How To Build Better Content Than Your Competitors

January 22, 2019

Content marketing is no longer the secret it once was. Even small businesses are starting to embrace the power of creating high quality web content to build their brand.

As more competition enters the space, common topics within industries will often be discussed by many different blogs. This brings up a few important questions:

  • So how do you make your content stand out amongst your competitors?
  • How do you know what type of content you should try to outrank?
  • What does it take to have the best piece of content about a given topic?
  • How can you outrank your competition with high quality content?

In this article, we will discuss the answers to all of these questions and more.

What Competitor Content Should I Try to Outrank?

One of the key parts to making better content than your competition is knowing where to start. Depending on your company size, goals, existing web content, and more, you will likely need to start out on a different foot when it comes to making the best web content in your industry.

Regardless of your industry, these are some great pieces of content everyone should have on their website, and that you can easily outrank competitors in.

what type of competitor content should i try to outrank

1. Content Based on Long Tail Keywords

When it comes to producing better content than your competition, you want to keep in mind how the puzzle all fits together. What we mean by this is that you want to develop an understanding of your overall content strategy, and what steps you must take in order to get to where you want to be.

For example, if you are a bakery that is just starting out, or is even medium in size, you should probably not try to start out by trying to rank for the term “bakery”. You may type in the word, and see a lot of search results for the top bakeries in the world and think to yourself, “well if I own a bakery, why would I not try to rank for that keyword?”

For example, the term “what is the best bakery in New York for birthday cakes” may only have 90 searches per month, but is hyper-specific. This means that there is not likely very many posts on the internet that are geared towards specifically ranking for this exact phrase.

By creating a piece that looks to fill this content gap in your industry, you can try to scoop up the easy win of gaining a 1 or 2 spot for this search term, netting an easy 40 visitors to your site a month.

While it’s not much, you can see how using this long tail keyword content strategy can help you outrank your competitors over time, while establishing a DA and generating traffic to your site in the process.
how to out rank competitors with your blog content using branded searches

2. Branded Search Content

It sounds simple, but building searches around your brand name is super important when it comes to outranking competitors. Sometimes, if you choose a creative enough name for your website or business, you can even get a dramatic boost to your website traffic right away by having a high indexed page like your home page and other pages rank for the term directly.

A good example of this is the site which is an online head shop. With a name like this, not only is it easy to know what they sell, but it is simple for them to rank for the keyword “best gifts for stoners”.

By making a few high quality blog posts about where someone can find these gifts, and what gifts they should purchase, this young site was able to easily catapult themselves to the top of the rankings for these very important terms that will not only affect their traffic, but their sales.

You want to make sure that you have your branded keyword searches on lock down. The last thing you want to do is get someone who is searching for your company EXACTLY, and have a competitor ranking higher for your own brand name than you. Typically, this content makes for an easy win, and it helps you establish yourself early in the industry. There is no need to go overboard, usually 1 or 2 brand related pieces of content per month should do the trick.
outrank your competition with round up posts

3. List Posts or Round-Up Posts

List posts, or round-up posts are usually a pretty easy way to outrank your competition on long tail keywords that are very relevant to your industry, and which also have some decent search volume.

These are your typical pieces of content such as “The 10 Best Free SEO Tools in 2018” or “25 Content Marketing Tips to Improve Your Content and Rankings in 2018”.

More often than not, the highest ranking pieces of content for these types of searches are not very high in quality. They usually feature an image, and a brief 2-4 sentence description, with a link and then move on to the next product.

This makes for a huge content gap, that if you can fill with better content than your competition, will help you to connect with your audience better, and outrank them for a lot of great search terms.

A lot of people will argue that making these types of posts is redundant because no one wants to read that much about 50 different products. While this point has some merit, it is important to remember that most of your content is written for search engines and not for the actual people reading it.

On top of this, if the sections really become too long, you can always easily make drop boxes with answers to people’s questions below the main paragraph. This allows the users to interact with the post directly, and also helps you to keep the content visually appealing to users despite the length of these types of posts.

