Why You Need A Digital Marketing Agency

January 28, 2019

When it comes to content marketing, or any type of online marketing, choosing an agency to work with is most likely in the best interest of your company. 

Obviously for some people who run small businesses, on a low budget, this may not be ideal. For people in this position, there are plenty of ways to market your company online for free

But for those who are considering working with a marketing agency, but are not quite sure it is best for them, we are here to explain why outsourcing your content and marketing is beneficial for most businesses in 2019. 

why hire a content marketing company

1. It’s Cheaper in the Long Run

I know what you’re thinking, if you have to spend money on an agency, that is the exact opposite of being cheaper. It’s 2018. You’re going to have to have professionals working on your website’s marketing efforts. There’s a couple of different options here.

Option 1 is, you are a marketing whiz and have plenty of free time to do it all yourself.

That is all well and good but also the least likely. For most people you’re running a business that there already aren’t enough hours in the week for.

Option 2, you hire a marketing team internally.

This often times can be really effective because their sole focus is on your website but there is a lot of downside that comes with this choice. First, you’re going to have to pay much more in salary alone than you would if you hired a marketing agency.

You’re also going to have much more liability with having your own marketing team, like giving employee benefits, paying 40+ hours worth of work to each person on the team, and often them being less productive in the same amount of time.

Option 3, go with the marketing agency.

You will have all the advantages of working with elite marketing talent, with a full team, for the price of one or two employees for a month. You also have flexibility in payment options.

You can choose to hire the agency on retainer (most common) and get their expertise for the length of your business, or you can choose to pay them by project.

When you pay by project, you will often end up saving a lot of money than if you spent precious business hours of your own handling it, or paying an internal marketing team.

why work with a marketing agency

2. You Get the Expertise

First of all, keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates can be a full time job on its own. Luckily, this is what these agencies and SEO’s do for a living.

They will always be ahead of the curve and make sure that your website is perfectly optimized to avoid any nasty Google penalties that can complete destroy a company’s online presence.

You get all the new trends and best practice insights as well. You will get help optimizing your website for voice search. You get an expert helping your increase your rankings in Google Search Results.

You will understand where the power of video can take you this year. We read this stuff on a daily basis as digital marketers. Let us take the time out of our days to learn this, instead of you. You have enough things to worry about running your business on the day to day.

how working with a marketing agency helps your business

3. More Time to Focus On Your Business

This might be the single biggest reason I advocate handing over the company’s marketing duties to an agency.  You might be a great marketer, but even that doesn’t make it so that you should be handling the responsibilities yourself.  

Often times you can save around $50/hr to do it yourself. But most business owners are handling C-level work (CEO, CMO, CTO) that equates to $200-300/hr. So yes technically you’re saving $50/hr but to save that fifty, you have to give up hours where you can bring in way more money for yourself and your company.

Also, it’s not your specialty. You have employees to run, clients to solve problems for, deadlines to meet. Handing off the digital marketing efforts can help keep you focused on the important parts of your business.

Sometimes when a business owner decides to handle things himself, he/she’s so busy that they often cut corners without even meaning to. It’s not your fault, you have enough on your plate as it is.

why work with a content marketing agency

4. Agencies Can Create the Content You (Badly) Need

Listen, a lot of business owners are in an industry that many would think of as “boring”.

We’re all learning how important content is not only when it comes to ranking better on Google, but as part of your sales funnel.

It’s often a great tactic to use content marketing as a top of the marketing funnel tactic to get people on to your website and learning about your product or service.

So for some people that run a business that sells staples to high schools (probably fits into the boring industry section) it might be hard to create content that can get people excited about their business. This is where a great content marketing agency fits in.

They have the proper background in researching an industry thoroughly, to figure out what type of content can be created regardless of the industry.

You don’t want to spend a week writing an 8,000 word guide on “The History of the Staple”, so hand that off to a marketing agency.

reasons why you should choose a marketing agency

5. An Agency Will Make Sure You Stick to a Schedule

I’m sure you’ve heard about how important it is to constantly ask customers for reviews, or to create new content on a consistent basis.

Yet, as we look back at your website, we’ll find that you haven’t received a new testimonial in over 2 months and your last post to your blog was 32 weeks ago.

Again, it happens. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing an agency with constantly be creating and publishing the content that your website needs, and doing all those other important things like getting reviews for the website.

why you should work with a content marketing agency

6. Measuring Your Results

One of the oldest marketing predicaments is knowing how well, what you’re doing, is working. Measuring and tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts is both an art, and a science.

An agency knows exactly which things to track and how it affects your company. Have an open dialogue with the agency you decide to work with about which specific metrics you want measured.

The agency will have other metrics they think are also important but don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions about this, be involved. Proving the ROI of a marketing campaign is what they do best, so get this important help that your company needs.

Finding the Right Content Marketing Agency for Your Business 

We understand that choosing an agency to work with for your business is hard. 

That is why we do everything in our power to help you make sure that our services are right for you. 

By taking the time to research, plan and develop sample content before ever signing a contract. At PoofNewSales, we offer free content marketing consultations to all clients interested in learning more about how our services work.

This not only gives you the power to know whether our service is right for your business or not, but also get a free content marketing strategy complete with sample content and competitive analysis. 

Give us a call today, or fill out the contact form in the footer below to speak with a content marketing expert today. 

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