How and Why to Repurpose Old Content

September 19, 2018

You’ve taken the big step into content marketing and you really have been doing your best for the last year or so.

You’ve been reading blog posts even watching videos to become an overall better marketer, but you look back at your Google analytics and your search console and you just aren’t getting the ROI from your Content Marketing that you were hoping for.

You’ve spent countless hours and dollars putting together some of the best content that you can think of. You have your target audience down to a science and you know the best way to reach them and how they learn.

So why exactly are you not getting the results that you want?

Sometimes it comes down to the fact that results just are not as controllable as we would like them to be. In marketing, we can sometimes publish some of the best content on the market and it can still fall short of our ambitions.

But what can we do now with all this money and time spent on creating this content?

If your content is of real high quality or even decent quality, it is senseless to let it go to waste.

Instead, repurpose some of your old content to work in your favor.

First, let’s take a glance at a few of the most effective ways to distribute content:

the 3 most effective ways to distribute your content

Most Effective Ways to Distribute Your Content 


For all you writers out there, blog posts are alive and well and a great way to get your message across.

I will not go into too much depth about the finer statistics of blogging, because I have already written about it here. You will find that it is effective in almost any industry, and that content is becoming a key factor in the growth of organic search traffic.


For those of you who like to talk and don’t have the writing skills that these bloggers possess, there is some good news: podcasts and audio is becoming bigger and bigger.

This year, video accounted for 72% of global internet traffic, and experts estimate that this number could grow to 82% by 2021.

I have also written about the latest trends in video marketing. If you have not researched how much video can help your company’s marketing efforts, I highly recommend giving it a read.


Podcasts are a perfect marriage between blogs and video.

For this reason, I do not often suggest using it as a standalone content medium, rather a supplemental one.

Basically, podcasts hold the information of a blog, in the hands-off format of a video. People can tune in while at the gym or in the car on the way to work and obtain all the same information as a blog post without reading, and a video without watching.

Some people are visual learners, and some auditory, others are a mixture of both.

By providing your audience with different mediums through which they can consume your content, you are by default growing your audience and also providing them with more access to your content.

Now that we have reviewed some of the most effective mediums through which people learn and consume content, let’s see how this can come in to play with our goal which is to repurpose our content to have a greater organic reach.

why should you repurpose old content

Why Should I Repurpose Old Content?

As you probably are already aware of, content costs time and money to produce.

Chances are, if you did it right, and swung for the fences with your content production to create a comprehensive and well thought out pieces of content, you do not want to leave all of this work in the wasteland.

Chances are you also know the content could be more effective if you could just tweak it in a few small ways. In a second, we will discuss a few of these small, yet effective changes you can do while repurposing content to make it more effective, and help it reach a much larger audience.

Tips for Optimizing Your Repurposed Content

1. Make Sure Your Content Is Still Relevant

If you made a blog post a few years ago on your company website, chances are there are a few pieces of information in it that are no longer accurate, up to date, or need to be explained further.

Remember, the purpose of content marketing is to make your web content more effective. If you do not have proper information, people will not be driven to your site, and those that are will not feel as if you helped and will quickly leave.

This is as simple as reading through your old posts, and looking for bits of information that could use changes or a bit of elaboration.

The beauty of using this simple technique is that you are able to learn more, share what you learned, and you save all the extra money and time that it would take to recreate a similar piece of content.

2. Optimize On Page SEO

Perhaps a part of the reason that your blog post did not succeed in the past was that it was not optimized properly for Search Engines to see it correctly.

If you are entirely new to the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you would be best to read up on it here, because it is an in-depth, yet essential part of internet marketing. Here is our comprehensive guide to improving on-page SEO in 2018.

I strongly recommend if you do not have an understanding of SEO, you take some time to familiarize with it, at least at a basic level. It is a must-have skill for any online marketer or business owner with a heavy online presence.

For those of you with an understanding of SEO, there are a few things you want to make sure to do when repurposing content.

Add Images to Your Content When Possible

In our visual society, it is more important than ever to have pictures in your blogs.

A study by Hubspot found that blogs with just one photo had 94% more traffic than those without a single photo.

Furthermore, with the way we consume content being mobile first these days, it is important to break up long sections of content with photos. This helps to keep readers focused and interested in the article.

Infographics are very effective ways to display statistical information to viewers, and can drive more traffic to your site through social shares. They have been proven to get up to 3x more traffic and social shares than traditional pictures or blog posts.

Optimize Your Post’s Titles

Since the last time you posted, a lot in the industry might have changed. Take the time to go through some of the keywords you are trying to rank for and see what sites are ranking for it.

Read through their content, and decide what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong, where the gaps are in their information and how you can fill them.

Design your titles to be informative, yet something people want to click on. Chances are title edits can help a lot to drive more traffic to your site. If you have a high number of impressions with low CTR, changing the title might be exactly what you need to get more people to click.

Optimize Your Post’s Meta Descriptions

Meta tags are now recommended to have 160-300 characters, which is up from the 70-140 it used to be.

Keep this in mind when it comes to your meta descriptions for your web pages. If you do not optimize the meta tags, you will likely miss out on ranking for some important keywords.