A great example of this type of content and how to crush it is Brian Dean of Backlinko, who created a Complete Guide to SEO Tools, which features 188 tools, and reviews with pictures for each. This post has generated over 19,000 social shares, and resulted in 100,000s of monthly visitors for his site, because it is the most comprehensive piece of content that blows the competition away.

The best part about round up posts is that you can always go back to them and continue adding more and more content. This continuous updating of your content allows you to stay at the top of a lot of searches, as well as rank for new ones over time.

make better content than the competition with guides

4. Comprehensive Guides and Reviews

How many times have you gone on a website to find a review of a company or product, and been extremely disappointed to have had to leave the page and locate 5 or 6 more articles in order to find the complete answer to your question?

While we don’t recommend you write an entire Wikipedia page about something with history at all, it is possible to be much more comprehensive than a vast majority of your competitors when it comes to content production.

One easy way to make better content than your competition is to be thorough. Don’t just please over a certain portion of the review you’re doing, go in-depth and give the person more information than the would expect.

As long as you don’t drone on and your content is visually appealing, you will be surprised how much of a difference is can make.

Here are some ideas that help to create better content I’m comprehensive articles:

  • What questions is your audience asking?
  • What questions are not being answered?
  • What are some great that you can give to your audience?
  • Add tables and bulleted lists, as well as little excerpts, pictures, and calls to action
  • What other content do you have that relates to the article you are writing?
  • What are some pros and cons of the product / company you are reviewing?

what content should i try to outrank

5. Write Evergreen Content for Your Website

What is Evergreen content?

Evergreen content is simply content that will always bring traffic to your site. Some pieces of content will only attract visitors for a certain period of time. An example of this is news articles.

The best way to produce Evergreen content is to continually cultivated over the years. You want to put the initial effort in to make it a standout piece of content that is comprehensive, but also continue adding to it as the subject matter and your understanding of the subject matter grows.

This type of content will usually be about a more broader subject matter, but is longer in word count.

How Do I Make My Content Better Content than My Competitors?

Here’s some super simple ways to make better content than your competitors that you can begin using in your content marketing strategy today.

outranking the competition through high quality blog content

1. Answer More Questions than Your Competitors with Your Content

At the end of the day you want to have people coming to your blog in order to gain Insight from your content. The best way to create content that ranks well and satisfies user intent is to answer questions that they are asking.

Such a simple idea, and yet it is overlooked by a vast majority of content marketers.

We also take this into mind when finding you the best content ideas with our content calendar creation tool.

To find out more about what questions you are content should answer, we recommend you check out this guide.

Or, to find the best questions to answer in your industry for a given topic, check out our new PoofNewQuestions Tool. This is a free content marketing tool that helps you find out what questions your audience is asking.

what content can i outrank and how

2. Make More Descriptive and Comprehensive Content

You already touched on this a bit earlier in the article, but in order to make the best web content, you need to be comprehensive. There is no substitute for this.

Creating content in multiple versions across multiple forms is very important. You want to try adding video and podcast into your content creation alongside your blogs.

Distributing your content properly across social media platforms is also key. Social networking plays a huge role in increasing the effectiveness of your content.

be an innovator to make better content

3. Consistently Innovate and Update Your Blog Content

Your content should be like a living body. Our bodies are always repairing themselves and learning.

In order to make better content than your competition on a consistent basis, you need to be able to go back to your old content and give it a little bit of an update.

Repurposing your content plays a few important roles:

  • It allows you to rank for additional key words without the need for writing an entire piece of content
  • The existing pieces of content already have been sending Google good signals, so they take less time to be indexed and can gain traffic faster
  • Constantly updated content is never out of date, which keeps user satisfied over time

how to make better content than your competitors using linking

4. Make Multiple Pieces of Content About a Subject that Link to a Pillar Page

When it comes to making great content for blogs and websites, you should be very specific with the content for each article.

Rather than answering a very wide variety of questions in one article in order to get it to rank for a lot of terms, instead take the various individual elements and turn them into their very own piece of content.

Not only this is give your user for more insight into the subject itself, but it also helps to establish your cite as a point of Authority for very specific terms.

The smaller, more comprehensive articles can all then be linked together in a massive pillar piece of content. This is typically 5K words or more of pure knowledge.

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