School

January 23, 2019

We are happy to announce our latest course: Content Marketing School!

With this course you can learn the skills necessary to achieve success as a content marketer for companies big and small!

content marketing school

Why Content Marketing School Needed to Be Created

1. To Educate Aspiring Marketers 

Content marketing is a new high paying skill set that businesses need in the workforce and if you complete our content marketing course, you will have the skills to get those high paying jobs.

Salary for content marketing starts at the low end around $72,550, but the high end soars above $100,000. The average salary for content managers is $93,125 per year with additional cash compensation that ranges between $2,634 and $27,770.

why you need content marketing school

And don’t worry, a recent study indicates that companies have yet to reach their full budget potential for content marketers which means we can expect more job growth over the years as these budgets increase.

2. To Educate Existing Marketers, Marketing Managers, Executives, Etc…

People don’t understand the nuances of content marketing just yet, as it is a growing field. But with this course, we plan to change that.

Newer responsibilities for Content managers include the creation of compelling and well-researched content which can be delivered across multiple platforms in effective fashions. But it is not enough to simply know how to do this. Companies need content managers who can do all of this in order to drive leaves, generate press, and increase conversions.

Marketers should be able to develop a company voice and craft interesting content that converts target customers, improves the rate of shared content across every social media channel, and drives traffic. A nuanced understanding of content marketing will provide you with the skills to develop content which accelerates a sale cycle and moves forward nurturing programs using channels like:

  • Email campaign content
  • Website copy
  • Sales playbooks
  • Case studies
  • And more

The classes in our Content Marketing School course will give you the skills necessary to edit content for messaging, building a brand, and voice all the while developing the skills necessary to track content project plans, manage web content, and complete updates to regular content as necessary.

3. College Marketing Education is Overpriced, Falls Short, & Doesn’t Prepare You for the Real World

Skills are better than a piece of paper from a top tier college. While taking on tons of college debt seems to be the norm, trend analyses show that paying for real business world courses is a better way to acquire real world skills, and prove to recruiters that you have those skills.

The skills you acquire by completing our content marketing course will provide you with the versatility to be a self-starter and create high-level content strategies all the while executing each of the necessary content pieces. We will give you the skills to craft original writing for B2B and B2C content.

After this course, you will have a better experience and comprehensive understanding of:

4. The Content Marketing Industry is Poised to Explode By 2020

Right now, the Content Marketing community needs to get better at creating effective content that both satisfies Google and user intent.  As content marketers, we need to provide more value consistently and with this comprehensive content marketing course, even the most experienced of digital media experts can gain new insight that helps them create better content.

What You Will Learn in Content Marketing School

When you enroll in this class you will learn:

  • Defining the skills needed to be a content marketer
  • Benefits of content marketing
  • How to audit a website
  • How to build a content marketing strategy
  • Audience Intelligence (learning about your audience)
  • Competitor Research
  • The Skills needed to be a content marketer
  • Where to distribute content
  • How to measure the success of a content marketing campaign
  • How to improve a content marketing campaign
  • How to build a real life project and get paid as a content marketer
  • How to build a content marketer’s resume

What Content Marketing School Has to Offer

With this course there are 56 lessons in total and over 4 hours of videos. These are short, sweet, and to the point, but jam packed with value. It is essentially a college marketing education combined with a day in the life of a content marketing manager course that teaches you everything you need to know to land a job, or improve your skill set as a content marketer in one comprehensive course. 

The skills you learn with our content marketing course have a lot of value. It is imperative to show off content marketing skills while simultaneously demonstrating to recruiters related soft skills. You should be able to solve problems, negotiate, and lead a time while still being able to craft the perfect web video or social media post.

These soft skills are important for any company. Content managers need to be able to influencer content strategy by working directly with product teams, marketing teams, and sales teams in order to identify the content necessary for every phase of the sales funnel and the customer journey.

how to become a content marketer

Why Content Marketing School is Essential to Young Marketers

26% of marketing executives are looking to fill content marketing positions this year. So, the clock is ticking and now is the time to learn invaluable skills.

There is a greater demand for content marketing skills, especially for people who already work in the industry or are looking to add to their repertoire.

Right now, the volume of available jobs is growing in fields related to digital marketing, social media, and SEO which means that content marketing is growing alongside them and people who enroll in our classes can complement any existing knowledge or experience they already have in these areas, making themselves more attractive candidates for a variety of roles.

The jobs available extend beyond just “content marketer”. With the skills you acquire in this course, you can take on jobs such as:

  • Content Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Content Editor
  • SEO Expert
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Paid Ads Specialist

Moreover, you can complete this course and continue with similar courses to enhance your education and skills.

how to get a content marketing job

There has been a 168% spike in LinkedIn profiles that content “content marketing” skills since 2013. This means content marketing industry has one of the fastest reported growth from all analyzed terms.

Clearly people are taking notice of this important career field and starting to add to their qualifications. And now you can get one step ahead of them by completing our online course. Legitimize and validate your expertise!

LinkedIn Digital Marketing Job Growth Since 2013

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing SEO Social Media Google Analytics
112% 168% 73% 137% 109%

But where to go…

Getting a Job in Content Marketing 

Our goal isn’t to just get you to enroll in a course, we want to focus on providing value, and giving each student the best chance possible moving forward to become a content marketing expert and land their dream job. 

No only do we give you the skills necessary to be a top notch content marketer in our comprehensive course, but we then teach you how to use the skills you have to build real world projects, and showcase your skills to employers, managers, and business owners. This is great for both entrepreneurial minded students, and those looking for a job in content marketing.

After you have completed our course, the world is your oyster, but some states might have more pearls than others.

Right now, Massachusetts and New York are home to the highest concentration of content marketing positions. Massachusetts has 3.8 per capita while New York has 3.3 per capita. California is in third place.

There are, of course, plenty of corporate headquarters in every state alongside marketing agencies that offer positions no matter where you live and as virtual employment grows, your qualifications may very well land you one of those New York jobs from the comfort of your home.

content marketing school

When you look at the information above, just remember that studies have scanned for “content marketing” and “content strategy” as the primary keywords, so otherwise empty areas might be flush with job opportunities that just use different terminology.

What is Content Marketing School?

Our content marketing school is a chance for anyone to acquire hard skills they can put toward a challenging and rewarding career as a content marketer.

This is an online course where you will complete a typical semester-style set of coursework, watching videos and lectures, reading the given material, and completing hands-on tasks. It is here that you will learn the valuable skills needed to become a content marketer.

Do you have the experience hiring managers are looking for? Are you prepared for a content marketing role? Enroll in our online course and get ready for big things to come!

Announcing Daily Content Marketing Content from PoofNewSales

If you are still on the fence, we have daily YouTube videos that go along with content marketing school to help give you the foundation of what you’ll learn in Content Marketing School:

content marketing school on YouTube

We also have daily blog content about content marketing, and how to improve your skills. Check out our blog here.

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