Why VC Firms Need a Content Marketing Partner for Their Portfolio

May 11, 2019

As a venture capitalist, hundreds of hours go into researching and identifying the next big investment opportunity.

This rigorous process of sifting through thousands of companies is a massive undertaking. On top of that, the needles in the haystack you are after are also being pursued by other firms looking to find their next “Gold Star”.

Just about anyone can lend a budding business money, but entrepreneurs seeking investments from venture capitalists do so seeking additional benefits, such as:

  • Marketing Assistance
  • Mentorship
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Scaling
  • Etc…

One of the largest concerns for newly funded startups is developing an effective online marketing campaign that is both cost-effective and geared towards long term growth goals.

While content marketing is but one cog of a well oiled digital marketing strategy, it is a very important one. It doesn’t just bring in organic search traffic, but it builds brands. It is the medium through which businesses communicate their mission, vision, and value. In our modern world, it is often said that, “content is king”, with this adage in mind, let’s explore why VC’s should consider working with a content marketing agency 2019.

7 Reasons VC Firms Need Content Marketing Partners

7 Reasons Why Venture Capitalists Should Be Leveraging Content Marketing

1. Content Drives Organic Growth

Content drives organic growth to every area of your business. It starts by improving your Google search rankings, reaching a larger audience as a result, and producing content that best fits your audience.

In order to do this you have to answer audience questions, offer your readers your expert insights or suggestions, nurture the leaves you achieve throughout the entire sales funnel, and employee helpful content like images or tables in all the content you produce. Year-over-year growth for unique traffic to your website will increase 7.8x higher using content marketing.

Part of that is repurposing existing content. If you have established a name for yourself among your core supporters with viable content that demonstrates your leadership in the market, that content can be repurposed.

Nearly 60% of marketers reuse content on average 2-5 times to create what is referred to as snackable content.  This takes your pre-existing assets and repurposes them quickly. Disseminating information on a smaller, shorter basis is critical to your success.

2. Brand Building

Branding identifies your company and establishes your authority in the industry. With proper branding, your customer is able to formulate a complete experience with your company. This is achieved with content marketing. 72% of marketers use branded content to achieve results and it proves more effective than traditional magazine advertisements.

Openly exposing all of the facets of your company and remaining honest and truthful goes a long way to establishing that trust so crucial to your success. 94% of consumers are more likely to remain loyal to your company if you have committed to transparency by way of content marketing.

3. Better ROI in the Long Run

With a content marketing partner, you can produce better ROI in the long run. There are regular advancements with search engines and searchers which is why your company needs to revisit its strategy on an ongoing basis in order to drive organic search results long-term.

One example of this is the use of topic clusters, a model that allows you to create an organized content based on a large number of search traffic across relevant keywords rather than individual content. This application allows you to capture mobile and voice search leads long-term which are soon to be the leading method of searches online.

More importantly, the quality of your leads is improved in tandem with the quantity. 70% of marketers prefer quality over quantity. Capturing high-quality leads a tracks those who are already interested.

This is only done by shifting your resources to target selected individuals rather than trying to cast the widest of nets.

When you look at the money you are investing it makes fiscal sense to partner with content marketers. 61% of people read recommendations through blog posts will follow up with a subsequent purchase.

74% businesses that start employing content marketing will see an increase not only in quality and quantity immediately. And this starts to diversify based on the type of marketing you are using. For example, those that implement video content see significantly higher conversion rates.

4. Establishing Trust & Using Social Proof

With a content marketing partner, you can establish your trustworthiness. People need helpful and insightful content now more than ever. The average customer is looking for answers to questions. They need to know that you are an authority figure, a trustworthy leader in your industry with answers to consumer issues. You can capitalize upon this and establish trust via social proof with our help.

78% of consumers prefer getting to know new companies by reading their articles and content rather than reviewing their advertisements. In fact, 70% of consumers believe that organizations that provide custom content are sincerely focused on establishing a real relationship.

5. Better Audience Insights

Search console and analytics data that you get from this content over time help brands to understand their audience. This is much like fitness, it is not something that you can do just once and hope to have permanent results. It is something you have to address regularly and cultivate for the long-term.

By reviewing the data regularly you can get a comprehensive picture of how your audience has changed over time, what new issues they might be facing and as a direct result how your content marketing partner can change your existing content to meet the changing needs of your consumers and a retarget leads.

It is imperative to review the success of any campaign, to look at the results of a specific strategy and each component of that strategy therein. Long-term development consists of delivering high-quality results on a regular basis and that can only be achieved by reviewing results and fine-tuning future efforts.

6. Improve Conversions

Your firm can improve conversions with a content marketing partner. When you adopt content marketing your conversion rates will increase 6x, compared to your competitors who choose not to adopt and will only see an increase of 0.5%. Improved conversion rates from organic content will get you more than just an increase in numbers. It will get you an increase in the quality of conversions.

We will attract more customers to your landing page which is where you want traffic first and foremost. The Trucker’s Report was able to increase their conversions via the landing page by 73.9%.

This resulted in an increase of 1 million visits per month and 4.5 million views of the landing page all of which was achieved with great content marketing. The same can be true for you. Bear in mind that even an increase of 1% to your landing page conversions can transform your business and your subsequent revenue.

Blog content, in particular, improve leads not only in terms of number but in terms of quality. Companies with a blog produce 67% more leads each month compared to companies without one.

Working with a skilled content marketing agency will help you to improve your conversions by improving organic search traffic, brand awareness, and the number of leads generated at every step of the sale.

More importantly, we help to balance out paid campaigns, retarget audiences when necessary, and maintain that trust.

7. Fuel Email & PPC Campaigns

With a content marketing partner, you can utilize high-quality content to generate email lists and upsell them. The data from your content marketing efforts can be used concurrently to cultivate highly-targeted PPC campaigns that truly convert your leads.

Over time, small improvements and changes can be made by your content marketing partner based on new data to improve your conversions regularly. Again, this is not something you do just once but something you regularly revisit in order to maximize your return.

Why Partner With Poofnewsales?

Custom Content Marketing Strategies for Each Startup

You will receive custom content marketing strategies based on the needs of your startup. Each startup is different and as a direct result so, too, are the requirements needed for proper content marketing. Not only will we determine the most effective methods for your market and audience but we will cultivate a marketing campaign that delivers the best results when and where you want them.

Data-Driven Content That Gets Results

We provide data-driven content, backed by science, and regularly improved upon to the point that you get results each and every time. We monitor various KPI’s so you don’t have to.

Quick, Adaptable Team Working Months in Advance

When you work with us you get a quick, adaptable team that works months in advance to produce top of the line content catered to your needs. The content we give you is carefully crafted, expertise and knowledge put into every line. We put in the time and effort to properly review all of the material, to edit and revise until it perfectly fits your marketing needs.

More importantly, working this far in advance gives us the ability to make quick changes and remain flexible to any changes within content marketing demands and your industry in particular.

Let’s Work Together

At Poofnewsales, we specialize in finding and exploiting content opportunities. Our processes of research and our attention to detail from planning through delivery is what allows us to achieve success with many clients throughout extremely competitive industries.

We have the skills and the experience to become a great addition to your portfolio and help your capital grow along with the brands you invest in.

My Co-Founder Kyle and I understand that this space is filled with very high competition and that startups must move in a very quick and organized manner in order to succeed in this market.

We would love to speak with you in order to further explain our process and find out where we can add the most value. Contact us today to personally speak with us and begin the process of working together in order to build brands and dominate online business.

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