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How Our Content Marketing Tools Help Businesses

Save Production Time

You only have so much time, and you can't afford to waste any of it when it comes to producing your blog content. Our tools help you save time throughout the entire process, from research, to writing, to improving the SEO of your blog.

Create Niche Content

A huge problem that a lot of content marketers face is how to reach their audience organically, by generating search traffic with their blog content. One of the main reasons they struggle to do this is by bypassing niche content.

Improve ROI

By helping business owners and content marketers identify more unique ways to reach their audience, our content marketing tools help you to improve the return on investment of your content marketing campaigns.

Free PoofNewSales Tools

Try out the best tools for coming up with new blog content ideas, making effective meta tags, the best title tags, finding what questions to answer with your content, and creating blog outlines!

Blog Topic Tool

Generate high quality and niche topics for your blog based on your industry, website, and competition.

Content Outline Tool

Leverage the power of our blog outline tool to easily come up with relevant content outlines in seconds.

Audience Question Tool

Find out what questions your audience is asking on Google.

Title Tag Generator

This powerful tools allows you to come up with some of the most effective title tags to boost CTR.

Meta Description Generator

Generate highly effective meta descriptions for your content.

Marketing Ideas Tool

Ever get to the end of a brainstorming session and nothing sticks? We've got you covered.

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Cody and Kyle from PoofNewSales helped build me a new site and get it off the ground immediately by developing great content that the customers in my industry loved. Still using them and can’t see us going any other direction for our content marketing. 

    Scott Silver

    Owner Silver Enviromental​
  • The Poofnewsales team delivers exceptional content. It’s almost always the best version of the topic on the net. The content is always well researched and styled in a way to make it very engaging for my website visitors. My search engine rankings have picked up and I can’t wait for what the future holds. So glad I found you guys. Thanks for everything.

    Jeff Root

    Owner of Rootfin Life Insurance Services
  • PoofNewSales helped to boost my conversion rates by over 14%, and my organic search traffic by 10% over the course of just a few months by employing effective content marketing tactics into our existing content strategy.

    Brian Greenberg

    President & Founder of True Blue Life Insurance

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