Marketing Through Education- The Content Marketing Revolution

March 7, 2019

In 2019, consumers have more control than ever. Especially on the internet. Ad blockers, and the ability to tune out ads have made new hurdles for online marketers.

This has caused a massive shift in the way that online marketing dollars are allocated, causing a change from outbound to inbound marketing strategies.

The primary driver behind why content marketing and other forms of digital marketing are able to generate 3 times the leads at 62% of the cost, along with increased lead quality, is because these are types of education based marketing.

The purpose of marketing that focuses on education is not to make the initial sale, but rather inform your target audience that your brand has knowledge in your industry. By positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry, you can then use education based marketing techniques to build a brand community over time. This results in more organic search traffic, higher online marketing ROI, more brand loyalty, and much more.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • What is education based marketing?
  • Why it is so important for your business
  • The benefits of education based marketing
  • Tips and strategies
  • How to make a content marketing strategy

But first, let’s answer the question:

educational marketing guide 2019

What is Education Based Marketing?

Education based marketing is the idea that customers and qualified leads need to be properly taught about a subject matter, topic, industry, and their choices before making a purchasing decision. It also embraces that brands engage in creating educational content targeted towards their audience in order to guide leads through their sales funnels.

This type of marketing is also referred to as content marketing. Educational marketing content can come in many forms, including:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • E-books
  • Email Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Online Courses
  • Etc…

Depending on the audience, subject matter, and where the buyer is in the sales funnel, content can be customized to address their needs, concerns, and objections.

Overall, the goal is to establish a relationship with your audience which builds trust and demonstrates value, without being too sales focused. Chances are, if someone has arrived on your site from clicking on one of your pages on Google, they do not need pulling to buy, but a little push.

If you do it right, your educational content marketing strategy should be able to take people who are right on the edge of making a decision into a client with a few touchpoints.

education based marketing pros and cons

Why is This Type of Content Important in 2019?

As we mentioned briefly above, consumers now have more control than ever over the information they receive.

As of 2018, according to Statista, 30.1% of US adults use an ad blocker on their device. Of the 69.9% that do not use ad blockers, 51% of people thought that websites should serve less ads.

On top of that, according to a study done by Choozle, only 20% of online users liked digital advertisements.

Think about this. Even if you are making the most effective ads possible, assuming a perfect targeting technique by your team when creating your campaigns, you will still only be able to convert 20% of them who are interested, and nearly 30% of them will never see it, and another 35% of your audience will not like the ad.

Clearly, these stats point to a gap between what people want, and what marketers think they want. But that is starting to change.

As of 2018, content marketing official trumped traditional marketing in terms of spending. A study done by Hubspot showed that companies officially spend a larger portion of their budget in digital marketing based around education than they spent on traditional marketing such as paid ads.

Why Education Based Marketing Is So Effective

To reaffirm why content marketing is so important in 2019, let’s address just how effective education based marketing is today.

educational marketing guide

1. Lead Generation – Higher Quality & Quantity

People are more likely to exchange their personal information for educational value:

  • White papers (76%)
  • Books (63%)
  • Webinars (79%)
  • Case studies (57%)
  • Third-party/analyst reports (66%)

So, by providing visitors to your site with free resources, you are paying for the future value of that lead. Eventually, if your funnel is designed well enough, enough of these leads will be willing to purchase your product/service, and/or an upsell and downsell.

Not to mention the implications that educational based marketing has on organic search traffic. In fact, it has been shown that brands focusing on content marketing that produce daily content generate 16x the search traffic of those that don’t.

If that’s not enough for you, studies have also shown that people are beginning to ignore the top spots on Google that are advertisements. In fact, only about 20% of the clicks are going to the top 3 results that are ad based now (this figure used to be around 70%). Instead, the other 80% of clicks on Google are now being driven to organic results.

Lastly, according to Hubspot, organic SEO is 5.66 times more effective than paid advertisements in terms of ROI generated. Companies with blogs have been shown by DemandMetric to produce 67% of the leads of their competitors without blogs.

