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Intro to Content Marketing School

Here is a small taste of what you will learn in our comprehensive course

Hiring and Training a Sales Team in 2019

In this lesson, we talk about and outline the best ways to hire a sales team for your business in 2019. 

Starting A Business From Scratch (Growth Hacking)

If I were to restart my business again today from scratch, these are the growth hacks I would use (that I learned in the last few years) to instantly grow my business 10x larger, 10x faster. 

How to Create Effective YouTube Ads (2019)

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, YouTube Advertising. Specifically, how you can make the best ad campaigns for your business. 

Upgrade Your Blog Content - Increase Traffic By 100%

In this video we share our tips and tricks to upgrading your video and blog content top improve your search traffic by over 100% in just a few weeks. 

Introducing Daily Video Content

As of today, PoofNewSales will be releasing new video and blog content every single day to our blog and content marketing school. What’s your excuse for not learning? 

How To Answer Questions & Increase Your Traffic

How can you find out what your audience is asking on Google? From there, how do you use this information to make effective content that converts? We’ve got you covered. 

What Should I Write About In My Blog?

So you’ve finally accepted the importance of content marketing in 2019 and created a blog for your website. What now? How can you use the power of high quality content to drive high quality organic search traffic to your site? 

How to Make the Perfect Blog Outlines

When it’s time to make blog content, outlines make the difference between the thought leaders in your industry, and the rest. Learn how to make the best outlines for your blog content consistently, and build your audience.

More Content Marketing Lessons

In our blog, we focus on content marketing, SEO, ad campaigns and other important digital marketing concepts to help marketers like you be on the top of their game. 

How to Properly Use SMEs

The sea of sameness. You’ve all seen it. The platforms and apps we use on a day to day basis even optimize and promote the output of similar things. If…

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