15 Digital Marketing Tips [That Actually Work] in 2019

March 5, 2019

Digital marketing strategies encompass a wide range of tactics and subject matters in order to build your business online.

This includes:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

Focusing on all of these things at once can be a very difficult task, even for the most experienced marketing managers. That is why it is essential that you understand some key tactics for digital marketing in 2019.

In this article, we will discuss 15 Digital Marketing Tactics that span across each of these 7 categories. You can easily implement these tactics to improve your online presence, build a community, and generate higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

15 Digital Marketing Tactics For 2019

Before we get into some effective digital marketing strategies, let’s take a second to review where digital marketing is headed in 2019.

To do this, let’s take a look at some game changing statistics:

  • 75% of marketers are increasing their budget for interactive content in 2019
  • Content Marketing generates 3x the traffic of paid ads at just 62% the cost (Hubspot)
  • 80% of consumers said authenticity of content was the #1 impact on purchasing decisions in 2018 (SlideShare)
  • Brands that blog 16+ times per month generate 3.5x the traffic of those that blog 0-4 times (Hubspot)
  • 80% of global search traffic is now video related
  • Video has been shown to improve SERPs rankings by 157%, and landing page conversions by 86% (Backlinko)
  • Videos generate approximately 12x more shares than other forms of content
  • 4x as many consumers would rather watch video than read about something (Hubspot)
  • 96% of marketers now believe that personalization of content improves customer relations (Evergage)
  • By 2020, it is estimated that 50% of global search traffic will be voice related (comScore)

So what can we learn from all these statistics?

Well, to start we can see a massive switch and consumer preference towards video content.

Also note that content marketing is extremely effective both in terms of ROI and brand based goals.

Also, we have began to notice a massive switch towards interactive and custom content.

Lastly, voice search is emerging as a new way people look for information on the web. Learning how to optimize our semantic SEO in order to accompany this in the future will be essential.

Now that you understand a little bit more about where digital marketing is heading in 2019 and beyond, let’s jump right into some of the best digital marketing strategies for this year.

digital marketing strategies for 2019

I. Search Engine Marketing

Search marketing is the process of building organic search traffic to your website. This is traffic that arrives based on what they are searching for. Because this type of website traffic is so high quality, and so consistent, we have search engine marketing at the top of our online marketing tactics list. 

1. Increase Organic Traffic By 10x – Develop A Long Tail Keyword Strategy

While this is not a new digital marketing strategy, it is proving to be more effective than ever.

Long tail keywords are keywords that receive a small fraction of the total search traffic for a specific term.

For example, a short tail keyword would be something like, “content marketing”. This type of keyword has a large amount of traffic, making it more competitive, and less likely to convert.

A long tail keyword would be something like, “content marketing for law firms. This is likely to have much lower search volume, competition, and is more likely to attract qualified leads.

Developing a long tail keyword strategy for your online content is one way you can slowly but surely improve your search rankings, and generate more organic search traffic.

2. Make the Most of Other Channels

Building organic search traffic is very important, but relying just on content on your own website can make the process take a very long time.

Instead, you recommend that digital marketers use some effective third party promotion Platforms in order to reach a larger audience:

  • Reddit
  • Quota
  • Medium

These are the three most essential tools we use in order to build our online audience.

Each one of them has millions of monthly visitors were looking for very specific information relative to their searches.

Most of their users return on a regular basis, and regularly read multiple articles on the same subject matter in one sitting.

It can start off slowly, but maintaining a consistent posting schedule on each one of these free platforms can drastically improve the referral and organic traffic for your site.

3. Answer Audience Questions

At the end of the day, before using Google to find answers to their questions. You want to create a search strategy that focuses on answering these questions in depth for your audience.

This has a few key effects:

  • Helps you rank for more keywords
  • Drives more quality leads to your site
  • Develops your brand as a thought leader
  • Improves search rankings
  • Identifies where a customer is in the sales funnel

Over time, as you begin to answer more and more highly relevant questions that your audience is asking Google, you will be able to climb up the rankings and quickly outperform your competition.

