How VC Firms Use Strategic Marketing Partners to Grow Their Portfolios

May 11, 2019

For VCs, the competition is steep. Just about anyone can lend money to a business starting out, and on top of that, there are dozens of other firms each trying to get their hands on the next big thing.

So, this means that in order to stick out, your firm must bring more value to a startup company than the competition. Value-added from venture capital firms can range to include a wide range of things such as marketing, mentorship, help strategic partnerships, and more. You need something that gives you an edge over the competition when it comes to bidding and that delivers real results when it’s time to go to market.

Enter marketing partnerships. The beauty of developing this type of partnership is that your firm does not have to handle the interaction between the two parties, but instead trusts the marketing firm to deliver, and offers their solution to new companies as an incentive for working with them. If done right, all parties involved benefit, building brands and stories along the way that will forever change the world.

5 value adds of marketing partnerships

How Marketing Partnerships Help Grow Investment Portfolios

1. More Value Added When Pitching

Adding a marketing partnership as a VC firm gives you additional value when competing with other investors for startup funding based on the data-driven impact your content is making, the forward-thinking your company is encompassing, and the long-term potential growth that is generated by this type of partnership.

Moreover, you can use this time to establish yourself as a trustworthy authority figure in your market, a fact that adds value to your company when pitching. 78% of consumers are under the impression that companies focused on custom content are more trustworthy compared to those who simply spew out repeat content on a regular basis.

You can stand out amongst the competition by generating unique content on a regular basis. And this content includes informational products most importantly. Advertisements are not received as well as informational content that helps consumers solve a problem or address an issue. In fact, 80% of business decision makers prefer information via articles rather than advertisements. The key here is to provide entertaining, informative, and educational content.

Year-over-year growth for unique traffic to your website will jump 7.8x higher using content marketing. This makes your company more valuable than your competitors especially those competitors who are inadequately using content marketing.  61% of consumers are influenced by custom content and they will trust your brand more if you offer something customized.

Custom content can help nurture and retain customers because it focuses on what your company offers and how your customers can get the most out of that. Moreover, custom content clarifies things that might be convoluted and offers information in a logical sequence that can be easily digested.

The content you produce can be custom-tailored to different audiences. With such significant growth, your company can remain well ahead of the competition. Capitalizing upon your strong start with your marketing efforts, you can convert this advantage into something permanent and long-term.

2. Better Growth Results in First 6 Months

Partnerships with marketing professionals help to grow businesses and scale them effectively by providing more value. Your company is growing quickly and the most important thing is to regularly scale the content generated with that growth.

If you allocate resources to a comprehensive plan that is too large and you don’t yet have the support or following, that money is not effectively invested.

On the other side, if your company grows very fast in the first 6 months and you don’t have the content to keep up, you will lose a large number of potential leads.

In order to better grow results within the first 6 months and scale effectively, you need to offer consistent brand presentation across all relevant platforms. Doing so will increase revenue by up to 23%.

3. Allow Startups to Focus on Delivery

On average companies need to produce at least one piece of content every day so that they remain consistent with their publication but this is a time-consuming process one that eats away at the resources your startup has.

As an executive, your time is valuable and is much better spent doing tasks that grow your business in other aspects while your strategic marketing partner does what they do best.

With comprehensive marketing solutions, startups can devote executive time and team resources toward what they do best while the marketing firm focuses on bringing in more leads and building the company brand. 77% of leaders know that branding is critical to your company success and serves as its most valuable asset which is why we are here to make sure that asset gives you good returns.

4. One Comprehensive Strategy from the Start

With startups, there are a lot of working parts, agencies, and white label services that all have to come together. Having a comprehensive solution allows for more effective results in the long run and time and money savings in the short run.

In order to be effective, you need a comprehensive strategy. Fully maximizing the potential requires incorporation of multiple tactics ranging from the exploration of social media marketing opportunities all the way to the production of visual content. The most successful marketing campaigns utilize diversification while still retaining company focus.

Distributing different types of content on a consistent basis across multiple channels will produce targeted leads. and that is what we are here for. This ranges from written content to video content. In fact, four times as many customers would prefer a video that they can view about a service or product compared to an article they have to read. Moreover, roughly 50% of users online search for videos relating to services they’re looking to utilize before they even seek out an individual company to provide those services.

It’s important to understand consumers, what problems they hope to be solved by your company, what their values are, and while startup founders might certainly have some idea as to who their customers are, it is very useful to bring an outside agency to initiate in-depth buyer persona research. This type of research offers a clear map of the various audiences that your marketing efforts intend to serve which is instrumental in building out your messages and the marketing strategies you are going to use for each user.

Moreover working with a strategic marketing partner means they can create a keyword matrix to help you find opportunities related to search terms that your prospects are using. This will reveal high-value, harder to obtain search terms that help you cultivate that long-term successful strategy.

From there they can build out your content around those key terms which quickly converts them into high-quality assets. Having relevant, high-quality content that Google can index means your portfolio company will appear more often in search results which will effectively reduce your need to rely on other advertising streams like PPC to generate search traffic.

5. Build Brands, Not Just Companies

Content marketing influences brand very heavily. Branding is one of the most important factors in retaining and gaining new clients and leads. Brand creation and awareness are best achieved with good content shared across multiple networks. You need to generate interest in your brand by telling a story and sharing that story on industry blogs or social media.

Once you have that brand and you are able to share it regularly, you can build that brand loyalty by regularly engaging with your followers. Things like social media content can be leveraged strategically, building your brand over time. 60% of consumers recommend companies that they follow on social media, and feel positive about those companies once they read custom content generated by the company.

This applies specifically to startups as well for whom 62% believe the online content is the key to driving loyalty. If you want loyalty from Millennials, you need to have content that you can disseminate across multiple social media platforms, content which is easy to share. Part of building your brand means not advertising yourself directly.

An average of 75% of consumers will ignore advertisements they see through search results are on the website because they find them to be untrustworthy. They would much prefer being able to read the information that you produce relating to how you can help them solve the problem, address an issue, or gain insight on an important topic.

In fact, 45% of people when surveyed said that they would specifically unfollow brands across social media if they try to promote themselves directly to you often.

Why Content Marketing for Startups?

Content marketing not only achieves 3 times the leads and it costs 62% less compared to traditional marketing. When you use content marketing as a startup you can build out a strategy that takes into account your target market, Maps out content templates, and create a plan that aligns with your company vision.

Strategic marketing partners will use analytics tools to find the content most popular in your industry and evaluate which facets of that content have led to its success.

They will review what your competitors are doing with their content marketing schemes and how your portfolio company can get ahead, something achieved through an editorial calendar, editorial process, and metrics regularly used to analyze the success of each component in that plan.

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