How To Get Clients As A Commercial Builder (Online)

March 28, 2019

So how do you get clients as a commercial builder online?

It’s not actually that complex, but there are a few things that you need to do really well.

I want to dive right into it, but what this guide is going to do is explain to you how you can get clients using past testimonials, a great brand, amazing content, and outperforming your competitors.

how to generate leads for construction company

#1 Do Amazing Work

The number one most important thing you can do as a commercial builder to get new clients, is do incredible work.

This is vital to all businesses but anything in the real estate/builder industry can benefit more than most other people.

The reason being is because it is so visual, and a business that revolves around word-of-mouth. Yes you always are gonna have to come in with a competitive bid on any of your big projects, but companies without great-looking portfolios and happy clients don’t even get the privilege of placing bids on said projects.

We live in a visual era, everything is on YouTube, pictures on Facebook, and you as a commercial builder can capitalize on this more than almost anyone.

If I was starting my own contracting company or real estate business, my very first hire would be a full-time photographer.

Don’t just tell me what you can do, show me what you can do, and show me what you’ve done for others in the past. Your reputation and portfolio will get you new clients in this space more than almost anything else.

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#2. Perfect Your GMB

Using your portfolio and all of the photos that you have need to be shown on your Google my business account. The first thing that people will see when they Google your business, hence the name, is this profile.

It is vital that the first thing they see is how great of work you done in the past, and the type of clients you work with, as well as the type of work that is your expertise. This niching down into a certain expertise is something I will get into in more detail later on.

Keeping your GMB account looking good with reviews, quality images, and vital information of your business is a prerequisite to getting clients online.

Google changed everything, especially in this industry. Think about the ways that you get your news, find a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, find a new restaurant to go eat at, and if Google isn’t the first place you go to for all these things, send me an email and I’ll give you some sort of prize.

how to land more construction clients

#3. Analyze Your Competitors

Are you the leading company in your target area and industry? If you aren’t, what kind of jobs are your competitors getting that you wish you were getting? What do you think that they are doing differently than you that makes it so that they when those contracts instead of your business?

Some of things that could be:

  • They have better connections
  • They work for cheaper than you can
  • They have more money to spend on advertising in a beautiful website that you do
  • They’ve been around longer and more people know them

There’s one go to the way to get around all these objections that will focus on in number four.

Is there anything that they’re doing specifically though that you can either copy or compete with?

Are you positive that you’re doing everything in your ability to keep up with the demands of the customers and your industry?

If you’re not that’s the first thing you need to change you need to at least be on an even playing field.

Can you off the top of your head tell me exactly where your competitors are getting most of their clients from? If you can’t, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed immediately because these are things that you need to know.

Where are your competitors spending their advertising dollars? Is there any one or two companies that you compete with, that vastly outperformed the industry online? Until you have all of these insights you can’t have a proper game plan of how you can get clients online, and properly compete with other commercial builders in your area.

get more clients for commercial builders

#4 Build A Brand

This is the number 1 way to compete in any space, and there’s never been a time where it’s been more important.  I told you I’d tell you my favorite way to compete with a competitor with more money, or clients than you, and this is it.

Why is building a brand so important?

Our world is slowly becoming a place where people care about price, and convenience above all. But the one thing that remains a constant, is a recognizable Brand. It is the only way to compete if you can’t compete on price. Be the company that people know. There are a ton of ways to do this.

Do better work. Be known as THE BEST at something. I tell many of our clients, you don’t want to compete with 100s of other companies with 100s of different products or services. Niche down and be known as the absolute BEST at something. Don’t be a top 15 builder in your state, be the number 1 builder for Green, Eco-Friendly Building products for buildings over 10,000 square feet in New Hampshire.

There are more available jobs when you generalize, but there’s WAY more competition. You want to create a blue ocean. There is a great marketing book called Blue Ocean, that says most companies compete in a Red Ocean. A Red Ocean has many different sharks all going after the same prey. It’s hard to be a shark in these waters, because you’re competing for scraps.

Instead of keeping your business in this Red Ocean, you need to find a Blue Ocean. A Blue Ocean is characterized by open waters, with very little competition. There is less prey, but when you get one, you get it all to yourself and can enjoy dining on your catch. You need to be operating your business in this same fashion in 2019.

Red Ocean – Builder

Blue Ocean – Green, Eco-Friendly Builder Specializing in +10,000 SF builds with Smart Technology

Another great way to build your brand, is by doing what every business needs to be doing in 2019, just ask GaryVee. Become a media company. No matter your business, you need to be part media company. Builder-Media Company. Lawyer-Media Company. Quarterback-Media Company.

The way to organically become a media company, without it seeming forced, is by creating a hub of answers that your target customer is searching for.

  • “What are prefab metal buildings?”
  • “Which building system is right for my business?”
  • “Will the  current price of steel affect my project’s overall costs?”
  • “What custom options are trending right now in my area?”
  • “How much extra would it cost for custom siding on my 20,000 SF project”

These are all questions that the person you want to be in contact with, a client, is searching for on the internet. The best way to make a first impression, is by being there to answer any of her/his questions and being the industry expert he/she needs.

There are many ways to answer questions, written blogs, audio with a podcast, or even YouTube videos. Understanding your audience and how they like to consume content is a key piece to your marketing efforts, and it influences HOW you answer these questions.

