How To Create Top Of The Funnel Content

February 6, 2019

As a marketer or business owner you often hear about the sales funnel.

You know that a buyer can be in any one of the stages of the funnel including the awareness stage, interest, decision or action stage.

Some like to take it a step further and turn those buyers after the action phase and go to the “customer advocacy” phase where your customers are promoting your brand themselves.

The beauty of content marketing is that you can create unique pieces of custom content for each stage of the marketing and sales cycles. In this article, we will focus on the top of the funnel.

Awareness Stage

Today I want to focus where we can cast the widest net possible, and that is in the awareness stage at the top of the funnel.

When it comes to the top of the funnel for the sales cycle, The potential searcher is not looking specifically for your brand. In fact according to groupM, 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries.

This means that we don’t want to be putting out content talking about our company, and our services nonstop. This is the stage were all we want to focus on is providing value.

We are either providing value in the form of information, choices, or strategy but we’re not trying to sell. Our only goal is to find a common question in our industry and be able to leave the searcher satisfied with the answer that we can provide.

Most people at the top of the sales funnel will turn to Google to help them find their answers.

Using the right type of content at the top of the funnel can make it so that our website is the site providing the answers for these searchers.

Right now if you were going to assign a monetary value to each customer, the customers at this stage of the sales cycle will have the least amount of value as a lead because they are not necessarily ready to purchase.

That might make you think that this part of the funnel isn’t extremely important, but to the contrary it’s where a lot of your time as a marketer and business owner needs to be spent. You cannot afford to mismanage your top of the funnel content.

So what are some of the best options that we can go with when it comes to creating top of the funnel content? This is where we want to be creating a lot of how to posts, lists of best blank, and maybe some shorter pieces suited for social media.

guide to top of the marketing funnel content

Ideas for Top of the Funnel Content

How can we come up with some ideas for top of the funnel content? The best way that I have used in the past to come up with this top of the funnel content, is to use our customers.

What I mean by this is to go over frequently asked questions and frequent problems that you have heard from your customers in the past.

If your customers are having these type of problems, it is likely that there are also other people with the same questions. If you aren’t the person dealing with customer service or your clients problems directly, reach out to your sales team and find out what type of questions they’re getting asked a lot.

Find a way to create an educational post where you can be the place and website where these customers find the answer to their questions.

Maybe you are in the real estate industry and a common question that your customers would have is something like what is the average cost of a home in blank neighborhood.

Help give these home buyers a resource to have a better understanding of how much they will need to spend to buy a house in a certain neighborhood.

Remember we are creating this top of the funnel content because we want to get customers onto our website. All we want to do in this stage, is help them by providing them with valuable answers that they need, and showing them that we are a thought leader in the industry.

The benefit of being a thought leader comes whenever someone thinks of your industry and you are one of the first 2 to 3 things that they think of. So when we’re in this stage of the funnel please do not focus on trying to sell to these potential customers.

best ways to make top of the funnel content

Nuances of the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is filled with nuances and differences depending on the industry and depending on if you are a B2B company or a B2C company.

Often times you’ll notice that B2C companies don’t spend a majority of their time on the middle stages of the funnel. Most B2C companies are spending a lot of time at the top and at the bottom.

Their main objectives is to get you to find their website and find their products and immediately make a purchase.

This differs greatly from B2B companies because we have to really focus on the middle of the funnel because it takes much longer and more hand holding to get potential customers to not only see the value of whatever our products or service is, but to make the final decision to purchase.

All of these factors, including a deep knowledge and understanding of the customer path to purchase, leads me to highly recommending either blogs, podcasts, or videos.

It doesn’t really matter (too much) which medium/platform you decide to publish content onto, it matters more that you play to your strengths and find out how to deliver content for any potential customers at each stage of the sales funnel.

According to Adweek, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before they decide to make a purchase. 81% is a vast majority of the population so chances are that you need to be providing your customers with this type of knowledge and answers.

Don’t let your competitors be the one to help a customer when you could have easily put in the time and effort to help them out and provide value.

This is also great because when your sales team comes back with the same frequently asked questions, they can be directed to your content on your website that already has the answers they’re looking for.

Wrapping It Up – Finding the Best Content Marketing Agency for Your Goals

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