Best Ways To Get More Startup Clients

March 11, 2019

I’m going to go real extreme on this one.

I love startups. I think being a person that sees a problem in the world, and then having enough creativity and ingenuity to create a solution is awesome.

I think the creativity and the determination it takes to make dream a reality takes a certain type of person.

But how do you get new clients as a start up online?

How do you get the first hundred to 1,000 people to know your product and solution in trust enough to use it?

I got you guys. I don’t have the same creativity and perhaps technical skills to produce your product or service, but I know a lot about getting clients.

best ways to get more clients for your startup

1. Defining Your Marketing Goals As A Startup

The first thing I want to focus on, which is also the most important thing, is defining our goal.

New startups do not become successful by saying okay now I want 1 million customers. That’s just not the right way to go about things. There are trials and tribulations that come with marketing a new product or service.

Sometimes your vision for your product in the way consumers use your products is vastly different. Coca-Cola started out as a cure for morphine addiction.

Bubblewrap was originally marketed as wallpaper. The slinky was meant to stabilize naval equipment on rough seas. Play-doh was developed as a wallpaper cleaner.

It’s important to get your product or service in the hands of customers as quickly as possible. That isn’t the main focus of this article, but it’s important to keep in mind as we focus on obtaining our first hundred customers.

That’s all our goal should be, our first hundred customers.

Why Start Small With Your Marketing Goals?

This is a large enough sample size to take real data from, in terms of what problem they had that your product is solving, what made them turn to your solution as a better alternative, and use these hundred as a baseline to the rest of your customer base that we will develop moving forward.

A great way to do this, is by thinking about who you were trying to build the product for originally.

The thing is you had something very specific in mind when you decided to build this product. You had a problem you wanted to solve and you saw that problem with certain people.

What characteristics of those people and the problems can be shared?

Go ahead and list all of these. You are now on the way to creating your buyer persona for your startup’s product or service.

Why are buyer personas so important, and how can they help you get to where you want to be?

how to get more startup customers

2. Creating Buyer Personas For Your Startup’s Content Marketing Campaigns

Creating elite buyer personas using sample problems and past clients that have dealt with those problems, can get you closer to your first hundred, thousand, 10,000 customers.

  • What were their fears?
  • What were their goals?
  • What is the ideal resolution?
  • Do you have a testimonial from someone who had exact problem?

Buyer personas are essential to any business. The most important piece to getting new clients for a startup, is by focusing on the potential leads that:

  • #1 are currently in the market for your exact product or solution
  • #2 are ready to buy
  • #3 is someone that you can really help

Understanding and creating an ideal buyer persona for each problem that your solution solves is key to making sure you’re focusing solely on these type of people.

This will lead to cheaper CAC (cost of acquiring customers) and warmer leads.

Niche Down Your Product/Service

There’s a great marketing book called blue ocean. And basically I will teach you the premises of this book and how to apply it to your business, without you having the reading. I do recommend you read the book (it’s awesome), but let me give you the TLDR version.

You want to be known as THE BEST at something. I tell many of our clients you don’t want to compete with hundreds of other companies with hundreds of different products or services.

Niche down to be known as the absolute best at something. Say, your startup created a toaster that never burns toast and is always the perfect color brown. Don’t be marketed as a toaster.

You want to be super specific with what your differentiating factor is, you want only people that will find you having that exact problem, not just looking for a toaster.

A red ocean has many different sharks all going after the same prey. It’s hard to be a shark in these waters, because you’re competing for scraps.

Instead of keeping your business in this red ocean you need to find a blue ocean. A blue ocean is characterized by open waters, with very little competition.

There is less prey, but when you get one, you get all to yourself you can enjoy dining on your catch. You need to be operating your business in the same fashion in 2019.

  • Red Ocean – toaster
  • Blue ocean – toaster that can never burn your toes

I once found an awesome acronym called F.O.C.U.S. :

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Successful

Now that you’ve niched down, and really focused on a specific problem that your product or service solves, it’s time to define a list of all possible variations of that exact same problem.

For example:

  • How do I stop burning my toast?
  • Wish toasters don’t burn my toast?
  • Is it possible not to burn my toast?
  • What’s the best toaster brand for a perfectly toasted piece of bread?

Now this is where content marketing comes into play. You want to be answering questions online, on your website, that your potential customers may be asking.

This isn’t about selling. This is about answering questions, building trust, being helpful, providing value for others.

All these questions and problems that people are having, that your product solves, is your blueprint for your content calendar.

This is all you will be writing about. Write about it very specifically in 10 to 15 different articles. Don’t just have one massive article that answers every question. You want to be very specific every single time. It’s like landing pages, you want the person landing on that landing page, or article, to think that it was created solely for them and their problem.

This will bring more potential customers to your website through content marketing, and put more eyes on your product or service.

best ways to get more customers for your startup

3. Do Incredible Work

Recently, Brian Halligan the CEO of Hubspot, did a talk about the marketing flywheel. The marketing flywheel has three different components on it, as you can see below.

We can either engage the client, attract the client, or Delight the client.

Engaging Your Audience

Brian explains that 10 to 20 years ago it was about engaging the client. This is the time when salespeople had all the power because many customers didn’t have as much information, and the salespeople filled this gap.

Moving about 10 years later, we moved towards more of the attract phase of the flywheel, and marketing had all the power. But now we’ve see a shift one more time, to the delight phase of the flywheel.

Delight Your Audience

Delight is how quality your product is, your customer service, your goals and values. If you do incredible work and have an incredible product, it will be 10 times as effective as anything else you can do.

Products don’t sell themselves, but an incredible product is much easier to market than a shoddy product. Having something that’s absolutely incredible will make life way easier for your marketing and sales team.

Building Your Brand

The next thing you want to do is build a brand

Building a brand in today’s day and age is the most effective thing you can do in terms of content marketing ROI. If you have a solid brand, you can then compete with some of these big time names and their products.

If people associate your name with this amazing toaster that can’t burn toast or can’t burn bread if you want to get super technical, then you’re in business.

The best ways to build brand, are by providing value and entertainment. This means producing content either on YouTube in video form, on your blog via written, or even audio via a podcast. A great way to build a brand is by creating how-to videos like how-to use your toaster and showing off why it’s better than everybody else’s.

The quick way is to create the content we were talking about earlier, solving all the issues that people were having.

You can also make entertaining videos, that can be some funny stuff that you do with a toaster (I have no clue what’s funny that you can do with toaster, so I can’t give you an example.)

Building a brand will help you stand out from the crowd.

best tips to get more startup customers

4. People Respect Social Proof

Get reviews and testimonials.

At the root of any startup, what you are trying to do is solve people’s problems. So why don’t you take people that are having these problems, record them on a video, have to talk about how your product helped them overcome that issue, and post it on your YouTube and Facebook and your blog.

This will solidify your product in the eyes of consumers showing it actually works, actually helped other people like me.

This is the formula, but the best way to get new clients as a startup, is to work with Give us a call below and we will set up this entire marketing flywheel for you, create the content, and get you new leads.

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