Need new Real Estate Clients? Use the Internet Properly!

March 15, 2019

In about five minutes, or in other words the amount of time it will take you to read this article, you will be a pro at getting clients online as a real estate agent.

As in most industries where your success lies directly on your own shoulders, new leads are the lifeline of your business.

Real estate agents are the same way, no one is helping them get clients, the burden is on you and you alone.

So why not become an absolute pro at this?

Let’s dive into everything that you need to do to get new clients as real estate.

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Be Specific About Your Services and Target Audience

We want to get real specific. The first thing that we want to do is define a list of neighborhoods/price ranges/family types that you specialize in.

Using this list we will be able to do two important things:

  • #1 define our most likely clients
  • #2 discover all questions, fears, goals, and objections that our clients may have due to their situation or neighborhood desires

Why is this important?

For the first part, buyer personas are essential to any business. The most important piece to getting new clients or real estate agent, is by focusing on the potential leads that:

  • #1 or currently in the market for your exact neighborhood or price range
  • #2 are ready to buy
  • #3 is someone that you can really help

Understanding and creating an ideal buyer persona for each neighborhood/problem is key to making sure you’re focusing solely on these types of people. This will lead to a cheaper cost of acquiring customers and warmer leads.

The second part is putting ourselves into our buyer/seller’s shoes.

This is how we accomplish three different things that are all vital to our business:

  • #1 we show off our expertise.
  • #2 more people that were trying to help can find us online
  • #3 we start to build and establish trust with these leads

The idea of content marketing is to do exactly these 3 things while engaging with your audience in an effective way that maximizes your online marketing ROI.

Let’s take a step back real quick and figure out some examples of fears or concerns or questions that a potential client may have, and may even look to Google to find answers to.

how to get more real estate clients online

Creating High Quality Content for Our Ideal Buyer

For our example we will use Sean. Sean is a 32-year-old husband with seven-year-old twin daughters. Between him and his wife, they bring in about $175,000 a year.

They’re looking to move into the Roanoke neighborhood based on its great school district, proximity to Sean’s work, and safety for his daughters.

The average home in the Roanoke neighborhood goes for $350-$500,000.

Let’s list some concerns that Sean is having.

Sean wants to know things like:

  • Is there an HOA fee associated with this neighborhood?
  • Should I talk with the bank before looking at homes?
  • Should I buy this house before selling my current home or after?
  • Do I really need a realtor when buying a home?
  • Who pays the realtor fees when buying a home?
  • What are the average utility bills?

We have now identified Sean’s questions and concerns. But why is this important to us, and how do we help?

We know Sean’s questions, now let’s start answering them, establishing expertise, trust, and a relationship with Sean.

One thing we also want to know about Sean and other potential leads, is where they turn to when they have these questions.

For Sean, there’s three places. Google, Facebook, and his friends.

Hopefully you have helped someone that knows Sean in the past and can give you a good recommendation, but this is probably the least controllable of the three. You can however, help answer Sean’s questions through Google or Facebook.

For more on how to find the right social media platform for your content marketing campaigns, check out this complete guide we created.

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Answer Your Target Buyer’s Questions

Imagine Sean Google’s all six of the questions and concerns that he had earlier. You as the incredible real estate agent that you are, having incredible website established to help people like Sean.

You have anticipated the type of questions that Sean will ask because you Artie did this experiment using past clients concerns, and by being an expert in your neighborhood. Using this information you became an expert in content marketing.

You have created a well-thought-out guide that walks Sean through each step of the process and you also have individual articles to answer each one of these questions that Sean has asked.

The six articles that you created are listed below:

When Sean searches this first question on Google, the top result is one from your website.

“What to expect from the HOA’s in Roanoke neighborhood” 

Sean sees that result goes “wow just what i was looking for” and clicks through to your website to read the article.

The article explains to Sean that yes, the Roanoke neighborhood does have an HOA fee, but it covers some things he wasn’t expecting like free lawn care, and the neighborhood watch, which makes him feel great for his young daughters.

The next thing Sean does is Google to search for how much the average utilities cost in that neighborhood.

Once again, the top results on Google is an article from your website.

“The cost of living in Roanoke; an in-depth breakdown”

Sean is ecstatic to learn that utility bills are actually 20% cheaper than he was imagining.

Sean also notices that the sidebar of this article is the exact same one that he was reading before. In the sidebar is a box saying “other resources for home buyers” 

One of the articles, is “why you need a realtor when buying a home”

Sean is almost spooked at this point of how well you know him and how helpful you’ve been.

He read that article and at the very bottom is a contact button and he decides to give you a call because you’ve been so helpful and are such a clear expert in this neighborhood.

The reason that Sean got so much of value from you, was because you anticipated his needs by taking a look at your past buyer personas.

You knew exactly the type of questions that he may have had coming into this buying process, and decided to write amazing content around that to help him through every stage to get to the point where he’s eventually ready to call you and use you as a realtor.

This is the power of combining a great buyer persona with content marketing. You helped answer Sean’s questions, establishing expertise, and built enough trust to where Sean feel comfortable calling you to help him as a realtor.

You will repeat this process using every question and fear that you can think of from a client.

If you are looking for an awesome way to find out more about what your audience is searching for on Google, check out this complete guide. For interactive free tools that you can use to create more relevant content for your audience, check out our free content marketing tools!

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Be Social – Interact With Your Audience

What if Sean, wasn’t as ready to buy a house as he seemed to be in that last example? We did say that he also likes to get his information from Facebook.

You can use social media, especially Facebook, to do the same three things that we did using Google.

Answer questions, be the expert, establish trust.

What if for every neighborhood that you specialize in, Roanoke included, you create a Facebook page for where you basically showed off on the pros and cons data way local tips, and discuss all problems.

I’m sure this is a page that Sean will be interested in looking at. Facebook is like a black hole, once you get scrolling it’s hard to stop.

You can use this to your advantage. Using the same challenges, goals, concerns, fears as you did using your old buyer personas, you can solve these on the Facebook page.

Now, if Sean scrolling through this page and he sees the same person answering the exact questions that he’s having, eventually he clicks through your profile.

He sees the your realtor specializing with buyers in Roanoke neighborhood and right on your page he hit your messenger box that says message me, and you have another new lead.

These are the ways you can organically get new leads online as a realtor. All you’ve done, is provide value at every step of the journey.

This is the formula, but the best way to get new clients as a real estate agent, is to work with Give us a call, or fill out the form in the footer and we will set up this entire marketing flywheel for you, create the content, and get you new leads.

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