As you can see, consumers are really beginning to focus on organic content in order to find their information, they simply don’t trust online advertisements anymore. As a result, content marketing has come into the spotlight, with 61% of marketers prioritizing semantic SEO as a top marketing priority in 2019.

education based marketing establishes brand recognition and trust

2. Brand Recognition – The #1 Most Important Metric in 2019 

To show you just how important educational marketing is in 2019, a survey of marketers showed that 72% of marketers reported branded content was more successful at building brand recognition than magazine advertisements.

Gone are the days where you could sell a product or service just based on its own qualities. Today, branding is more important than ever. To illustrate this, a study by LoyalInsights showed that 94% of customers are more likely to commit to transparent brands.

Another study done by SlideShare showed that 80% of consumers reported that authenticity of content was the most important factor in their decision making process.

What?! That is absolutely insane. If you haven’t been investing in a content marketing strategy focused on delivering value to your audience, start listening to the signs of this changing market before it is too late.

The last important stat you should know about how educational marketing drives brand recognition is this: consumers require 5-7 interactions with your brand before they can remember what you do, and associate it with your logo/name (ActionCard).  

why education based marketing is important

3. Establishing Trust – Don’t Sell, Educate

But education based marketing doesn’t stop there, people need to trust your brand before making a decision. Creating high quality content for your audience is a great way to do this.

73% of online buyers point to their experience on your site as being one of the key factors for making a purchase.

On top of this, 90% of people report being influenced by reading positive online reviews. Whatsmore, of these people, 88% of people trust online reviews as much as word of mouth recommendation from a friend.

An even more startling statistic is that brands with what is considered to have a “higher emotional intensity” receive 3x as many word of mouth recommendations as their competition.

Video is also becoming very important in content marketing, with videos recieving an average of 157% higher rankings in SERPs on average, and landing pages hosting videos boasting 86% higher conversion rates on average.  

It is estimated that by 2020, 80% of all online traffic will be video based. Needless to say, you also need to begin implementing educational video content into your digital marketing strategy.

As you can see, educational based marketing has a huge impact on your brand’s ability to develop brand recognition and trust, which eventually leads to a close.

why educational marketing is so important in 2019

4. Closing Leads – Custom Content Easily 3x’s Your Conversions 

96% of B2B buyers want to interact with at least 7 pieces of custom content before making a purchasing decision. 80% of these decision makers prefer to receive information in the form of educational content instead of ads (Stratabeat).

Not only this, but 78% of B2B buyers in 2018 relied on white papers to help make their final purchasing decision, according to Curata.

Content also increases the likelihood of consumers to make a purchase. According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, 61% or consumers make a purchase after reading a custom piece of blog content.

When it comes to converting, content marketing has been shown to demonstrate a 6 times higher conversion rate than traditional marketing materials, according to ABGEssentials.

But just how much more effective is educational marketing content? Let’s check out some ROI statistics.

education based marketing advantages

5. Return On Investment – $3 for Every $1 Spent 

When compared with paid advertising, a study by Kapost showed that for every dollar spent, creating custom content yielded $3 for every $1 returned on paid ads.

On top of that, content marketing has been shown to be absolutely essential to generating organic search traffic, as we mentioned above.

When compared to traditional marketing, the reasons that education based marketing has a better ROI are:

  • Better targeting
  • More qualified leads
  • Building trust
  • Higher conversions
  • Higher lifetime value

When combined, these factors allow you to be a much more effective marketer by educating your audience in order to build your brand to be memorable and trustworthy.
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How You Can Learn More About Education Based Marketing

Looking to learn more about how you can begin implementing educational marketing content into your digital marketing strategy?

We’ve got you covered. Check out some of these awesome guides to get started:

You can also check out these amazing content marketing tools we have created to help you save time producing high quality content:

Lastly, if you are looking to learn even more about content marketing, and how to become a master at it, you have to check out our new Content Marketing School. This is a completely free resource we have created to help business owners, marketers, managers, students, and everyone in between develop their content marketing skills to become masters of their craft.

We publish daily video and blog content, and also give exclusive access to some more comprehensive content like our Content Marketing Masterclass, which takes you from the basics, all the way to what you will need to know to be a content marketing manager, or even open your own agency and start generating clients. When education and marketing meet, great things happen. 

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