Working With Poofnewsales: What is it Like?

May 4, 2019

I bet you’ve poured your heart and soul into building your business. You’ve spent 100s and 1,000s of hours debating the ways you can be most helpful to the customers you serve. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and love your business like a child.

Don’t you want everyone to know how special your child (business) is? You want everyone that you can help with your product or service to know that you exist, don’t you?

So do we! I’m Cody from Poofnewsales, and my goal is to find the exact information people that need to know about how you can help them, and get them onto your website.

At Poofnewsales we specialize in content marketing, and today I want to share our process with you from start to finish to help you understand what it is like to work with us.

What would 3,000 new visitors to your site do for your business? What about 30,000 new visitors? 

We create amazing content designed to generate more quality leads and sales for your business. We have industry expert writers and editors for a vast amount of industries, and we get results.

Do you want to have the best content in your industry and subsequently build a better relationship with your leads? Of course you do. Let me walk you through our process. 

Before We Work Together – Discovery 

Before even agreeing to work together, we’ll have a preliminary Content Calendar for your site. In this Content Calendar (We call them MasterSheets) we will have:

  • New content ideas
  • Current site content that can be upgraded to drastically increase site traffic
  • Competitor research
  • Industry research
  • Top KWs for your industry and location

Typically, we like to identify target areas for improvement and growth, then speak to business owners about them on the phone.

This allows us to ask more questions, and truly understand your brand, mission, and digital marketing goals. At Poofnewsales, we know that as business owners and managers, you know your industry a lot better than we do – and we choose to leverage this strength to build with your business.

Getting Started

We’re ready to rock and roll. Once we’ve had that initial phone call, and agreed on the content to start with, my co-founder Kyle and I will create outlines for the initial content ourselves.

To get the best idea of our process, you can watch this video:

This shows a glimpse into how we create content outlines to rank for very specific search results for a given topic on Google. We also have a free content outline tool that you can check out that builds content outlines for any topic.

Let’s quickly breakdown what will be in your outline, and then your content.

Outlines and Content Planning

At Poofnewsales, we pride ourselves on having some of the best content research and planning in the business. The reason we put so much time and effort into planning out content is because we fully believe that as long as you have an industry expert (which are the only writers on the Poofnewsales team) to fully follow our outlines, the content created will be among the best on the internet. 

Below is an example of our content outlines. It also tells you a bit more information about what type of research goes into each aspect of our outline and why.

poofnewsales what its like to work with us

We Rank Because of Complete Content

Brian Dean from Backlinko published an article recently talking about how Google’s focus now, is to rank “complete content.” This is something we’ve known for a while and has always been one of the differentiators in how we are able to generate great results for our clients.

Our content is designed to FULLY answer a searchers question, and any related topic. If you outline the content properly, you will always end up with a complete piece of content why this section is so important.

With a Focus on Answering Your Audience’s Questions

We find all the questions being asked online about the subject matter and attempt to fully answer them in our article. This helps Google rank the page as a great search result for each of the specific questions regarding our topic, to bring in the best type of traffic – organic search.

In-Depth Understanding of the Competition

This is a very important section. We always link what we consider the current “best result” for our topic online. This includes not only the top result (because it’s important to do SERP research to understand what type of content Google is currently promoting for the topic) but also what we consider the most informative articles. Our goal with this is to break down what they’re missing, add that to our article, and present our content in a unique and creative way that builds your brand and generates leads.

Creating Content – The Fun Part! 

After the outlines are done, we will send them over to our industry expert writers with the specific guidelines, and voice to capture for your brand. Typically 2,000 word blog posts are what we prefer to produce.

Once our writers send the content back, our co-founder Kyle works with our editing team to ensure quality and results. If we need sections added or amended it gets sent back to our writers. If not, our team will go through and add any relevant SEO work, focusing on things like:

  • Internal links
  • Proper keyword placement
  • Heading optimization
  • Creating the title and meta tags

As I said previously we aim to be a complete “done-for-you” service. So from here, our team also uploads and formats the content as a draft in your WordPress (or other CMS platform), adding necessary images and code to make the content look amazing and stand out – with consistency throughout.

Checking in Periodically 

We like to maintain a solid bridge of communication with our clients. Keeping in touch via email and phone at least on a weekly basis if possible – even if just to check in and discuss ideas.

While on the phone, we walk through the content we’ve created together and make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

At Poofnewsales, we are open to as much feedback as possible, because the faster we can fully understand what you’re looking for, the better results we can get together!

Tracking and Goals

You probably already have access to Google Analytics and Search Console data. We use this data to interpret our results, improve existing content, and report to you.

What We Need from You to Get Started

This all sounds great, so what do we need from you to get started?

1. Some Pressing Content Ideas or Needs to Get Started On

Nobody knows your business better than you do. We are experts in content marketing and getting content to rank on Google, but this still needs to be a partnership.

We want to allow you to be as hands-off as possible, and to provide a complete “done-for-you” service, but to get the best results, we need some things on your end.

So, on our discovery phone call, Cody Marchant or Kyle Broussard, our co-founders we identify some specific content opportunities, ideas, and wants you have.

2. Answers to a Few Important Questions 

We have a great team here at but when it comes to bridging the gap of business owner’s needs to content production, Kyle and I like being directly involved. We want to get to know your goals, vision, and overall thoughts before we start working together. We might ask questions like:

  • Are there any competitors that we really want to beat out?
  • Are there certain products or services that you sell that are much more important to your business than others that we should focus on?
  • What pieces of content are performing well for you?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is your brand mission?
  • What are some current goals you have?
  • What are some current obstacles you are facing?

These are all questions that we will ask in the initial phone call, to make sure we are 100% aligned with your brand, vision, and goals.

3. Plan Out and Approve First 1-3 Months of Content

The last thing the phone call is needed for is to nail down the first 1-3 months of content. Since we come prepared with a full content calendar for your business, with strategies on where to start, we like to use the time on the phone to discuss and formulate our plan of attack.

Once we have planned this out and everything is ready to get started, we will get started producing content for your site, and have it completely outlined, written, uploaded, formatted and ready to go weeks before it is time to post. 

Working with Poofnewsales

At this point, it’s all about making adjustments and getting you the most search traffic and leads. We want to be partners with you, and we take the success of your business very seriously. Whatever can be done to increase your top line is what we focus on.

Once our content marketing strategies begin building steam, we can discuss our ideas to double down on the success and improve results by producing and upgrading even more content.

Ready to work with Kyle and I, and our amazing team of expert content marketing specialists at Poofnewsales? Contact us to get started.

Shoot us a message. Our team usually gets back within 24 hours!

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