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May 4, 2019

As a startup company, having just secured a round of funding, it is time to take your small idea and scale it be understood and consumed by the public.

A decent portion of public or private funding is typically spent on marketing efforts in order to boost revenue streams and begin building brand trust and awareness.

Paid advertising campaigns are very effective at doing this, but in the long run, you want to build an organic search traffic strategy for your brand in order to keep cost per acquisition down and keep new qualified leads rolling in on a consistent basis.

Content marketing is an extremely effective way to not only cultivate organic search traffic but also build your brand and educate your audience at the same time. This develops trust and establishes your company as a leader in your industry.

It is important to find a content marketing agency that can create in-depth, high-quality content that aligns with your brand’s:

  • Voice
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Existing Marketing Campaigns

This will allow you to easily manage all of your digital marketing campaigns, knowing they are each feeding each other and funneling traffic effectively.

Why Startups Need A Content Marketing Strategy

By expanding the methods of marketing used you can effectively target new leads and increase your conversions.

Content marketing has grown massively in recent years, and the industry is still on pace to double in the next few years. On top of the growth, companies have doubled down on content marketing expenditures, contributing a larger portion of their marketing budgets on content than ever before.

1. Paired With PPC + SEO = Quality Lead Generation & Conversion

Creating an effective content marketing strategy for a startup requires granular knowledge of the industry, competition, trends, audiences, and more. Working with a highly skilled content marketing agency helps to:

  • Improve organic search traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads from all stages of the sales funnel
  • Decrease CPC over time
  • Balance out paid campaigns
  • Retarget audiences
  • And much more

An effective content marketing is able to create pieces of content that answer questions people have about your industry. This helps to establish trust, and also serve user intent.

Consider this:

I have a question about a SaaS problem I am having. Your company offers SaaS solutions and has a blog about all sorts of common problems, tips, tricks, and solutions.

Each month people typing in things like, “How do I compare vendors for database management?” Your site offers advice on this in a high-quality blog.

With enough of these comprehensive guides that serve user intent and answer specific questions in your industry, sites are able to generate thousands of unique monthly visitors.

From here, you can upsell them, add video content, send them to landing pages, track their information using FB or Google pixels to retarget them and create custom goals for each of these pages.

Consider content marketing to be something that is not just for the top of the funnel, but the entire marketing process, from email campaigns to website copy, to lead education.

2. Building Trust

We live in a world where consumers have become jaded and lost some of their trust for brands, especially on their first encounter. In fact, studies show that it takes around 7 impressions before an engagement is made – even with the most highly targeted leads.

Consider this:

  • 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through articles they post rather than through advertisements
  • 70% of consumers think organizations which provide custom content are more interested in establishing real relationships with their customers

Building high quality video and blog content allows you to communicate your message and build a brand story that your ideal buyers can connect with.

3. Very Impressive and Proven ROI

When you get down to the dollars and cents, it makes sense to invest in content marketing. Take a look at some of these statistics:

  • 61% of people who read a recommendation on a blog will follow through by making a purchase.
  • 74% of companies see an increase in marketing leads in quality and quantity after employing content marketing.
  • 72% of businesses that implement video content see a significant increase in conversion rates.

Perhaps the more impressive part is that content marketing is that it also improves the quality of your leads. The traffic driven to your site as a result of content marketing is more likely to stay and subsequently to return. Segmenting your audiences allows you to make the most of this high quality traffic with retargeting efforts.

How Does Our Process Work?

We employ a variety of strategies that work together in order to ensure quick and concentrated results.

1. Constructing A Complete Content Calendar

The first step when working on a content marketing strategy for a blossoming startup is market research. We do the following research in order to construct a comprehensive content calendar:

  • Competitor
  • Industry
  • Audience
  • SEO Analysis
  • Traffic Breakdown
  • Existing Content

We take the time to understand where your traffic is coming from, where your competitors are getting theirs from, and identify content gaps within your space for quick win opportunities.

From there, we begin to also take a look at your existing pages and blogs in order to get an idea of your brand, as well as to identify any opportunities for improvement, which can boost traffic very quickly.

We use this information to create a comprehensive content calendar, which has dozens of in depth content ideas which aim to target quality leads in your industry.

2. Producing High-Quality Content Regularly

At Poofnewsales, we are confident in our ability to create some of the best content in the world. The reason we can say this and know this is because our in-depth strategy allows us to identify what audiences are really searching for, and how Google ranks pages based on their ability to satisfy that user’s content.

Our strategy hones in on things like:

Once we have created a content calendar, it is time to get started working on outlines for content, which is one of the key secrets to our success in content marketing strategy.

From here, we like to begin building content in build, allowing us to easily publish 10+ pieces of content per week for a client, with months of material on hand to work with.

This allows for a smooth process between us and our clients, where they can focus more on how to monetize the traffic we bring, and we can focus more on learning from the insights their analytics data gives us in order to partner on effective paid marketing campaigns.

4. Monitoring & Reporting Results

This is one of the most important and overlooked factors in the success of any content marketing campaign. We like to really hone in on the results of our efforts in order to make sure that our strategy is on target.

Our goal at Poofnewsales is to grow with our clients as a company, and develop long term relationships by delivering quality results.

We typically keep in touch with each of our clients on a regular basis in order to make sure there is full transparency, and we are in line with their entire team. Your marketing goals are ours too.

Why Partner With Poofnewsales?

At Poofnewsales, we understand the fast moving environment that startups present. The need to get to market quick, and the pressure of performing well for your investors.

Our highly trained team specializes in helping startups make the most of their funding by combining high-quality content with SEO, to make a comprehensive content marketing strategy based on fulfilling the needs of your audience.

Content marketing not only has a great ROI, but it is also shown to improve paid efforts as well. By properly investing in an effective content marketing strategy for your startup, you can easily scale organically and with paid advertising at the same time – strengthening your brand, reach, and return on investment.

Give us a call today for a comprehensive content analysis. Our team of expert content marketers will create a content calendar tailored towards your audience.

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