Content Marketing Tips for the Real Estate Industry

September 11, 2018

So you run a real estate company, huh?

It’s time to utilize Content Marketing for your Real Estate Company‘s marketing strategy.

Content Marketing will help you accomplish many of the goals that you have as a business owner.

Content Marketing Will:

  • Answer questions that your target customers have
  • Build up your authority in the space as a thought leader of the industry
  • Build trust with your clients
  • Increase the number of new prospects visiting your website
  • Lead to better numbers across the board

This is all if you do it right. And to do it right you need to have a plan, and execute on that plan.

With that said, let’s dive into some of the best content marketing strategies for real estate companies.

Where to Start – Tips For Real Estate Content

The first thing we need to do with our content marketing plan is to figure out what type of content we want to focus on.

I see far too often that business owners get pulled in 50 different directions because they hear something about how Live Video is what’s hot in 2018.

Or that you need to be creating Infographics.

I love the fact that we’re thinking that way but I want to help you guys focus on your strategy and execution, using LESS tactics.

Play to your strengths.

Don’t completely ignore what works in your industry (if no one reads blogs in your target market but you’re an incredible writer, you might want to try something else).

I like to tell clients to focus mainly on blogging and video.

improving your blog page seo

Focus 80% of your time on the one that fits you, your skill set, and your company better. I’d like to see as a general rule of thumb your company using both for your content strategy.

If you love to record and edit videos, don’t spend 80% of your time blogging. Like I said, play to your strengths.

So what kind of Videos or Blogs should you create?

A Couple of Content Pieces Real Estate Agents Often Produce:

  • Fun things to do in the neighborhood
  • 7 essential things you need to do before you sell your house
  • How to make a list of house criteria that are necessary before you buy
  • The Basics of Buying a House

These all are simple questions that a majority of your target audience will have.

answering blog seo questions

In this stage of our real estate content marketing strategy, we are not trying to sell ourselves or our brand, we just want to be providing value to others and answering questions.

This is called Top of the Funnel Content.

It’s all about providing value without asking for anything in return.

Content Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

Let me give you another example for the commercial real estate industry.

So you own a lot of commercial property, and the target of your business is other business owners.

You have office buildings and other buildings that business owners lease from you to run their business.

How would we get more of these business owners to find us, and not make us have to go find them?

You guessed it, Content Marketing.

The first step is to brainstorm and research the type of common questions that a business owner will have when it comes to renting or leasing out some space to run their business.

If I was the commercial real estate owner this is what I would do.

Let’s go with the most obvious.

Spend either 25 of my own hours, or $1,000 dollars to hire the best writer I can find, and create a mega-guide on “Business Owner’s Guide To Leasing Commercial Property”.

The reason I would spend that much time or money is that it needs to become the number one resource on the internet for that topic.

I promise that when it comes to Content Marketing for real estate, 1 amazing piece will beat 100’s of decent pieces.

Yes, I still advocate that you post consistent content but quality always needs to come first if you want this to work properly.

Why Content Marketing Is Important 

Let’s break down how this mega guide will help OUR business.

We know that the majority of business owners that have these type of questions start their search for answers on a Search Engine (Most likely Google).

So when a business owner near you does some research and types in “What do I need to know before leasing commercial property” your article will be right there to help him!

He clicks on the link to your website and reads this amazingly thorough guide that presumably answers every question that he has on the topic.

He’s so impressed and thankful for the answer that he starts searching around the website for other resources that could benefit him.

This is the power of creating high quality content for your real estate company.

And what do you know?

You have the perfect property in the perfect location that he’s looking for!

He finds your number in the footer of your website and sets up a meeting to discuss terms and to check out the building.

how content marketing helps real estate companies get new clients

How Content Marketing Helps Real Estate Companies

So what exactly happened there?

The guy wasn’t searching for properties to lease, he was only searching for information.

That’s why the top of the funnel content is so important and powerful.

