Why Your Content isn’t Converting: 8 Problems & How to Solve Them

June 10, 2021

You are either a marketer or business owner. You have a BIG problem. You may have a lot of BIG problems. What are they? How are they holding you back? And what can you do to solve them?

These are problems that have led to boring content. 

These problems have led to content that doesn’t convert or engage your readers. 

They have led to low quality leads. 

They’ve led to a sea of sameness.

Let me help you overcome these content problems that your company is having. You have a messaging, targeting, and story-telling problem and we’ll take care of all 3 right now.

Don't know your customers well

Problem #1: Don’t know Your Customers Well Enough

How it Hurts You: Not sending the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time.

Solution: Nail your personas. Ask your customers and leads questions. 

Some questions I ask my customers:

  • Who are you? What do you do? (customer profile)
  • How do you defend or justify buying our product to yourself and others post purchase?
  • What do you think of our KIND of product?
  • What does our product help you do? (helps you understand how they use it, tells you words they use to describe our product)
  • Which parameters did you compare on different options? (which features matter)
  • What were the most important ones? (key pain points to solve)
  • Which alternatives did you consider? (competitors we have to look at)
  • What made you choose our product? (our key advantage)
  • What were the biggest hesitations and doubts before the purchase? (things we have to address in the copy)
  • Were there questions you needed answers to, but couldn’t find any? (necessary information to provide)
  • What information would have helped you make the decision faster? (same as above)
  • In which words would you recommend it to somebody you know? (words they use to describe our product)

We don’t want to be guessing when it comes to our messaging to our ideal customers. Knowing your customers well solves a lot of positioning, messaging, and low quality leads problems.

Lack of vision and process

Problem #2: Lack of Vision and Process

How It Hurts You: No targeted output. Throwing spaghetti at the wall and trying to see what sticks.

Solution: Know where you want to be, and build a Roadmap to get there. I talk about building the roadmap on this page and why it’s important. 

Build SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for each department. You need to give your team the best chance to succeed, and a clear way you want things to be done. If they need extra sales collateral, give that to them. If you have a faster and repeatable process for uploading content onto WordPress, give that to them. Build content calendars with a clear goal. 

Marketing and Sales not aligned

Problem #3: Marketing and Sales Teams not Aligned.

How it Hurts You: Bickering over lead quality, who won the business, and blaming each other for every problem instead of working together.

Solution: Aligning Benefits and Goals for both departments. The marketing and sales team have the same end goal; to win new business for the company. 

You need marketing help that has a sales-first approach. A great marketing team can send leads to the sales team that are practically ready to close themselves. They have asked questions of the sales team so they can improve leads. Some questions I ask the sales team to make their jobs easier based on my work are:

  • Can you describe your favorite lead to talk to in detail?
  • Can you describe your least favorite lead to talk to in detail? 
  • What does your sales process look like? How much time does a typical sale take?
  • How can your leads improve?
  • Are leads’ expectations too high or low about what they’re getting?
  • What are the most common objections leads have?
  • Who do you feel your best “buyer” or “target” decision maker is an organization by title?
  • Who are the decisions made in an organization by title or persona?
  • What questions do your prospects ask of you? (put on FAQ tab)
  • What’s the hardest objection to overcome? Why do you think that is?
  • What do you think marketing could do better to support you?
  • What does marketing do well?
  • What is the buying process like for customers?

You need marketers with a sales-first approach. You really need to get into contact with me over at Poofnewsales.

asking the wrong questions and covering the wrong topics

Problem #4: Asking the Wrong Questions. Covering the Wrong Topics

How it Hurts You: Not getting enough leads

Solution: Knowing your customer and industry better. Having a true content strategist to give you a content roadmap that is SEO researched, and also really well planned out in terms of the content funnel.

poor research and no differentiation

Problem 5 + 6: Poor Research + No Differentiation

How it Hurts You: You fall into the sea of sameness. You waste time and money working on the wrong thing.

Solution: We had to combine problems 5 and 6 in this section, because you can fix both of these the same way. We have to learn to use Subject Matter Experts better. SMEs

 will change your business. We don’t want generalists whose research consists of googling the topic, opening the top 3 results, and writing an article that’s basically just re-wording those 3. True SMEs provide UNIQUE insight and bring new data and perspective into the conversation. I like to ask questions like:

  • Tell me an unpopular opinion that you hold about this subject? The more people that disagree with you the better
  • If a reader could only know 1 thing about this subject, what should it be and why?
  • What’s 1 quote by you that you would love to put your name behind
  • What do most people get wrong when thinking about this subject?
  • What is the coolest data you’ve seen on this subject?

We use SMEs for everything. We are experts at storytelling, engaging readers, and asking the right questions. We leverage the most knowledgeable people to create the best content online for that subject.

Lack of Storytelling

Problem #7: Lack of Storytelling

How it Hurts You: Readers are bored. You never become remembered, and used as a go to informational resource in the industry.

Solution: Use the best writers! I use a helpful framework called “GSU” that I go into detail here. But for a quick breakdown, GSU goes a bit like this. You want to build these 3 things into every piece of content you write:

Goal: You want your readers to have a clear goal. Think of great movies. The best characters have a clear place they want to go, and those motivations shape their actions along the way.

Stakes: There always needs to be something on the line or a downfall of not reaching the goal. It intrigues the reader.

Urgency: Creating a sense of urgency is how you get readers to take action. 

  • Why does the reader need to take action immediately? 
  • What is the ticking countdown leading to? 
  • If they don’t fix their problem right now what can that lead to?

These are all questions you need to answer in your writing to create a sense of urgency.

You're hiring cheap freelancers

Problem #8: Cheap Freelancers

How It Hurts You: Sea of Sameness, non-engaging content. No storytelling element and no one that truly spends time to understand your business, sales team, customers, and industry.

Solution: Spend up on your content marketing solution! It’s the best investment you can make. After reading all these problems, do you really expect an average writer to be able to get you the results you’re looking for? Of course not, there’s so much that goes into it. 

A person or team that is an expert at all of these things will need to charge you a lot more than a cheap freelancer. And it’s worth every penny. 

I’ll leave you with this quote by John Ruskin: 

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

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