This is all part of the major shift we are seeing in the way Google ranks content, and people consume content. It is all based on value now. In order to be effective in your online marketing campaigns, you need to focus on your audience to build organic search traffic. 

digital marketing tips for 2019

II. Content Marketing  

Effective Digital Marketing is not just about getting new clients, and increasing your revenue (though that’s a huge part of it), but also about building a brand, a community, and putting their information needs before your sales goals.

In the long run, companies that can manage to do this will always be more profitable than companies that’s strictly focus on sales.

Content marketing focuses on creating high-quality, custom content for your audience, based on their individual needs. This helps to drive them through the sales funnel, and strengthen brand relationships.

4. Diversify Your Content – Build Your Audience Exposure & Generate More Leads

Despite video’s ascent to the most popular form of content in 2019, blogs are still very important.

On top of that, these other less common forms of content are still absolutely worth producing:

  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Online Courses

It is important to diversify your content for a few reasons. For starters, you cannot hope to reach your entire target audience on just one platform.

Secondly, it allows you to reach the same person on multiple platforms.

Third, it builds brand trust. When audience members see that you are capable of producing high-quality and value-driven content on multiple platforms, it demonstrates them that you have a high amount of skill and dedication to what you do.

5. Be Consistent – Or Light Your Money On Fire

Well, that escalated quickly. Is a lack of consistency when it comes to content marketing really the same as lighting your money on fire?


In fact, Neil Patel often says that consistency is the number one most important factor in a content marketing strategy.

Without it, you will never reap the full benefits of the content you have worked so hard to produce.

An example of just how important consistency is when it comes to your content is when we first started our site PoofNewSales.

Cody and I didn’t know a thing about how to set up a website. So I quickly taught myself how to code HTML and CSS well enough to create a basic site that looked alright and got the job done.We hosted it through GoDaddy, and just began putting out content.

Before we knew it we had a couple hundred monthly visitors and we’re super proud of our efforts. But, we ran into the problem of realizing just how annoying it is to try and run a website that wasn’t based on WordPress. Simple updates would take hours, and would leave the door wide open to dozens of potential errors that could hurt SEO, and more.

So we hired our first web developer, and let them handle the redesign on WordPress. The only problem was, while they were redesigning the site I had to redirect all of the site’s traffic to a subdomain so that they could live test the site. (I now know this was not a NEED, just a haphazard solution).

It only took about two weeks to redesign the site completely and get it up. However in that time period, our traffic went from approximately 20 users per day on average down to zero.

On top of this, it took us another four months of posting content three times per week just to gain back the traffic we had lost. When it comes to your online digital marketing strategy, consistency is everything.

Learn More:

  • Why You Need a Content Calendar & How to Create One
  • Quality vs. Quantity: What Should My Blog Focus On?

6. Understand Your Audience – And Increase Conversions 100%

In 2019, understanding your audience is the lifeblood for digital marketing. Otherwise you are just totally spitballing, hoping that one of your paid or organic pieces of content sticks.

So, what do you need to know about your audience to succeed in digital marketing, and how can you use this information to convert visitors into paying customers?

First, you should make an effort to at least know the following about your audience:

  • What is their occupation?
  • What are their primary problems that your service aims to solve?
  • What are there pain points?
  • What objections do they have to your offering?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they hang out online?
  • What is their budget for a solution?

Having an in-depth understanding of these key demographics of your ideal buyers will help you to:

  • Create more relevant content
  • Guide your website visitors through your sales funnel
  • Create custom pieces of content for each one of your ideal buyers
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Allow you to retarget people who have visited your site
  • Help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry

Once you have this knowledge of your target audience, you can confidently begin creating content to guide them through your sales, knowing that it will be relevant, and ultimately move the bottom line for your company.

top digital marketing strategies in 2019

III. Paid Advertising Campaigns

Look, creating high-quality content is our thing. And we fully believe in the power of content marketing’s ability to bring new leads to anyone’s website.

But, I would be lying if I told you that paid advertising campaigns weren’t essential to any successful digital marketing strategy. Put simply, they are the gasoline for the fire.