You can reasonably assume that people asking certain questions will eventually lead them to take certain actions.

That’s why you want to find which questions might EVENTUALLY lead them to take a PROFITABLE action for your business.

It’s called Top of the Funnel Content because that is just the first step.

You answered the problem he was having in step 1.

Then since you used that great piece to get him onto your website, you sent him further down the sales funnel when he started searching through the properties you had available.

Third, he scheduled a meeting to check out the place and potentially lease it out from you which was the action you want everyone on your website to take!

That is the power of giving others value first, and then it leads to a sale for your business.

What Resources Are Necessary to Start?

The first thing to figure out is what your budget is to start your content marketing efforts.

This doesn’t just mean how much money you have per month to do it, but also how much time do you have.

Are you going to be creating the content yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you?

Are you capable of capturing great video or pictures?

Real Estate is one of those industries that a great visual piece is more important to the end consumer, especially when it comes to taking pictures of the properties for sale and such.

The key is to use your time and your budget wisely.

Don’t just put up content because it’s what everyone else is doing.

If it doesn’t stand out in this information overload period of our society that we’re living in, then no one is going to read/watch it and you will have wasted your time and effort.

If you’re going to do something, do it right. Put the proper amount of time and research into every project you publish, and sooner than later, you will build up an authority in your industry and be known as a website that is extremely helpful to potential customers.

content calendars are a great way to improve blog seo

Define a Publishing Schedule Before you Start

Like I said earlier, quality over quantity is the number one thing you need to remember when doing content marketing for the real estate industry.

That being said, the more quality articles you can put out the better.

And be consistent.

Don’t post twice in February and 13 times in March.

Figure out a schedule that you can stick to and stay with it.

Post every Tuesday and Thursday.

Or a consistent 3 times per week.

Whatever works for your time and money budget, go with that.

Know How Consistency and Volume Affect Your Content

There are a few key statistics on why publishing MORE content does lead to better results for a lot of websites:

  • Ninety-one percent of the best business bloggers publish weekly or more often. Only 70 percent of all other bloggers post at this frequency (Curata).
  • When looking at the connection between publishing frequency and bloggers who report strong results, Orbit Media’s survey shows that quantity correlates with better results right down the line.
  • Bloggers who publish more often are far more likely to get results they seek.
  • 66.7% of bloggers say they publish more than daily, while almost half of respondents claimed to post at least once per day.

If you cannot handle posting this frequently, that is fine.

Just figure out what works best for your website and stick to it.

the advantages of content marketing for real estate companies

The Advantages Over the Old Ways of Doing Things

Shoutout to all the realtors that have been in the game since the 1980’s.

This question is focused towards you.

When you got new clients back then, how did they find you?

If I had to guess, almost all of the clients that worked with you found you through either a family friend, a former client or just someone you knew that needed help selling their house.

They wanted to go to someone the trusted for help, and they already knew you, or someone that had a good experience with you, so they felt good with using you as their realtor.

It would have been crazy to just look people up in the Phone Book because you knew absolutely nothing about that person.

Fast forward to today.

We have the ability to tell all potential clients about ourselves without even having to talk to them.

I like to have my clients envision their website as the world’s best salesperson.

This salesperson works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you.

When it comes to traditional advertising vs. content marketing, the principles and results couldn’t be further apart from one another.

Shouldn’t we be giving this salesperson the proper training and resources necessary to succeed if he/she’s going to be working this hard for us?


So we want to arm our website with everything it needs that a potential customer or client would be looking for.

We want to have information on our site that shows we have knowledge of our industry.

We want to have testimonials from past clients on there to show that we are to be trusted and can do a great job.

We want to have an About Us Section where people can get to know us long before they decide to call us and see if it’s a good fit.

See, these are the advantages we have over the 1980’s.

We can get the same information to people that they would have needed references to get back in the day.