Search engines can only read what you provide them with.

Fix Broken Links

When you repurpose content, be sure to check all of your links to make sure they are still working. There are a few great free tools you can use for this online. The Google Chrome store has a great free plugin as well.

Broken backlinks not only don’t help the visitor and make them question the credibility of your sources, but they also look bad on your backlink profile. This can hurt your rankings. Be sure to fix broken ones, and migrate them to the right sources.

With external links, you want to make sure that they are also up to date. If they aren’t, it also looks bad for visitors and search engines.

If they are outdated, you actually gain a cool opportunity from this as well, by contacting the owner of the site, and offering them updated content for their site, on the new information you have.

This tactic can help to build backlink profiles organically.

repurpose your content to multiple platforms

Repurpose to Multiple Platforms, With Unique Content for Each

Obviously, the goal of creating content is to have it reach the most people who are searching for it and help them by providing value.

That being said, it is important to make sure that your content is created in formats that will be consumed by your audience. While it’s great to put out blogs, some people just don’t read them.

The same can be said for video. Some people would just rather read than be advertised through a video.

Maybe the first time that you put out a blog post it didn’t get much traction.

Try repurposing it, and upgrading the blog using all the tips above to improve on-page SEO.

Let’s take it a step further than that. How about turning the same article into a podcast, for those trying to just listen while at the gym or on the road.

Now we are talking, now we are putting ourselves out there. But still, there is another medium we have to hit. Turn the same information into a 5-10 minute video.

This not only appeals to another audience, and increases your current audience. It also creates a stronger brand image in the eyes of your audience. They now feel a more distinct connection between you and our brand.

how to know which pieces of content to repurpose

How Do I Know Which Pieces of Content to Repurpose?

All you’re doing is giving your content more chances to be successful. And most of the time you are already on the right track when you divided time into the specific topic, it just didn’t have the results that we were looking for.

This is actually one of the least effort consuming tactics we can use with our marketing strategy because we don’t have to completely come up with something new but we’re just building off something that we already have.

So not only can be very effective but is also very efficient.

Something that I talked about here in this article, actually becomes very relevant for when we’re talking about today.

I mentioned to tactics that I took from Eric Siu of single grain That involves repurpose and content.

The method goes like this.

In search engine optimization we often tell clients that you have to wait 6 to 12 months to see any meaningful results.

But one of the ways that you can establish yourself as a better marketer and show greater value for your client is to start right away by optimizing the best articles.

I go on explain to you how to find your best performing pieces on Google search console and Find the pieces with the highest amount of impressions and worst click-through rate.

Repurpose the Best Pieces of Content First

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why would I repurpose content that is already performing well?” It sounds a little counter-intuitive at first but think about it a bit more.

If your content did well, you already have it developed, and you want to gain more from it, why wouldn’t you repurpose it?

All it takes is a few edits to header tags, pictures, images, a few updates to statistics, and an infographic.

Take a few additional hours to create a video that gets the main points of your blog across in a few minutes, with a creative and interesting spin to it.

Turning your content into multiple mediums can greatly help your chances of improving your search engine rankings by offering multiple forms for people to access, driving more traffic to your site and building your brand.

We then want to begin optimizing those articles for a higher click-through rate because they already showed a lot of potential with their high number of impressions.

It sounds counter-intuitive to focus not on our weaknesses but on your strengths, but in reality, this is the quickest way to see results and it abides by the 80/20 rule where 80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort and 20% of your content.

So now we have an idea of 2 to 5 piece of content that we really want to focus on repurposing. Let’s talk about how we can do that.

success stories from repurposing content

Some Success Stories in Repurposing Content, and What You Can Learn from Them

Whenever you look at the best marketers around, you see that they are constantly improving and updating their best pieces of work.

This is because Google is a jungle and if you want to stay the king of the jungle you have to keep improving you can’t just sit around and do nothing. So the first quick thing you can do is always be updating your best contact and never let it go stale.

A couple quick ways to do this are by adding new case studies, getting new insights from people around the industry, or by flat out just adding more helpful information for your readers.

But this is an all about just updating and improving your old content for the same platform, you want to be transforming some of this content into other places where it might succeed better.

So let’s talk about a great example that is something I really admire about the industry which is how Moz does things.

Moz – Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin and his team have an excellent layout where on a lot of their popular content at the top they have a video of the brand going over some popular topic on a whiteboard on video form.

So first they start with a great video which they know they can push on Facebook on YouTube on Twitter and on their own website.

Below this video, they normally have a complete transcription of the video. So not only do they have a video for the Visual learners but right away if you’re somebody with that would rather read this type of information they have it all right there for you below the video.

They already checked two of the three boxes when it comes to video written word and audio. The best thing is, they also have an audio portion at the very bottom of a lot of these posts where they hit the mark on all three levels of how people learn.

It’s so smart to me that they attack you from all angles every single time because they are a very holistic website I want to comes to teaching and trying to help other marketers depending on how they prefer to learn.

So obviously the best thing you can do is to have a specific version for each type of learner. But not all of us have as many resources as Moz, so we can’t do it for every single time we want to publish content.