7. Create Custom Content – And Actually Convert

Gone are the days where you can just create a Facebook advertising, YouTube ad, or Google AdWords campaign, set it on autopilot, and then just collect the dollars at the end of the rainbow.

Consumers today want custom content. Specifically on the B2B side of things. In fact, 96% of B2B buyers want to interact with custom content before making a purchasing decision.

So, it goes without saying that if you are running a paid advertisement campaigns, you want to focus just as much on the value and quality of your content as you would with an organic search strategy.

This means that you should be doing things like:

  • Creating custom landing pages
  • Developing multiple campaigns for each audience segment
  • Combining multiple types of content in your campaigns
  • Using funnels in order to provide customers with multiple choices

Essentially, you want to leave a long lasting positive impression on the people who are clicking on your paid ads. Even if they do not convert, your goal should be to have provided them value, and not left a bad taste in your mouth.

According to recent studies, people are beginning to ignore paid ads far more, and trust them far less. 31% of people in the United States currently use ad blockers, and of the 69% who don’t, 50% reported that online ads bothered them in 2018.

Bottom line, don’t try to blindly sell someone your product or service, build their awareness of your brand, and sell them your brand.

8. Retarget Your Audience – The 8 Touch Point Rule

A study I recently read by DemandMetric found that the average B2B buyer takes eight touchpoints before making a purchasing decision. Consumers on the other hand, take an average of five to seven touchpoints with a brand before making a purchasing decision.

This means that if you are only targeting someone once with your ad, and then giving up, you will almost never see the results you’re looking for from your paid digital marketing campaigns.

The solution? Retarget them.

By now, you should probably know about Facebook pixel, or Google pixels which can be used on your site to store cookies in visitors’ browsers.

This data can then be used in order to run retargeting campaigns. This is not exactly a new digital marketing technique, but it is consistently evolving and growing in efficiency. 

When running paid retargeting campaigns, you specifically want to focus on:

  • Addressing any objections they may have
  • Reaffirming the quality and value your content brings them
  • Offer them some free additional value
  • Try to get some form of contact information from them
  • Be honest, address the fact that they have seen your ad before

There are a few other important techniques that you can use while retargeting your audience, but focusing on these five will point you in the right direction.

One of the best retargeting campaigns I’ve ever seen was ran by Billy Gene. In it, he literally starts off the video by saying, “ I know you’ve seen my other video about my online marketing course, and chose not to click on it.”

He then goes into depth about why you may not have done that, why it’s a mistake, why there’s no pressure for you to join and it can only provide value to you, and what to do next.

Billy Gene does not hide, he does not try to convince you that there’s anything going on other than what is happening: you are being retarget. Brilliant. This is one of the best digital marketing tactics for 2019.

9. Test & Experiment – 1 Small Tweak Could Lead to +50% Conversion Rates

If you’ve spent all the time, money, and effort to develop a highly effective paid digital marketing campaign, then you should spend the additional time it takes to get the absolute most out of it.

Perhaps the best, and most overlooked way to improve your conversion rates on paid advertising campaigns is to constantly tweak them. This is what separates very successful marketers from the rest of the herd.

Just making a slight tweak to something like:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headers
  • Text
  • Videos
  • Calls to action
  • Design
  • Contact forms
  • Etc…

… can have a massive impact on the effectiveness of your paid ad campaigns.

The beauty of it all? You can easily A/B test and split test paid advertising campaigns on all of the major online marketing platforms.

So, you really have no excuse for not getting the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

best digital marketing strategies

IV. Social Media Marketing

As some of the stats that we touched on earlier displayed, social media marketing plays a massive role in building a brand. This is why it is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

But, you need to make sure that you are making the most of your social media marketing efforts in order to see the results you are looking for.

10. Build Brand Awareness – Instead Of Self Promotion

Look, you should be using social media for paid ad campaigns as well. But when it comes to your social media marketing strategy, any organic content you are producing on your profile should not be sales based.

What I mean by this is you do not want to be promoting your brand in a direct way in your social media posts on a regular basis.

