How To Get More Patients For Dentists

February 27, 2019

Being a dentist is one of those unsung-hero jobs. People always talk about how dentists make so much money, but they neglect how much work is involved in becoming a dentist and running a successful dental practice.

You go to school for (at least) 8 years, and then have to deal with 100’s of problems that you never saw in school.

What you didn’t learn, is that one of the main things that you’ll be focused on every week, is how to get new patients.

I got your back.

This guide, has got your back.

how to get more dentist clients

Why Content Marketing is Important for Dentists

Marketing yourself and your practice as a dentist has to be different than other industries. You don’t have an exciting product to sell, you solve difficult issues.

Nobody is searching for your service for fun. Your patients have a need for your service, and not usually a pleasant one.

The old school ways of getting all your patients from people you know, or from Yellow Pages are gone. You need to be a dominant force on Google.

You need to make sure your Google My Business listings are on point, you need to have a ton of reviews, testimonials, and social proof.

Once you have this social proof, you need to create a ton of content around each problem that your potential clients are having, show off your expertise, and lead them correctly around your marketing flywheel and be ready to convert them into a lead when the time is right.

easy tips to get more dentist clients

8 Easy Ways to Get More Clients for Dentists 

There are many ways to generate more leads and convert them into clients online. Over the years, these are some of the best ways we have found for dentists to get more clients from their online marketing campaigns.

1. Perfect Your GMB

Your portfolio along with all of the photos that you have, need to be shown on your Google My Business account. The first thing that people will see when they Google your business, hence the name, is this profile.

It is vital that the first thing they see is the great work you done in the past, and the type of patients you work with, as well as the type of work that is your expertise. This niching down into a certain expertise is something I will get into, in more detail, later on.

Keeping your GMB account looking good with reviews, quality images, and vital information of your business is a prerequisite to getting clients online.

Google changed the way we do everything. Think about the ways that you get your news, find a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, find a new restaurant to eat at. If Google isn’t the first place you go to for all these things, send me an email and I’ll give you some sort of prize.

2. Be The #1 Expert in Your Field

Niche down if you need to. If someone is looking for a gold crown, they’re not gonna be looking for “general cleaning dentists near me”. So make sure you have a list of everything you do, and everything you think that you do better than your competitors.

You’re going to want to define a list of dental areas that you practice. People searching for each one of your services are gonna find you specifically through what their problem is.

What service do you provide that you are most proud of? Show it off. You need to have this list ready because this is a list that you referred back to when creating your content calendar, for what content needs to be created for your online marketing campaigns.

FAQs are your friend. Answer all of them, and answer them better than your competitors have.

These are the type of concerns that new patients are going to have, and if you can help them find the solution or be the solution, your building trust in getting them closer to choosing you as the doctors.

Make sure you don’t just answer all questions in a general way, but answer them according to the context in which they may be asked.

Not all problems require the hammer. Sometimes you need to drill. All this means is that someone may have the same issue as someone else, but the type of solution they’re looking for will not fit their needs like the last solution fit the other person. Create content with this in mind, and answered questions with this in mind.

3. Do Amazing Work

Don’t just tell me what you can do, show me what you can do, and show me what you’ve done for others in the past. Your reputation and portfolio will get you new patients in this space more than almost anything else.

4. Know Who Your Clients Are

Women make more than 90% of all dental buying decisions.

Knowing exactly who needs your service, and who will be buying it, is an essential part to your business. This will help you target the right people with your marketing campaigns, not waste ad spend, and lower your CAC (customer acquisition costs).

The first thing you want to when building a Buyer Persona is…

Find common similarities between them such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Family Demographics
  • Financial Status
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Etc…

Then, combine this with what you can recall from your time spent with them. Gather important details like:

  • What questions did they ask most frequently?
  • What were some of the biggest challenges they/you faced during the process?
  • How long does your average visit last?
  • Etc…

Once you have taken a bit of time to identify this information, you will find that just from your past patients and notes alone, you should have some in depth buyer personas mapped out.

You can also Create Elite Buyer Personas using the sample problems, and past patients you’ve had that have dealt with those problems. What were their fears? What were their goals? What was the ideal resolution? Do you have before and after photos of a beautiful smile transformation?

Buyer Personas are essential to any business. The most important piece to Getting New patients as a dentist, is by focusing on the potential leads that:

  1. Are currently in the market for your exact product/solution
  2. Ready To Buy
  3. Someone that you can really help

how can i get more clients as a dentist

5. Create Unique Content For Each Type Of Lead

Once you have these personas of your ideal leads defined, you must create a way to connect with them, and bring them to your site.

We can now use our buyer personas to begin creating unique content that helps each one of our ideal patients through their problems along the way.

This not only familiarizes them with your brand, but also guides them through the marketing funnel, making them far more likely to contact your firm.

6. Build A Brand

This is the number 1 way to compete in any space, and there’s never been a time where it’s been more important.  This is my favorite way to compete with bigger dental practices with bigger budgets.

Why is building a brand so important?

Our world is slowly becoming a place where people care about price, and convenience above all. But the one thing that remains a constant, is a recognizable Brand. It is the only way to compete if you can’t compete on price. Be the company that people know. There are a ton of ways to do this.

Do better work. Be known as THE BEST at something. I tell many of our clients, you don’t want to compete with 100s of other companies with 100s of different products or services. Niche down and be known as the absolute BEST at something. Don’t be a top 15 dentist in your city, be the number 1 dentist for composite veneers in Santa Monica.

There are more leads when you generalize, but there’s WAY more competition. You want to create a blue ocean. There is a great marketing book called Blue Ocean, that says most companies compete in a Red Ocean. A Red Ocean has many different sharks all going after the same prey. It’s hard to be a shark in these waters, because you’re competing for scraps.

