What Topics Should I Write About In My Blog Content?

January 17, 2019

All I know, is that you are smart.

Clearly you’re a good business owner if you’re getting into content marketing.

Before I hop into what topics should I write about for my website, I want to touch on why we should be creating content.

Content marketing isn’t only writing blog posts. Content marketing can also be producing videos for YouTube, or posting a podcast on Apple music or Spotify.

The reason you’re creating content is to:

  • Be seen as an industry expert
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Send positive signals to Google like fresh content
  • Establish trust with leads

It’s all about generating value, and answering your target audiences questions.

How to Find the Best Topics to Write About in Your Blog

1. Always Revisit your Buyer Personas

The first thing I do when creating a content calendar, which is just a spreadsheet of all the articles and videos I will be creating for my website, is nail down my buyer personas.

Since I’ve talked about buyer personas 100 times, I’m not gonna harp on them, but here’s a QUICK recap.

A buyer persona is using clients that you helped in the past, identifying the problems that they’ve had, and similarities that they shared. Using this you can create a semi-fictional character of your ideal customer, and this buyer persona will be used when making marketing decisions in the future.

how to find the best blog content topics

2. Address the Major Problems and Questions Your Audience Has

Using these problems/questions of your buyer persona demographic, you will have the beginning of your content calendar.

Create a list of all these questions and concerns, put them in article topic format, and there’s the first 10 to 20 articles for your content calendar.

Another list you can create to add to your content calendar, is news and future happenings within your industry. It is always good to be positioned as a forward thinking member of your industry.

best ways to find blog topics

3. Conduct A Content Gap Analysis

What are your competitors missing? What is the industry as a whole missing as far as content on the Internet? This is where you come in. Identify these gaps in content within your industry and add them to the content calendar.

Instead of looking for what your competitors don’t have, look at what they do have and what’s working well for them. What is like an industry-standard article that you need to write that you haven’t covered yet?

These always need to be covered in your marketing campaign. Put a new spin on things or add more value than your competitors already have, don’t just rewrite a similar article adding the same value, that doesn’t help anybody.

how to find the best topics for your blog

4. Utilize the Power of Google Search Console to Your Advantage

Google Search Console will tell you exactly which queries your target audience has been typing into Google to find your content. Now go ahead and do a better job of answering those questions.

For example, I wrote an article called Google analytics: What to Measure, which talks all about how to measure the ROI of your content

Using search console I found that more people found that article by typing in the question what can Google analytics help my business do?

This is a great insight because now all I do is add working Google analytics help my business do to my content calendar.

where to find blog content topics

5. Use Our Free PoofNewContent Tool to Find the Best Topics for Your Content

We have a new tool on our site that is 100% free that will do this entire job for you. All you do is type in your industry and our tool generate content topics for you.

Try it for yourself here

For me, I want to type in Content Marketing, let’s see my results.

what to write about in your blog

Using these four results plus the questions from before, plus your search console is how you create your content calendar.

This content topic tool is just one of the 6 new content marketing tools we have added to our site that are absolutely free to use. Check them out for quick and easy ways to improve your content marketing campaigns.

where to find the best blog topics

6. Always Revert Back to Your Content Calendar and Keep it Updated

Content calendars are one of the most vital part to my or any other business.

It’s very simple to create a content calendar using the tactics outlined above. But this is what your calendar should look like.

Insert image of our content calendar highlighting content section notes section and color code section.

Note that all this content doesn’t have to be written only, it can be for videos or podcasts. After you have a list of about 20 to 30 topics to get you started, it’s important that you define a publishing frequency.

How many blog posts are gonna publish per week? Is YouTube going to be a part of your strategy, and if so how often will you post videos there? How many posts will you push live to Facebook and LinkedIn? These all have to be accounted for when creating a content calendar.

guide to finding the best topics for your blog content

7. Keep Your Money Keywords in Mind While Writing

The last thing that is vital to incorporate into your content marketing campaign, is your money keywords.

Money keywords are just the search term that would make you the absolute most amount of money if you ranked first for them.

For example: if I’m a DUI lawyer in Boston, my money keyword is DUI lawyer Boston. Most of the time you’re gonna have a difficult time ranking for these money keywords, because they have higher competition.

But anything on Google that has a lot of competition means that it’s worth it. So these money keywords need to be incorporated into your content marketing campaign attacking the head terms as well as longtail versions of these keywords.

If you are looking to learn more about what keywords you should be looking to rank for with your content, and how to find them, we wrote this complete guide to it for you.

PoofNewSales Free Content Marketing Tools

Wrapping it All Up – Creating the Best Blog Content for Your Website

This is the formula, but the best way to get new clients as a startup, is to work with Poofnewsales.com

If outsourcing your content marketing is something you are unsure of, check out this awesome article we wrote about why this is super important in 2019.

Or, if you are on a low marketing budget, we also created this amazing guide to online marketing with a low budget.

Lastly, for those of you trying to find out if content marketing is right for your business, check out this blog we wrote about content marketing vs. traditional advertising, which talks all about the benefits of content marketing for your business.

To learn more about how you can work with our content marketing agency, set up a call with us by clicking the button below and we will set up this entire marketing flywheel for you, create the content, and get you new leads.

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