But why not?

Well, a study I recently read done by Brand Buddha showed that 45% of people were likely to unfollow brands that posted too much self-promotional content.

So, you should stay away from doing this. On top of that, you still want to maintain a high level of consistency and volume with your social media strategies.

In order to offset the lost posting volume, you will need to begin to create more story-based content. We are all largely visual Learners, and as a result, a recent study showed that 62% of marketers reported successful ROI benchmarks from visual marketing efforts.

So, you want to begin telling the story of your brand on social media in order to build awareness, and develop trust. This eventually drives traffic, building sales. Turn the objective from sales to delivering value. Brand building is one of the unspoken digital marketing practices you must optimize to be successful with your efforts. 

11. Work With Influencers

Working with social media influencers is one of the best ways to promote your content and brand.

The reason for this is that these influencers have highly specific audiences that follow them, which trust their judgment and input.

As a result, if you can find the right influencers to work with for your brand that align with your target audience, you can get a massive boost to your online search traffic and brand awareness goals.

The best part about working with influencers is they are usually cheap, extremely hardworking, and really passionate about what they do. If you can find the right influencers to work within your social media marketing strategy, they will be one of the best assets on your team.

12. Build A Community – And They Will Come

While building a community is somewhat of a vague term, there is no denying the positive effects it can have on the bottom line of a company.

As a matter of fact, according to a study done by LabelInsight in 2016, 94% of consumers reported that they were more likely to be loyal to a brand that maintained transparency.  

Furthermore, a study done by Contently showed that 53.9% of consumers do not trust branded ads. This means that a vast majority of your branding and community building efforts need to be organic. Social media platforms are the number one place to build an organic community for your brand.

One more stat that should really bring home how important building an audience is for your company, is the fact that over 70% of brand managers reported that building an audience is more important than converting sales.

best digital marketing strategies 2019

V. Email Marketing

Brian Dean once reported that every single person on his email list was worth over $12 in Revenue per year for his company.

No, this feature will typically range depending on your industry, what services and products you provide, and how relevant the content is that you are delivering to your audience.  

But, the important thing to remember is that every single email address that you generate organically is an open invitation to contact that person in the future. In order to have an effective digital marketing campaign, you need to make the most of this knowledge.  

13. Provide Additional Value – Get Contact Information

One of the best ways you can generate organic leads for your email list is by offering additional content on your blog, social media, or paid advertising campaigns.

These include things like:

  • Webinars
  • Online Courses
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Ebooks
  • Etc…

Basically, these are more in-depth pieces of content that provide additional value to your target audience.

Providing this type of content for your audience serves a few key purposes:

  • Building brand trust
  • Pushing visitors through your sales funnel
  • Generating contact information

The best part about this type of content is that you can usually take old pieces of content you have already produced, and repurpose them in order to generate emails.

14. Use Video To Increase Open Rates By 70%

One of the biggest problems that email marketers are now facing in 2019 is that people are just sick and tired of receiving emails.

The average American receives over 131 emails a day, over 50% of which is typically spam. This has kind of turned off a lot of people to the idea of email marketing.

But, there are a few quick and easy tips you can use in order to booster open rate, and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns:

  • Include video
  • Optimize your subject lines
  • Focus on making visual content
  • Provide real value

A study done by GetResponce showed that emails which included video generated 96% higher click-through rates.

Email marketing has been shown to return on average a 4,400% ROI. That means if done right, for every $1 you invest in your email marketing campaigns, you could potentially generate $44 of revenue for your company.

15. Focus On Activation, Retention & Revenue

When it comes to email marketing, you want to be focusing on a very specific part of the marketing funnel.

This is for a few key reasons:

So, you want to spend a majority of your time on email marketing improving the relationship it builds with your audience.

Just implementing these few helpful tips in this section can help generate thousands of more dollars in revenue for your company. Do not let email be where a vast majority of your audience slips through the cracks to never demonetized.

Make the most of this valuable channel of content distribution by optimizing your email campaigns, automating them, and segmenting your audience.

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