So we want to maximize this great advantage.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

If there is one thing that I want you to take away from that section, it’s the part of testimonials.

People trust other people. Even if they don’t know that person!

They need to see proof on your site that you are who you say you are, and others have had good experiences working with you.

So do your best to have past clients leave reviews and testimonials that they don’t mind sharing on your website.

effective content marketing ideas for real estate companies

Effective Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Content

Combining these ideas with the content marketing tips for real estate you have learned so far should give you a great place to start.

Write About What Your Buyers are Looking for

  • If you have posts that describe your buyer to a tee (without giving out any contact information) then you put them and yourself in a position for sellers on the other side of things to find you.

Talk About the Area

  • If you are in an area like Downtown Manchester, New Hampshire leasing out commercial properties, talk about the city. Write about all the great things locally going on in your area. Make anyone reading this content want to have a business in that wonderful location.

Talk About Local Businesses

  • Piggybacking off the last example, give people ideas on where to go to dinner. Let them know about the little-known bar that has the best pulled pork sandwiches around.

Buyers and Sellers Guides

  • Just like we did with the “Business Owner’s Guide To Leasing Commercial Property”, create guides for all different types of property types. Create guides for both buyers and sellers. This type of top of the funnel content will get more people onto your website and trusting your brand.

Guide to Choosing an Agent

  • Just like I write about how to choose a content marketing agency, you want to be helping people that are searching for how to choose the right agent. If you answer the question the right way and they’re pleased, there’s a good chance that they stay on your website and say “why not just choose the agent that wrote this article.”

Questions Your Customers Ask You Often

  • Duh! We want to be the go-to resource for all the Frequently Asked Questions about our niche. And what better way to come up with these questions than to just listen to the customers you already have! Be the expert they’re looking for!

School District

  • Put yourself in the shoes of a young family buying their first home. What is really important to them? Their kids! Talk about the schools in the area and how they benefit children of those specific ages.

Industry Guides

  • These often aren’t the things that will lead directly to sales for your business but it all plays a role. Really showing that you know your industry is a great way to build up credibility and also broaden your customer pool.

Your Customers

  • Testimonials, testimonials, testimonials! Write about how great of an experience your past clients had working with you. There’s no other piece of content that might have as big of an impact of someone choosing to work with you than for them to see how well you treated past clients.

Beautiful Photos and Videos

  • You are in the real estate business, after all, so do some showing and some less talking for this one! Some things that you really want to capture well visually can be the properties themselves, the neighborhood, the city, the community. Show off the local styles of the housing in your area. Show off your team and yourself to really be transparent with your website visitors.

tracking your content marketing efforts

We Made Our Content, Are We Done?

No silly, you are not done.

It’s time to see what’s been working and what hasn’t.

Measure Your Content Marketing

To track what’s doing well, your two best friends are going to be Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools allow you to track any goal that you choose, and see how visitors are interacting with your website. This will allow you to track the ROI of your Content Marketing efforts.

Things to track:

Page Views

  • Track how many pages of your site that the average person is consuming. If it is only one, then you need to focus on better internal linking and additional Call to Actions.

Entry Points

  • This is something I don’t think many other people are tracking as much as they should be. It’s very important. We want to know not only where our visitors are going to our site, but in which direction that traffic is flowing.
  • Do a majority start on a blog post or the home page? Where do they go from there?
  • To more blog posts? Or do they check out the properties we have available?

These are all key insights that we can use to make the experience better for our customers while also learning more about them.

Track Blog position on the SERPs. Are you on page 3 of Google or are you in the top 5 slots? Can we tweak a few things to bring those rankings up?

Sales. Obviously, we want to be tracking our main goal which is sales.

How well is the website performing for you?

What’s the ROI on your monthly marketing budget?

All these things will help you tweak your business into becoming the most optimized version it can be, and potentially transform your business completely.

If you’re looking for a team to handle your content marketing in Manchester, NH, contact us here.

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