Instead of keeping your business in this Red Ocean, you need to find a Blue Ocean. A Blue Ocean is characterized by open waters, with very little competition. There is less prey, but when you get one, you get it all to yourself and can enjoy dining on your catch. You need to be operating your business in this same fashion in 2019.

Red Ocean – Dentist

Blue Ocean – Porcelain and composite veneer specialist in Santa Monica

Another great way to build your brand, is by doing what every business needs to be doing in 2019, just ask GaryVee. Become a media company. No matter your business, you need to be part media company. Dentist Company. Lawyer-Media Company. Quarterback-Media Company.

The way to organically become a media company, without it seeming forced, is by creating a hub of answers that your target customer is searching for.

  • “What will happen on my first visit to the dentist?”
  • “What is a comprehensive treatment plan?”
  • “What is dry mouth and what can I do about it?”
  • “How often should I see a dentist?”
  • “What causes tooth decay?”

These are all questions that the person you want to be in contact with, a client, is searching for on the internet. The best way to make a first impression, is by being there to answer any of her/his questions and being the industry expert he/she needs.

There are many ways to answer questions, written blogs, audio with a podcast, or even YouTube videos. Understanding your audience and how they like to consume content is a key piece to your marketing efforts, and it influences HOW you answer these questions.

This is why Content Marketing for dentists is so effective.

If you are looking to learn more about how to find out what your audience is searching for, we created this comprehensive guide to finding what your audience is searching for.

Also, we have a question generator tool which helps content marketers to find questions that their audience is asking Google. This is one of our free content marketing tools that we offer! Check them out to save a lot of time producing content.

getting more clients for dentists

7. Dominate Local & Do Things Differently

One nuance that dentists have in the online marketing space that many other industries do not have, is the ability to use a loyalty program and a physical area to their advantage. In today’s world most industries service clients or patients across a broad area.

Dentist for the most part are in one specific city often even in the very specific section of that city. I don’t think enough dentists use this to their advantage, where is the only see it as a weakness. Smaller area equals smart competition, so to stand out above what’s already in place requires less work nine times out of 10

Make sure you’re ranking for you local keywords. Go back to that list that you defined of the dental areas that you practice, and search those in Google with your area.

For example, your dentist in Santa Monica. 80% of the work you do is fillings and general cleanings.

Typing all variations of the Google search “general cleanings in Santa Monica”.

For each one of those things that you not atop the result, for every one of your services that you offer, is a weakness that needs to be addressed in your content plan.

These would be my number one priority in terms of fixes for my dental practice.

Most dental loyalty programs work by encouraging patients to return for follow-up visits by offering things like free dental hygiene thing like toothbrushes or floss. Some only offer 10% off your next visit.

This is super smart, because it’s much easier to sell somebody twice that it is to sell somebody the first time. Businesses as a whole should be focusing on selling their current clients and customers more as opposed to getting new clients because it always has a higher ROI.

Create A Loyalty Program

But right now our focus on getting new patients as dentist. So is there any way we can create a loyalty/referral program? It’s your practice you can do whatever the hell you want to do.

I think this can work super effectively and all you do is just create a higher tier for members of his loyalty program and anybody that refers you know a cousin a friend a sister, whoever they may be you should gave way more back to them, like one or two free visits as opposed to a percentage off.

We also don’t have to stay doing things the way they’ve always been done. When you look all around and you see the advancements in the technology, and all the things these big companies are doing, you hear about data.

This is just a fancy way of explaining that these big companies know who is using the products and how they are using the products.

This is super beneficial to any company and I think dentists need to do it to.

Say you have a list of 100 patients that you seen in the last two months. Say you tried to find 60+ of those people with a certain amount of similarity. For instance:

  • 60+ of those that booked the appointments were women. 
  • 60+ of those that booked the appointments had children.
  • 60+ of those that booked the appointments lived in your exact city of Santa Monica.
  • 60+ of those that booked the appointment were between the ages of 30 and 50.

how to get more clients as a dentist

8. Combine Content Marketing With Facebook & Google Ads

This is just an old-fashioned way to create a buyer persona like we did earlier. Now if we combine what we just made with our buyer personas, we can leverage the power of Facebook and Google ads.

Facebook is super powerful at targeting the exact customers that we tell it to.

Say we have a special offer running for new patients, for example $45 for first-time patient cleanings.

We make a Facebook ad promoting that special offer that were running. But the power of Facebook and Google is not in creating that itself, but of the targeting that we can do with this ad.

Facebook and Google will ask you who you want to see this ad. The only people that will see your ad should be the following:

Women, with children, between the ages of 30 and 50, living in Santa Monica.

Not only will narrowing down who sees your ads decrease wasted ad spend because only people that want to see your ad will be seeing it, but everybody that sees your ads looks just like your current patients. 

If they look like your current patients, there’s a good chance that they have similar needs and wants and are a good fit to be your new patients.

Wrapping It All Up – Content Marketing For Dentists 

Most of the tips we mentioned in this article have to do with content marketing in one way or another.

As custom content quickly becomes the most prevalent form of marketing, your company will need to develop a content marketing strategy in order to remain relevant in our digital world. This will allow you to employ a website as your 24/7 sales person, converting more leads into clients.

Over time, developing high quality content for your business can increase lead generation by more than 300% at just 68% of the cost over traditional advertising.

On top of this, content marketing helps you to improve the effectiveness and ROI of your existing paid marketing strategies.

If you are interested in learning more about how content marketing can help you to get more clients, give us a call, or fill out the contact form by clicking the button below.

We offer free consultations and custom content marketing plans for each one of our prospective clients in order to show you the power of our services, and help align with your future marketing goals.

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