This is why Content Marketing is so effective for commercial builders.

Walk with me as I show you an example scenario.

I’m Larry and I’m the President of a private Hospital, and I want to build a new wing on my Hospital. What types of things am I worried about, and need questions answered on?

  • “How long will it take a ____ square foot addition to be built in Southern New Hampshire?”
  • “How expensive is a ____ square foot addition, when built with ____ in Southern New Hampshire?”
  • “What are the most popular building packages being chosen for hospitals?”
  • “Are there any Southern NH commercial builders that specialize in x building for hospitals?”
  • “Best x building package commercial builders in southern New hampshire”

So it’s pretty obvious what my concerns are after going through those questions. I want to know how long my project should take, how much it should cost, what should the final product look like, and who’s the specialist that should be making my dream a reality.

Imagine you, as the commercial building company owner, have a SUPER high quality article on each of these topics on your website.

Your blog includes:

  • “How long your commercial building project should take based on square feet”
  • “How expensive should your commercial building project be based on square feet”
  • “The Top 10 Most Popular Building Packages for 2019”
  • “The Ultimate Guide to x building Package (From An Expert)”
  • “Why Our Clients Say We’re The Best x building package commercial builders in southern New hampshire”

Not only do you have these articles on your site, but they’re so well done, and high quality that they all rank top 5 for their main keyword in Google.

So I (Larry) Google search all my questions and concerns, and by the 4th article I realize that I’ve seen your brand a lot! And you’ve been super helpful! While reading “The Top 10 Most Popular Building Packages for 2019” I see your portfolio in the menu.

I click to your portfolio page, and notice that you’ve created amazing work (#1) and specialize in my preferred build. I dive a bit deeper into your reviews and testimonials.

Every person is saying something that calms a few of the specific fears I had. The third review I read, is even my good friend Ashley, who runs a different hospital a few towns over. I message Ashley on Facebook to ask about your company, and she can’t recommend you high enough. I’m sold.

What made this so effective from you to land me as a client? You did a few things really well.

Created Amazing Content

The only way I was able to read your content and not a competitors, was because yours was so good that it ranked highly on Google.

Spoke Directly to Me

I had a very specific problem, looking for a specific type of builder, and you were the expert.

Did Amazing Work

Your portfolio spoke for itself. Everything else is what got me to see it, but this is what really hooked me

Had Great Reviews (Including One I Could Really Trust)

People don’t trust anyone anymore, especially companies. They trust other consumers, and seeing Ashley and her being able to attest to your work, I was sold.

This is the power of content marketing. This is the power of becoming a media company. This is the power of building a brand.

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#5 Know Your Clients

It’s vital that we understand the buyer’s journey in today’s marketing world. It’s not just the same marketing funnel that we’ve used over the last decade.

Now, we’re in the time of the Flywheel.

The Marketing Flywheel is a bit different than our Marketing Funnel, but it more accurately describes how people go from interested, to buyers, to brand promoters.

This is what the Marketing Flywheel looks like:

marketing funnel is dead the flywheel is here

The main difference is Customers. Think of who’s killing the game the most right now, Amazon. They got to where they are by being obsessed with their customers. Everything they do revolves around the customer having an amazing experience.

Your business needs to run the same way, starting with the end in mind. The customer should trickle down to everything else you do. What you create content about, where you serve the content, which service upgrades you need to have.

We also need to UNDERSTAND exactly who it is that we’re trying to market to. This is where #6 comes in.

get new clients for commercial builders

#6 Buyer Personas

Knowing exactly who needs your service, and who will be buying it is an essential part to your business. This will help you target the right people with your marketing campaigns, not waste ad spend, and lower your CAC (customer acquisition costs).

The first thing you want to when building a Buyer Persona is…

Find common similarities between them such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Family Demographics
  • Financial Status
  • Occupation
  • Etc…

Then, combine this with what you can recall from your time spent with them. Gather important details like:

  • What questions did they ask most frequently?
  • What were some of the biggest challenges they/you faced during the process?
  • How long does your average case take?
  • What was the average revenue per client?
  • Etc…

Once you have taken a bit of time to identify this information, you will find that just from your past clients and notes alone, you should have some in depth buyer personas mapped out.

You can also Create Elite Buyer Personas using the sample problems, and past clients you’ve had that have dealt with those problems. What were their fears? What were their goals? What was the ideal resolution? Do you have a testimonial from someone who had this exact problem?

coBuyer Personas are essential to any business. The most important piece to Getting New clients as a commercial builder, is by focusing on the potential leads that:

  • Are currently in the market for your exact product/solution
  • Ready To Buy
  • Someone that you can really help

The old school ways of getting all your clients from people you know, or from Yellow Pages are gone. You need to be a dominant force on Google.

You need to make sure your Google My Business listings are on point, you need to have a ton of reviews, testimonials, and social proof.

Once you have this social proof, you need to create a ton of content around each problem that your potential clients are having, show off your expertise, and lead them correctly around your marketing flywheel and be ready to convert them into a lead when the time is right.

This is the formula, but the best way to get new clients as a commercial builder, is to work with Give us a call below and we will set up this entire marketing funnel for you, create the content, and get you new leads.

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