This means that we have to pick and choose our spots very well.

Gary Vaynerchuk – VaynerMedia

Gary Vaynerchuk is another example of somebody who does this very well. You see him create a video on YouTube somewhere around 20 to 25 minutes and depending on the feedback that he gets from that video he’ll either turn that into a short clip for Instagram, a post for Twitter, or he’ll have a writer on his team create a blog post for his website around that same topic.

Basically, he is one of the best marketers I know when it comes to testing their own content in real time and taking that feedback to use it on another platform.

Find Out Which Platforms Work Best for Your Audience

Start to figure out what is really resonating with your audience and try to promote it somewhere on social media.

Remember, however, that the most important thing when it comes to posting across different platforms is to be aware of the context of that platform.

Say on Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn you might want to post about the same topic but the way you do that needs to be formatted directly at the audience for those platforms.

People have extremely different mindsets when they are on their LinkedIn as opposed to when they are just scrolling on Instagram killing time. This is a better way to reach B2B clients with your content marketing efforts.

Make sure you capture the difference and put your content into the proper context of each different platform. Once you start doing this consistently you’ll not only see yourself grow as a more efficient marketer, but you’ll start to see your audiences grow across all the platforms, which is great for your brand.

leverage social media to build social shares with your repurposed content

Leverage Social Media to Build Social Shares

Using social media to re-purpose content is one of the quickest ways to do so because social media posts or normally short.

There are a few nuances that you will need to navigate before you get extremely successful with it but for the most part, they will not take too much time on your end.

Another way that I think is extremely quick but also effective, is to take a written blog post and turn into a podcast. This might be my personality but I love to write a blog did research all the facts and have a clear way out of the entire topic in front of me.

Once I have all these elements in one place I could go off talking about them for like an hour.

I personally believe that it is much easier to expand my thoughts on the subject after looking at the written word and then being able to speak on it. A couple things before you jump into a podcast.

This might not be the only way to get an audio version of your content to the public. There are definitely highly effective YouTube videos that only consist of audio and just have a solid background picture the whole time and if you feel uncomfortable on video this is a great way that I suggest to people to get their message and content out.

So don’t think that just to have an audio version of your content you have to start some podcasts that you need to dedicate 3 to 4 days a week of working in distributing on to be successful.

I do think that having a podcast is a really solid idea given the way our society is moving more towards the Voice space, but it’s definitely not the only route.

A couple ways to spice up the audio form of your content whether it is a podcast or just a YouTube video with a graphic image, somethings you can do would be to invite some guests.

ask these questions when repurposing content

Ask These Questions When Repurposing Your Content 

Who are the ideal people that you want to invite to speak on the topic?

If you can shoot out to anybody which obviously don’t have connections with everyone but if you’re shooting for the stars I would get somebody either extremely knowledgeable on the subject, or somebody with an opposing view as yours so you can have a back-and-forth dialogue either learning more yourself which helps your audience, or having an entertaining banter between your side of the story and your guest’s side of the story.

If you or somebody on your team is great behind a camera and loves to edit videos I suggest you put a lot of time and resources into quality video production.

People just love to consume content in video form, it is very passive and doesn’t require much on their side of things like reading. Not everyone is going to be a video recording wizard.

But often times it will be very beneficial for your brand to have a holistic content distribution of written word audio and video.

What are some creative ways to post video content?

Well if you look at some of the best around when it comes to video they’re doing some similar things. One option is to do a video blog, a Vlog, of something you think your audience will be interested in.

If you’re running a business and you have a lot of entrepreneurial type audience members, maybe do a day in the life of a CEO. Back to Gary Vaynerchuk, he has a team of people follow him around with a camera and just record what he does on an everyday basis. Using this tactic he has grown to millions of followers and A real solid following.

If you don’t like the idea of recording what you do in your everyday business life what about recording a how-to video. Maybe your audience like mine is online marketers.

You can record a video of yourself doing keyword research fair a blog post and explain all the tools that you use, like software’s, and have them follow you around on your computer screen while you do the research and you have a very informative video on how to actually perform a skill in your industry.

How Do I Repurpose Long-Form Content Like E-books and White Papers?

Lastly, we have long-form written content such as e-books and white papers. Now white papers I’m not going get into huge detail with, but basically a study showed that when it comes to content types right by influence and purchase process enterprise companies love to get their information through white papers.

With white papers, you want to focus on a lot of facts and not a lot of storytelling, not a lot of entertainment not a lot of fluff. You’re mainly writing directly for the CEO and you want to write in a way that respects their time and seriousness.

When it comes to an e-book you already have the content that you’re going to need. You have already written it with your previous blog posts. Do you have 4 to 5 articles that could maybe perform really well as in the chapters of short e-book and flow together?

If so put in a little bit of time to transform a couple of these articles into a longer form e-book to either give away to your audience to bring up your authority in your industry or maybe you want to sell the e-book on Amazon or something.

Benefits of Working With a Content Marketing Agency to Repurpose Content

Regardless of the route, you decide to take their business what you want to take away is this. Re-purpose and content can be one of the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative things that you can do for your business. You have the blueprints to make it happen. Go get it done.

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